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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tiffany Tang Makes a Trip to the Emergency Room While Filming Diamond Lover

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For those who follows C-Dramas Tiffany Tang is a familiar face... especially recently with her three hit show out already. (My Sunshine, The Lady & The Liar, Legend of Fragrance)

Unfortunately, Tiffany has obviously been pushing herself a bit too hard when she suffered a sudden heart epilepsy while filing Diamond Lover with Rain. Tiffany Tang had already been feeling some discomfort with her heart that morning, and after being on set for a while the staffs decide to rush her to the emergency room. 

The doctor ordered some much needed rest for Tiffany Tang, but she still rushed back to the set to finish her shoot before going home for rest. Thankfully, according to her people Tiffany's is recovering nicely and the condition doesn't sound like a serious one. 

Tiffany Tang will play an overweight ugly duckling heroine in Diamond Lover that has a crush on her boss (Rain), the chairman of a diamond jewelry company. A car accident changes our heroine's life and she suddenly becomes the beautiful girl she never was thanks to plastic surgery. However, our heroine finds out that beauty does not guarantee success in love or in career very quickly and she has to learn to realize her dream through hard work. 

Rain will be playing the outwardly gentle and friendly gentleman but who in reality has no understanding of the basic human warmth between people. 

From the character introduction it sounds like the second male lead (the heroine's friend who will stick by her through thick and thin) is a pretty firm contender for the heroine's affection... but do you really shoot a Chinese drama with Rain and not let him have the girl at the end?? 


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