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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Four (C-Drama) Episode 1-4 Summary & First Impression

Drama: The Four (少年四大名捕)

Synopsis: A battle between the famous four deputies (Coldblood, Heartless, Chaser, Iron Hand... it sounds a lot more cooler in Chinese...) and Prince An who is determine to oust his brother, the current emperor who caused the death of his fiancee.

Guarding their city from the four escaped villains that are their rival in fame, the four famous deputies successfully defeat the villains only to have them escape mysteriously from the prison. Adding to an already chaotic situation, important court officials and their entire families start dying mysteriously as well. 

Eager to find the killer who is committing the mass slaughtering without leaving any trace the four deputies are understandably frustrated when the emperor all the sudden halts their investigation for what supposedly are more important matters: Chasing the girls who escaped on route to become his concubine.  

Deputy Coldblood successfully tracks down the girl that started the whole escape attempt - Chu Li Mo. A bright girl by nature, Li Mo refuses to give in to her fate even though her family personally drugged her to send her away to the emperor. Escaping to her cousin who she always liked, Li Mo thought she has found true love only to have her cousin betraying her to the local constables for money. One notable thing is that during her escape from her cousin's house she found out that she can hear people and animal's thoughts. 

Li Mo's luck finally runs out when she meets Coldblood who refuses to let her go no matter what she say or does. However, Coldblood's follow deputies begin to question their decision to turn Li Mo over to the emperor when they find out all the other captured girls are either sent into exile or to execution. Despite Coldblood's assertion that it is their duty to turn Li Mo in, the rest of his men finally convinces him to sneak Li Mo into their deputy residence as a maid.  

Knowing being a maid is perhaps the best she could hope for under the circumstance, Li Mo quickly tries to adapt to her new life. 
Now that the four deputies has faked Li Mo's death by reporting that she committed suicide, they can finally turn their attention back to the still ongoing killing of the court officials. 

Piecing all the puzzles together, it is not hard for the four deputies' mentor Lord Zhuge to figure out that Prince An, the emperor's half brother who has long since held a grudge against the emperor are probably the one behind the crimes. However, without any evidence to charge Prince An, Lord Zhuge can only urge his four deputies to investigate. 

A cold and calculating person now, Prince An was actually a gentle person whose only dream was to live his life in peace with the woman he loves. Unfortunately, the emperor knowing full well of his brother's feelings tries to force Prince An's fiancee to become his concubine. Unwilling to submit to the emperor's will, Prince An's fiancee commits suicide and in his grieve Prince An's hair turns white over night. 

First Impression

The pace of this show is kinda slow, especially in episode 1. It is almost like it took the director one full episode to get over his need to show "LOOK! How awesome can these men fight!!!" out of his system before he can get to the story. Thankfully, once the story gets going the pacing also picked up. Now and then though they do still kinda starting meandering like when they took way too long to go over Prince An's E-P-I-C tragic love story. 

Speaking of Prince An, I am a bit torn about him... which I think is actually what the writer wants us to feel. It seems fairly obvious that the emperor is a douchebag who thinks he can do whatever he wants just because he is the emperor and cares very little what happens to those who serves him. But then Prince An is too far gone in his craze for revenge I don't think he is someone you can root for either. Pity maybe but that's about it. 
I am really liking Janine Zhang's character Li Mo. A heroine who is bright but not annoyingly so. Trusting but not to the point of being dumb. In fact, Li Mo seems to be learning how to survive in the harsh world she find herself in without losing her goodness. I do wish the show would be a bit more clear when she can hear other people/animal's thoughts though. The first time her ability came out was when she heard her cousin's worrying thoughts about the trouble her presence would bring, but after that we haven't seen her ability with other people again. (We have seen it with other animals but not people) 

It took me a bit to get used to seeing Zhang Han in a historical show since I am used to watching him in modern ones but by episode four I am slowly coming around. Maybe because the character Coldblood is suppose to be... well... cold, I find Zhang Han's character rather boring to watch until we add Li Mo into the mix. So I guess that is a great sign since that shows the two leads have pretty good chemistry with one another. 

Anyhow, despite some tendency to be over the top and random parts where I start wondering if I am watching anime I do have great hope for this one and is planning to add it to my watch list. 


  1. Thanks for your review, however do you know where it can be watched with subs online. Thanks in advance.

    1. I just checked Viki.com and they have this one.

  2. I am watching The Four and I am at ep 6 right now. The plot is super slow like you said. I will continue to watch it since there hasn't been any watchable C or T drama after My Sunshine. Jenny Zhang, Zhang Han, Yang Yang, William Zhang and Mao Zijun are all eye candy. There are supposed to be more female leads but i don't even see any interaction between Zhang Han and our female lead yet.
    I hope the story is not becoming too draggy and pick up the pace a little bit.
    Btw, love your blog :)

    1. There are so many sub stories involved and it gets boring at times. But I want to see what Chu Li Mo can do with her hearing skills. They should elaborate more on that.