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Monday, March 2, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 8 Recap

As she promised,Ya Ti calls Yu Xi to teach her how to make the heart shape cookies when she comes up to the city. Standing in front of Zhan Cheng's house, Ya Ti couldn't help but feel a sense of deja vu again.

Ya Ti teaches Yu Xi how to make her special cookies and both girls laugh when they make the same action after getting burned by the oven.

Yu Xi tries to trick Zhan Cheng by telling him the cookies she baked are Ya Ti's, but surprisingly Zhan Cheng easily tells the cookies apart even when everyone else think they taste exactly the same.
Still remembering Yu Xi's wish to watch a movie, Zhan Cheng takes Yu Xi to a movie theater. Surprised to see an empty theater waiting for them, Yu Xi asks "Boss... did you reserve the whole theater room?"
Zhan Cheng smiles and replies "We are going to watch a horror movie today so I was afraid you would scare all the other patrons."
Despite Yu Xi's very offended protest that she would not have scared other movie watchers, apparently Zhan Cheng knows her much better than she knows herself as popcorn kernels fly everywhere whenever Yu Xi screams. Zhan Cheng's arm and shoulder soon become Yu Xi's trusted shield during the whole movie. Can I just compliment again this writer's genius ability to create "sweet" moment every single episode? 
Ya Ti shows up at the same hospital Zhan Cheng is at to receive her heart transplant check up. Ya Ti stops at a hospital hall way when her heart suddenly starts to pull her towards room #203. Hesitantly, Ya Ti's hand hovers above the door handle but ends up walking away.

Yu Xi bumps into Ya Ti at the hospital lobby and ends up taking her back to pay Zhan Cheng a visit at ... room #203.
Visiting with Zhan Cheng, Ya Ti tells Zhan Cheng that she has decided on a name for her heart cookies which is exactly the same one that Luo Han (Zhan Cheng's fiancee) named her cookies.

His visit with Ya Ti reminds Zhan Cheng again of Luo Han and he falls into memories of his time with her once more.
Yu Xi gets a text from Bo Yan inviting her out to a movie that Saturday. Jumping with excitement, Yu Xi announces to Zhan Cheng "I beat out the gym trainer!" (She is referring to when Bo Yan chose going to the gym instead of going on a date with her.)

Knowing full well what a jerk Bo Yan is, Zhan Cheng still puts on a smiley face to go along with Yu Xi's happiness over her date.

In the mean time, while his girl friend is giddy over their movie date, Bo Yan meets a drunken and upset Vanessa on the street. Looking at Vanessa's sobbing face as she cries "Am I not attractive? I can't even attract the attention of the man I love!" Bo Yan for some reason took that as a cue to force a kiss on her. At first fighting Bo Yan off, Vanessa eventually pulls him back for more kissing.

The next morning, Bo Yan wakes up to find Vanessa already gone, leaving only her scarf behind. Holding Vanessa's scarf in his hand, Bo Yan casually looks at his text from Yu Xi confirming their date for Saturday then carelessly tosses his phone back on the dresser.

Knowing full well that Vanessa wouldn't want him to make a big deal over their night together, Bo Yan brings a coffee to Vanessa's office and assures her that nothing changes between them.
William sends Yu Xi back home to grab a flash drive for him so he can work in the hospital. Finding two flash drives, Yu Xi decides to check both of them to figure out which one to take and inadvertently sees the recording Bo Yan took of Zhan Cheng.
Walking back to the hospital in a daze, Yu Xi can hardly process what the recording means. Talking to an unconscious Zhan Cheng (drugged after his operation), Yu Xi remembers how naive she had been while Bo Yan has ruthlessly lied and used her to get to Zhan Cheng.
That night, while Yu Xi sleeps with a frown on her face Zhan Cheng wakes up and gingerly covers her with a blanket she kicked off in her sleep. Ahh... does this guy seem a bit too perfect??? 
Saturday arrives and Zhan Cheng reminds Yu Xi that she can get the day off since she has her date with Bo Yan. Forcing herself to pretend nothing happened, Yu Xi lies that Bo Yan had cancelled their date for work. Making a quick excuse, Yu Xi tells Zhan Cheng that they are out of tissues and she is going to go get some. After Yu Xi leaves, Zhan Cheng reaches over and touches the still full tissue box.
Yu Xi comes back from the story and finds Zhan Cheng asleep again. In tears, Yu Xi tells a sleeping Zhan Cheng that she lied to Bo Yan for the very first time that day by cancelling their date using her work as an excuse. Hating herself for being a tool to hurt Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi apologizes to Zhan Cheng and promises to leave the next day after his bandages are removed and he regains his eye sight.
Hiding in the hospital stair case, Yu Xi sobs as she mutters "I am sorry, boss.." again and again. Standing not too far away, Zhan Cheng listens as Yu Xi cries.

The next morning, everyone waits will abated breath as the doctor unwraps Zhan Cheng's bandage and waits to see if the operation is a success. 


This show is getting better and better. The best thing about this show is that the pacing of the story is nothing like I expected. The story development is not surprising so far but the timing is so unexpected that its really drawing me in.

Case in point, I totally didn't expect Yu Xi to find out so early on that Bo Yan is using her to get to Zhan Cheng so I am really curious how she is going to treat Bo Yan from this point on.

I am having mixed feeling about Ya Ti. She certainly seems like a nice enough lady but it's hard to feel any sort of sympathy towards her when most of her fascination with Zhan Cheng is the direct result of her heart?? So with Ya Ti, it falls in the age old drama dilemma. Even if Zhan Cheng falls in love with her and she him, is Zhan Cheng just romancing Luo Han's organ? Ha, that sounds kinda gross when you think of it like that.


  1. Thank u for recapping this drama. I always check on ur blog for new updates either on drama reviews or food. :)) please keep up the good work, thank i.

  2. Like you, I'm surprised that we're only at episode 8 and we already have Yu Xi finding out what an ass her boyfriend is (yay!!!!) and Zhan Cheng (it seems based on the preview) regaining his eye sight. And with all those issues out, I'm guessing we're only left with Ya Ti's heart and Yu Xi's backstory. I'm guessing the writer has something more in store for us. By the way, I really find Ya Ti so lethargic. The character and the actress' portrayal is so dead.

  3. I like watching this show but the pacing is a bit slow sometimes. The girl who received Luo Han's organ is irritating sometimes to watch. She's sooo boring and looks too depressing that I fast-foward her scenes.