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Monday, March 9, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 9 Recap

Zhan Cheng comes home from the hospital and he is obviously still blind. Restless, Yu Xi makes a quick excuse of needing to shop for groceries and leaves. Noticing Yu Xi's lack of her usual brightness, William just tells Zhan Cheng that Yu Xi must be tired from taking care of him in the hospital. However, Zhan Cheng knows the real reason why Yu Xi is not her usual self.

Calling Bo Yan out, Yu Xi confronts him with the fact he used her to get to Zhan Cheng. Switching on his poor me face quickly, Bo Yan vents that he had no choice but to hurt the woman he loves in order to survive at work. Bo Yan reaches out his hand towards Yu Xi, but she steps back and tells him that she needs time to think things over. Nodding with understanding, Bo Yan asks "You know I only have you... are you really going to abandon me? No matter how long it takes, I will wait for you." This guy is really a piece of work. 

Using his own health as an excuse, Zhan Cheng takes Yu Xi to Ya Ti's hostel to improve her mood. Excited that Ya Ti can teach her how to make the heart shape cookies for Zhan Cheng again, Yu Xi lets it slip that she doesn't have a lot of time to learn anymore.
While baking together, Yu Xi notices that Ya Ti is unusually concerned about Zhan Cheng's health and teases her. Hmm... I guess Yu Xi really doesn't like Zhan Cheng yet. 
That night, Zhan Cheng smiles as he hears a drunken Yu Xi belts out song after song to vent her bad mood. Asking Ya Ti frequently how Yu Xi is doing, Zhan Cheng smiles when Ya Ti replies that Yu Xi is having fun.
After hauling a complete drunk Yu Xi to bed  (the hostel only had a room so they are sharing a room together), Zhan Cheng bids Ya Ti good night to retire to bed only to find Yu Xi has disappeared. Stumbling around in the unfamiliar room, Zhan Cheng falls right on top of Yu Xi in the bathroom. Still drunk, Yu Xi holds unto Zhan Cheng and cries "I am going to take good care of you so you can see better so you won't make the mistake of getting a troublesome nurse again. Promise me! You will live a happy life! Promise me!"
The next morning Yu Xi wakes up with dismay to realize she has been sleeping on the bed while her boss has been the one to sleep on the floor. Sheepishly, Yu Xi rushes out to ask Zhan Cheng if she did something weird the night before. With a slight smile, Zhang Cheng assures Yu Xi that she didn't do anything strange.
Zhan Chang and Yu Xi takes a trip out to town and has a blast together.
Chairman Guo (Vanessa's mother and chairman of the department store) goes after Bo Yan for not stopping Vanessa from making a rash decision on one of their department project. Vanessa tries to defend Bo Yan but Chariman Guo just tells her that Bo Yan promised he would take responsibility for the Vanessa's decision. Bo Yan thank Vanessa for speaking up for him, but Vanessa just replies that she is only doing her job as his boss. It does look like Vanessa is starting to fall for Bo Yan's charm though. 
Ya Ti's heart is still hurting off and on whenever Zhan Cheng is close.

Trying ask her question as causally as she can, Ya Ti tells Zhan Cheng "Most people who looks at you and Yu Xi would assume you guys are family... or a couple." Giving a slight smile, Zhan Cheng replies "Well, you have only known Yu Xi for a short time but you two act like real sisters." Smiling back, Ya Ti tells Zhan Cheng that she just feels very close to Yu Xi for some reason.

During their conversation, Ya Ti notices Zhan Cheng's heart shape necklace and uncontrollably reaches her hand towards it. However, Zhan Cheng stops her hand before Ya Ti can really touch his necklace and explains that it belongs to his fiancee Luo Han. Hearing Zhan Cheng's brief explanation about Luo Han's heart shape cookies, Ya Ti tells him that she just has a really familiar feeling towards the necklace.
Miss Juan (the owner of the hostel) notices Ya Ti's lingering gaze on Zhan Cheng and asks her point blank if she likes him. Hesitantly, Ya Ti asks if she really could like someone. Nodding with understanding, Miss Juan encourages Ya Ti to go after what she desires. Ya Ti breaks out in a smile after hearing Miss Juan's answer.
Nervous about Chairman Guo's warning of the possibility of losing his job, Bo Ya sends a text "The weather is cold, remember to dress warmly" to Yu Xi.

