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Monday, March 23, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 11 Recap

After a night of celebration with Zhan Cheng's family for his recovery, Yu Xi asks Zhan Cheng for one last dance together. Keeping his arm around Yu Xi, Zhan Cheng asks "Do you really have to leave?"

Determined to leave so she can't bring trouble to Zahn Cheng anymore, the next morning Yu Xi leaves after preparing Zhan Cheng's breakfast. Rushing out to say goodbye to Yu Xi, Zhan Cheng tells her "I know we'll be meeting again."
Left completely alone in his house, Zhan Cheng finds himself talking to Yu Xi thinking she is close by. Not faring much better, after a few days Yu Xi is still waking up in the morning with a jolt believing she is late preparing Zhan Cheng's breakfast.
Taking his first tour of his department store after his recovery, Zhan Cheng is feeling good to finally see his company with his own eyes.

While Zhan Cheng is happily wondering around, Yu Xi is also being dragged around in the department store by her friend Xiao Lin. Xiao Lin overhears William sending his assistant to the post office with a bid and causally mentions the bid amount she saw from Bo Yan's bid papers. Excited to know Bo Yan's department store's bid amount, William excitedly rushes off to lower his own bid numbers.
After a few near misses, Zhan Cheng eventually sees Yu Xi and takes her out for lunch. William walks by the restaurant and smiles when he notices how happy Zhan Cheng is when he is with Yu Xi. That night, sitting in Zhan Cheng's home, William points out how scary quiet the place is without Yu Xi around and asks "Since we are like brothers I won't beat around the bush... you like Yu Xi right?" Taking note of the long pause before Zhan Cheng answered his question, William tells Zhan Cheng that for someone who is always so sure of his own mind, Zhan Cheng's pause says a lot.
Yu Xi gets a call from the police station saying they have the man involved in the hit and run with Bo Yan in custody. Unable to get hold of Bo Yan the police asks Yu Xi to come in instead. Protesting his innocence, the hit and run man shows a stunned Yu Xi the recording from his car that proves Bo Yan was the one that purposefully ran in front of his car.
Piecing everything together, Yu Xi figures out that Bo Yan set everything up just so he could use her to leak the bidding amount to William.

Yu Xi calls William right away to warn him, but she was too late since Bo Yan has already won the property bid that William wanted so badly. Looking at a gloating Bo Yan, Zhan Cheng admits that he has indeed lost this time around but also warns Bo Yan to not count his victory until the very end.
Sitting with Bo Yan on a bench, Yu Xi calmly breaks up with him after letting him know she already found out how he used her. Surprisingly, Bo Yan actually seems genuinely shocked and upset by the break up and tries to change Yu Xi's mind. However, Bo Yan quickly realize his excuses are useless when Yu Xi asks him "Why is there a woman's scarf in your closet?"
That night, Zhan Cheng calls Yu Xi after getting a short "I am sorry" text from her. Despite Zhan Cheng's assurance that what happened is totally normal in a bidding war, Yu Xi refuses to stop blaming herself.

Vanessa treats Bo Yan to dinner to thank him for winning the property bid and comments on the fact that Bo Yan doesn't seem too happy. Waving Vanessa's question aside, Bo Yan puts on a happy face for her. Before Vanessa leaves she gives Bo Yan a set of car keys to the brand new car the company has bought for him as a reward. Sitting in his new car, Bo Yan wonders if this is all he gets after everything he has given up.
Concerned about Yu Xi, Zhan Cheng rushes to Yu Xi's home the next morning. Finding Yu Xi standing in front of a tree berating herself for being easily used, Zhan Cheng tries once again to convince Yu Xi that she can't keep blaming herself for other people's actions. Looking at Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi asks "Boss, why are you so good to me?" In a voice over, we hear Zhan Cheng's conversation with William from the night before when William points out that Zhan Cheng obviously likes Yu Xi. 
Bidding Zhan Cheng goodbye, Yu Xi is dismayed to go back into her house to find Bo Yan waiting for her. Faced with Bo Yan's many excuses for using her as a mean to get ahead at work, Yu Xi is not moved and tells Bo Yan not to come find her anymore. Unwilling to give up, Bo Yan tries to grab Yu Xi's arm but is stopped with Zhan Cheng all the sudden shows up and tells him to stay away from Yu Xi. Angrily, Bo Yan demands "What gives you the right to say that?!" Zhan Cheng "Because I really want Yu Xi to be happy."

Wow, surprises aplenty in this episode. I wasn't expecting Zhan Cheng to actually be aware of his feelings for Yu Xi already but I guess he has always been the decisive type. My second surprise is Bo Yan's attachment to Yu Xi. Judging from Bo Yan's action so far I totally thought he would be cheering for the break up once he realizes he can't use Yu Xi anymore. But it is starting to look like maybe Bo Yan really was only pursuing Vanessa out of his greed and that he might be crazy enough to believe himself to be in love with Yu Xi. 


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