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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Legendary Witch Episode 39-40 (The End) Mini Recap

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While Do Hyun is being interrogated at the police station,Woo Seok receives a package containing a copy of the documents Do Hyun took with him to the station. Included in the package is a letter from Do Hyun apologizing to Woo Seok in behalf of his dad and also to ask Woo Seok to take care of Soo In.

Do Hyun is rushed to the hospital after he passes out at the police station. Soo In arrives at the hospital just in time to see Do Hyun before he passes away. Holding his hand to Soo In's face, Do Hyun remembers back to how he fell in love with her and in a voice over we hear Do Hyun thanking his luck to be able to wake up from his coma to meet Soo In again. 
Kneeling in grief, Chairman Ma sobs that he can't bury his son twice. Watching a grief stricken Chairman Ma being carried away, Soo In also breaks down over Do Hyun's body.

Mistress Cha receives news of Do Hyun's death and starts to cry as she mutters her apology to Do Hyun over and over.
After attending Do Hyun's burial, Soo In comes home to find Woo Seok waiting for him. Unable to shake her grief and guilt over Do Hyun's death, Soo In gives her ring back to Woo Seok. Woo Seok tells Soo In that he is willing to wait as long as it takes, but Soo In just tells him not to wait for her.
Do Hyun's death causes Mistress Cha to truly reflect her own part in this whole tragedy and she vows to spend the rest of her life in repentance.

When Do Jin and Mi O shows up at Mistress Cha's apartment to make her food, Mistress Cha surprises them by asking the kids to move in with her. Smiling happily, Mi O and Do Jin agrees.
Poong Geum rushes back to the bakery to show everyone that Shinhwa Group has not only copied Soo In's specialty health bread but is selling it much cheaper than they are.

The whole crew shows up at the lobby of Shinhwa Group to confront the Ma family but all the girls are soon thrown out by the security guard. It was nice to see Young Guk throwing a few eggs at the two sisters though. 
Woo Seok shows up at the bakery and hands Soo In not only her ring but his as well. "Hold on to the rings and when you are ready, you can put my ring back on me."
Thanks to Woo Seok's persistence, Chairman Ma is finally indicted. Standing outside to hold a public protest against Shinhwa Group, Young Guk jumps on the opportunity that all the reporters has gathered to witness Chairman Ma's indictment, and quickly draws the reporters' attention to Soo In's protest against Shinhwa.
Feigning ignorance during the whole police interrogation, Chairman Ma stands up in shock when he sees Soo In has been called in as a witness against his crimes.

Sitting in his cell, Chairman Ma throws the newspaper in anger when he confirms what his son-in-law has told him. Do Hyun rewrote his will and passed all his stock to Woo Seok. With Do Hyun's stock and Mistress's Cha's, Woo Seok was able to reorganize the company so it will be managed according to the spirit of his father's bakery.
Thanks to the reporters widely publicizing Shinhwa group stealing Soo In's idea, the bakery business is on fire once again and Joo Hee is forced to hold a press conference to admit Shinhwa Group's wrong doing.

Holding her hand out Woo Seok, Joo Hee asks to shake his hand since she is going abroad the next day. Shaking Joo Hee's hand, Woo Seok encourages Joo Hee to pick herself up and start again.
Woo Seok turns down Shinhwa group's invitation to become the new chairman and announces that he is leaving for France to further his baking skills.

Bok Nyeo, Yi Moon and Nam Byeol say goodbye to Woo Seok at the airport. Woo Seok is some what disappointed to not see Soo In, but is not surprised by her decision. Sitting by the river side, Soo In watches a video recording from Woo Seok telling her to not be sad and not to fall ill.
With Joo Hee abroad, Chairman Ma in prison, it is Joo Ran's turn to pay for her wrong doings. The two criminals that does Joo Ran's bidding are caught and Joo Ran's is soon hauled away to the police station. Joo Ran begs Soo In to forgive her but Soo In is unmoved.

Left alone in the Ma mansion, Madam Ma pleas with Mistress Cha to take her away. Grabbing Madam Ma's hands, Mistress Cha promises to take care of her from then on.

Soo In shows up in front of the prison that used be her home to be the baking teacher that Woo Seok once was. Smiling brightly, Soo In assures the female inmates that she was once where they are but things can and will become better. 

Things however are not going well at all for Joo Ran who just happens to be in the same prison cell as those who enjoyed ordering Young Guk around. 
Mistress Cha takes Madam Ma to the prison to visit her husband. Finally repentant, Chairman Ma tells a stunned Mistress Cha that he is planning to admit to Woo Seok's father's murder. 

True to his words, Chairman Ma comes through and Bok Nyeo's name is finally cleared.  
Poong Geum and Woi Han are now parents of two super cute twin girls. Woi Han's three brothers show up to surprise Poong Geum and Woi Han with a large amount of money to express their gratitude for all the sacrifice Woi Han had done in the past. 
After the time jump we find Yi Moon decidedly grumpy over the fact that he and Bok Nyeo are still not married. Taking matters into their own hands, Poong Geum and Woi Han tell everyone that they are planning a surprise wedding for Bok Nyeo. Of course the kids had to do some grand promises to a very disappointed Young Guk that they will also marry her off in style one day.  They do show that Young Guk found her "dream man" later on. 
The girls trick Bok Nyeo into going on a vacation at Jeju Island and secretly planned everything down to decorating the soon to be newlywed's hotel room. I find the two life size balloon of the bride and groom hilarious... and a bit creepy.  
The four girls are naturally the bridesmaids and a happy Bok Nyeo is further surprised when Woo Seok makes it back in time from France to personally give his mother away to Yi Moon. 
Yi Moon finally gets the girl. 
Standing by the cliff, Woo Seok and Soo In takes turn confessing how much they have missed each other in the past year. Taking out their couple rings, Soo In puts Woo Seok's ring back on him just like he asked a year ago. 
And we end with a kiss! 


Hmm... I am mostly satisfied... kinda. I really wish the writer could've left out the whole Do Hyun part since I think it would've have been a lot more satisfying to see a full on battle between the prison girls going up against a corporate giant like Shinhwa. 

Oh, well, most of the baddies got what they deserved. Although I thought letting Joo Hee just forget everything she did and escape overseas was really lame. Also, I wish Woo Seok and Bok Nyeo could've forced Chairman Ma to face his crime instead of letting him turn himself in on his own timeline. 

I thought I would have a lot of issue with the time jump but I actually don't since it does make sense that Soo In needed time to get over the shock of Do Hyun's death. Although I still feel rather bad for Do Hyun... 

Goodbye Legendary Witch, I am really going to miss some hilarious characters on this show and that gen gen song Young Guk sings. 


  1. is there an original song for the song young guk is always singing ? i really want to listen to it !

    1. The song is actually sang by Kim Su Mi herself I believe. Here is Youtube link to he sing this song back in 2005 https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=26&v=ceIfRnF_5lY

  2. I originally thought this was going to be Soo In taking revenge..but it seems as if the revenge part is mostly handled by other people...