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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Legendary Witch Episode 37-38 Mini Recap

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The war is officially on between Woo Seok and Do Hyun both at work and over Soo In.

Despite Do Hyun's promise that he will patiently wait for Soo In for 100 days, Do Hyun's patience is starting to wear thin especially after he meets Soo In's "family" and sees that Soo In still wears Woo Seok's ring around her neck. 

Do Hyun and Woo Seok are at a standstill where Do Hyun is Soo In's husband on paper but Woo Seok is the man she loves. Unwilling to give up on Soo In, both man assert their rights to stay by Soo In. 
Time to take a detour and catch up on what's happening with our other characters. 

Business is going crazy over at the bakery especially after a French magazine has given it three stars. Determined to block Soo In's happiness in anyway, Joo Hee orders her employees to quickly come up with a bread that imitates Soo In's. 
Mistress Cha's attitude towards Mi O softens after Do Jin shows up at his biological father's grave site and begs his mother to let go of the past so she can start living her own life. Sitting down to a meal together with Do Jin's little family, Mistress Cha even compliments Mi O's commercial when it comes up on tv. 
Poong Geum charges into Woi Han's room with a positive pregnancy test. Sheepishly, Woi Han tells Poong Geum that the only thing left to do is for them to get married quickly. In a decked out kareoke room Woi Han proposes to Poong Geum ... again, but this time he also presents her with a certificate that proves the diamond ring he bought is real. Ha! 
Young Guk catches Poong Guem and Woi Han sneaking off to a photo studio to take their wedding photo before Poong Geum's belly starts to show. In regular Young Guk fashion, she "marries" the two love birds and even supplies the wedding rings. To save money for their baby, Poong Geum sold her diamond ring to Young Guk, but not wanting Poong Geum to go without a ring as a newly wed, Young Guk gives the ring back. 
Do Hyun guilt trips Soo In into going to a company celebration with him. Watching Soo In dressed like a chaebol wife, Woo Seok can only leave the party in a sullen mood. Watching Woo Seok's retreating back, Soo In tries to follow him, but Do Hyun stops her. 

Drinking glass after glass, Soo In's mood gets even worse after Joo Hee and Joo Ran take turn jeering at her unhappiness. 
At first planning to take a completely drunk Soo In back home, but Do Hyun changes his mind when he hears Soo In muttering "I am sorry, Woo Seok...". Standing by the hotel room window, Do Hyun looks at a sleeping Soo In with a darken expression.

In the mean time, Woo Seok is sitting at the bakery alone waiting for Soo In all night long. 
The next morning, Soo In wakes up dismayed to find herself in a hotel with Do Hyun. Facing an unyielding Do Hyun who threatens to do whatever it takes to keep her by his side, Soo In finally loses her patience and tells Do Hyun that she is voiding their 100 days agreement. 

Racing back to the bakery, Soo In immediately feels bad when she sees Woo Seok has already finished baking a batch of bread for her. Soo In tries to explain about the night before, but Woo Seok just tells her that if she is having such a hard time that she needs to drown herself in alcohol then he could let her go anytime. 
Vowing to teach Woo Seok a lesson about the realities of life, Chairman Ma frames Woo Seok for embezzlement the same way he framed Soo In two years ago. Suspicious after being notified that Woo Seok has been taken in by the police for questioning, Do Hyun meets with Mistress Cha to find out about what exactly happened between his father and Woo Seok. 

Giving in to Woo Seok's request, Mistress Cha tells him all the crimes his father has committed. Stunned by Mistress Cha's words, Do Hyun almost falls from the pain of his headache that has been showing up with increasing severalty and frequency. 
Soo In storms into Chairman Ma's office after watching Bok Nyeo faints from the shock of hearing her son has been framed for embezzlement. Chairman Ma orders his assistants to drag Soo In out after she loudly proclaims all his crimes for everyone to hear. 

Desperate to help Woo Seok, Soo In kneels down to beg Do Hyun for help. Shocked by how far Soo In is willing to go for Woo Seok, Do Hyun asks in dismay "Are you willing to do everything for him? Even if it means to come back to me?" After a pause, Soo In replies with determination "If this will him then yes, I will go back to you." Ouch, that must've hurt for Do Hyun. 
After another fruitless talk with his father on why Chairman Ma shouldn't be so selfish, Do Hyun tearfully tells his mother "I am starting to understand a bit why mom you turned out like this. A woman so kind as you must have been under so much pressure from the ugly truth you knew. Even me, after knowing everything wishes that I never woke up." Oh, no, Chairman Ma is standing at the background. I sure hope he doesn't suddenly develop a conscious. 

Unable to help herself, Bok Nyeo has been angry at Soo In after being told by Joo Ran that she stayed at the hotel with Do Hyun. Bok Nyeo's anger escalates when she sees Do Hyun taking Soo In home while Woo Seok is being questioned for embezzlement. Fortunately, thanks to Young Guk's harsh words of calling Bok Nyeo out for not treating Soo In like the daughter she always says Soo In is and Mistress Cha's assurance that Do Hyun is nothing like his father, Bok Nyeo finally patches things up with Soo In. 
Soo In welcomes Woo Seok back after he is released from questioning and gives him a heartfelt hug to recharge him. Watching his wife embracing another man, Do Hyun surprisingly didn't get angry but instead turns away so Soo In wouldn't notice him. 
Woken up by an early phone call, Chairman Ma faints after hearing the news that Do Hyun has shown up at the police station with all the embezzlement evidence to turn himself in. 

Soo In finds out about Do Hyun's action from the news and breaks down in tears in front of Woo Seok. 
While being questioned, Do Hyun tries to give all the appropriate answers to frame himself as the real criminal but ends up passing out from the pain of his headache. 


Sigh... I really wish the writer didn't have Do Hyun come back to life. While I was watching these two episodes I keep wishing instead of the tug of war between Do Hyun and Woo Seok the writer could have given us the all out battle between the girls and Chairman Ma. Judging from the preview I might get my wish next week, so why did we even bother with Do Hyun's storyline in the first place when it would have been so much better if we could have watched the girls and Woo Seok become strong enough to take on Chairman Ma. 


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