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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Love Through a Millennium (C-Drama) First Impression

Love Through a Millennium is a remake of the Korean drama, Queen In Hyun's Man. I liked the original Queen In Hyun's Man quite a bit so I didn't think there was any way this Chinese remake could keep my interest. So color me surprised when I find myself watching episode after episode of this show. Love Through a Millennium stays fairly close to the Korean version, but this remake has been able to inject just enough changes to keep me interested... and also making me really want to watch the original again.

For those who haven't seen Queen In Hyun's Man here is the story synopsis: Thanks to a magic jade, our hero shows up in the modern time from 2000 years ago whenever his life is in danger. In the modern time, the hero meets our heroine, an actress that just happens to be playing the tragic disposed queen the hero vows to protect in his own timeline. Our two leads' fateful meeting soon leads to a romance that spans through time and space.

 Faced with seems like a certain death, our hero is transported to two thousand years later thanks to a magical jade. 
 Our hero meets the heroine again and again as he finds himself in a utterly strange land. 
 At first our heroine just assumes that the hero is just some really devoted actor who stays in his character but eventually she comes to believe maybe he really is from the ancient past. 

First Impression 

I think this one is really worth checking out. The ancient China setting kinda threw me off my groove at first since I was used to the Korean setting from the original but I got used to it pretty fast. I also liked some of the small changes they made in the story, especially this guy: 
If you watched the original you know the villain didn't look anywhere as cool as this guy. The villain in the original was kinda forgettable which was totally understandable since they probably didn't even count as side characters. However, in this Chinese remake the villain is the hero's ex-best-friend, who plays a rather complex character thus making him quite interesting to watch. 

The two leads has good chemistry together which is a great relief since they will obviously be compared to the two leads (Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na) from the original who had awesome chemistry together. 

It probably will be hard to not compare this show with Queen In Hyun's Man every step, but even while I was doing it I still find this show an enjoyable watch. And that, makes it a successful remake in my book. 


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