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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 10 Recap

While Zhan Cheng momentarily saw Yu Xi for a brief moment thanks to the flashing lights from the photo shoots, unfortunately Zhan Cheng is still blind.  Dang, I totally thought he recovered his eye sight for good here. 
Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi chance upon Ya Ti and her father lovingly arguing over why the other person needs money more. Zhan Cheng tells Yu Xi to take note of Ya Ti's father's taxi number and company so she can send the information to William.
Zhan Cheng asks Ya Ti about her heart condition and Ya Ti finds out that Zhan Cheng's fiancee died two years ago... the same time she had a heart transplant.

Ya Ti tells the hostel owner about her suspicion that she might have Luo Han's heart, but the hostel owner just encourages Ya Ti to pursue her heart's desire no matter why she feels a familiarity with Zhan Cheng.
Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi participate in the festival of sending sky lanterns to the heavens. The lights from the lanterns causes Zhan Cheng's eyes to react again. After struggling with his pain for a bit, Zhan Cheng opens his eyes to find the vision of Yu Xi happily watching the sky lanterns flying towards the sky.
One of the sky lantern watcher accident knocks over a big outdoor lamp and Zhan Cheng dives after Yu Xi, saving her from harm in the nick of time.

Looking at a smiling Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi realizes he has regain his eye sight and hugs him in happiness while giving thanks to the magical sky lanterns that granted her wish.
Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi take turns thanking the other person for what they have done during their time together. With tear in her eyes, Yu Xi asks "Boss, can I give you a hug?" Before Zhan Cheng can answer, Yu Xi has already flung herself into his arm. After a brief pause, Zhan Cheng hugs Yu Xi back. Yu Xi tells Zhan Cheng that once they get back to the city she will be going straight home. Catching Yu Xi's meaning that she wants to resign from her post, Zhan Cheng asks Yu Xi for some time to think her request over.
abc During a celebration for Zhan Cheng regaining his eye sight, Ya Ti gathers up her courage and asks Zhan Cheng to come visit the hostel often. Zhan Cheng asks Ya Ti why she would make such a request and she replies "because right from the start I have a very familiar feeling towards you."

Thoughtful after hearing Ya Ti's words, Zhan Cheng remembers all the ways Ya Ti reminds him of Luo Han.
To make up for our two leads whose progress is going at a snail's pace, Fei Fei and Yu An's romance is progressing nicely. Fei Fei follows Yu An back home and almost found out who his sister is when Mama Chen brings out the siblings' picture to show Fei Fei what a beauty Yu Xi is, except Mama Chen could only find little kid pictures of her children.

Fei Fei's feelings towards Yu An takes a giant leap when she overhears other female church goers remarking on how gentle and great Yu An is at offering comforting words.  Facing Yu An dressed up in his priest cloth, Fei Fei asks "Can't you just be my priest alone? Hmm... I mean you can't act so gentle like and don't comfort other women either." Completely clueless why Fei Fei is acting so weird, Yu An's blank stares just makes Fei Fei even more frustrated.
Head to head again, Vanessa's department store is going right up against Zhan Cheng's company in a bid for a piece of land that promises enormous future potential.

William shows up at Zhan Cheng's house to welcome his best friend home and the two men has a show of bromance after William confirms for himself that Zhan Cheng can see. Excited that his best friend has finally ended his self punishment, William tells Zhan Cheng that he has prepared a present for him - by preparing to win the land bidding.

Bo Yan promises Vanessa that he has complete confidence in winning the blind bidding for the land. Amazed by Bo Yan's words, Vanessa questions Bo Yan why he is so sure he would win the blind bidding. Bo Yan replies "because you want to win this deal." Bo Yan is trying to say that whatever Vanessa wants he will get for her. 
Knowing he needs Yu Xi's help if he is going to win the bidding war, Bo Yan jumps in front of a car in order to land himself in the emergency room. Rushing to the hospital, Yu Xi finds a delirious Bo Yan who keeps muttering about his important bidding paper. Yu Xi finds the bidding documents and realizes Bo Yan is not only bidding on the same land that William wants but that Bo Yan's number is a lot lower than the one William quoted.

Turning his head away, Bo Yan notes Yu Xi's interest in his paper and drops his act for a brief moment.
Yu Xi helps Bo Yan back to his house and to avoid Bo Yan's sudden interest in being the perfect boyfriend, Yu Xi goes to Bo Yan's closet to get a change of cloth for him. Yu Xi sees Vanessa's scarf carefully folded in Bo Yan's closet and walks out in a daze.

Bo Yan tries to get Yu Xi to stay when she starts to leave but Yu Xi just firmly tells him that she has a previous engagement. Nodding his head in understanding Bo Yan keeps his perfect boyfriend mask firmly in place, but Yu Xi just looks at him with the look "do I really know this guy?" when she remembers how he lied to her and the scarf she just found.


Can I just say I am still kinda disappointed that the writer didn't incorporate a brief plot line where Zhan Chan pretends to be blind just to keep Yu Xi with him?? Oh, well, I guess being unpredictable is not a bad thing.

I will admit that I have no clue where the story is going to go from this point. I thought for sure with the accident Yu Xi might soften towards Bo Yan. However, kudos to the writer for making Yu Xi so weary of Bo Yan even when he is willing to suffer bodily harm to bring her back to his side. But in a way that is fitting to Yu Xi's personality who is willing to pour her heart out for anyone she cares about but it would be pretty hard for her to trust again once she realizes the other person was only using her.

So any guesses how Yu Xi will stay by Zhan Chan's side? He doesn't need a nurse anymore... I can't see her as a secretary... I really have not clue.
p.s. I really want to participate in one of these sky lantern festival myself! Don't they look cool?!


  1. Thanks for the recap. my comment disappeared. but just know that this drama for me is totally awesome.

  2. I'm assuming the douche would either: 1. try to get the bid figure of ZC's group from Yu Xi and then increase theirs to win, or, 2. would accuse that ZC's group had the advantage coz Yu Xi saw their bid and might inadvertently divulge the info to ZC. He really is a douche through and through. And props to the actor, I really hate seeing him on my screen.

    And with regards to the work question, I'm thinking she may not necessarily live or work for him, they might just let the different living conditions stay since the 2 would still have connections. One guess, Yu Xi's friend and William might play a role for ZC and YX to still see each other, and then there is that twin sister connection. But then, I'm also not that sure how things would go.

    Thanks for the recap!!!!!! Much appreciated!!!!!!!