Not excited to receive Bo Yan's text anymore, Yu Xi sends a curt reply back.
Putting a plate of her heart shape cookies in front of Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi waits with abated breath to see if her cookie is finally as good as Ya Ti's. Yu Xi breaks out in all smiles after Zhan Cheng tells her that the cookies are a success. Hmm... he didn't say they taste exactly like Ya Ti's so I wonder if he means the cookies are good even if they are different from Luo Han's?? Am I reading too much into this little exchange? 
A magazine photographer comes begging at the hostel for Yu Xi to be their temporary model. Yu Xi is reluctant at first, but Zhan Cheng convinces her to give it a try. 

Apparently the magazine really struggles with in the staffing department since Zhan Cheng ended up getting pulled in at the last minute to help Yu Xi hold up a blanket so she can change among the trees.   
The photographer takes everyone back to the hostel for their last shoot of Yu Xi in a wedding dress. The flashing lights sets something off in Zhan Cheng's eyes and he blinks in pain. Yu Xi rushes to Zhan Cheng with concern when she sees him bent over. 

Not too far away, Ya Ti comes out just in time to see Yu Xi in a wedding dress together with Zhan Cheng and starts to sob without understanding why she is so sad. 
After rapidly blinking for a few minutes, Zhan Cheng finally opens his eyes to see a concerned Yu Xi urgently asking him if he is okay. Staring at Yu Xi in a wedding dress, Zhan Cheng mutters "Luo Han..." 
Staring at Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi breaths out "Are you actually looking at me?!" 

This episode was slower for me and I was totally surprised that Zhan Cheng was actually blind for most of the episode. I thought for sure Zhan Cheng would've recovered his eye sight right away from the operation but chooses to pretend to be blind so Yu Xi wouldn't leave. I rather think my way would have been kinda fun especially when Yu Xi trusted Zhan Cheng to hold the blanket cover while she was changing. That would've been a super funny scene if Zhan Cheng wasn't actually blind. 

It also look like maybe our two leads are actually thinking of each other more like families at this point than potential love interest. I guess that probably makes more sense since Zhan Cheng is still not over Luo Han and Yu Xi hasn't fully realized what a jerk her boyfriend is. 


  1. I have been lurking at your blog for recap all day. LOL. Not stalking you that much. Thanks for the recap. The boyfriend is suck a loser!!!!


  2. I did read a research paper about this. I think they call it Cellular Memory, a term they coined for extreme or even minor personality changes or memory recall amongst a few organ recipients. Its not yet proven, but I don't think its that far-fetched, however, I don't think its to the extent that the recipient has no personality outside of the donor. About 80-90% of Ya Ti's scenes would start out with her clutching her chest with that "longing" expression. I guess one good thing about it, Baking girl and that douchey BF are so easy to wipe out from the equation, just coz they're irritating because they're so far out on the end of the spectrum. One is just calculatingly bad, while the other is just so dead boring without any personality that can be attributed to hers alone.

    And yes, FZC and Yu Xi are not yet on the romantic stage. They're friends, who would have this "awareness", whenever put in super close proximity or in ambiguous situations. And the cookies, I also interpreted it as "they're delicious on their own" same with Yu Xi.

    And I was also on the page as you were, thinking that he's gonna pretend to be blind and we'll have all these funny scenes of the blanket or even payback for that shower peep. But another part of me is relieved coz at least the story is not as predictable as I pegged.


    1. I have also heard of the Cellular Memory as well, but you are right I think they are really pushing Ya Ti's thing to extreme .. almost a bit laughable. Actually once I read your comment I realized that the fact Ya Ti seems to be almost without her own personality must be what has been bugging me about her character.