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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Two leads from Love Through a Millennium's Dating Rumor

8:59 PM Posted by ninja 1 comment
It makes me laugh that the two leads from Love Through a Millennium (C-Drama) are rumored to be dating, since the two leads from Queen In Hyun's Man also started dating after that show... although it didn't last too long. 
Jing Bo Ran (plays the hero,Gong Min) has actually said in a interview in the past that Zheng Shuang (plays the heroine, Lin Xiang Xiang) is definitely the type of girl he consider to be ideal girlfriend material. 

Picture source from Sina Entertainment

A few days ago Jing Bo Ran was seen entering into a hotel and Zheng Shuang entered the same hotel after a while. Five hours later, the two were seem existing the hotel together. Now, neither parties has confirmed their dating rumor so this could easily just turn out to be nothing. But judging from their chemistry together on the show, if they really are dating then we'll have another super cute couple in the C-entertainment. 

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  1. I like their chemistry on the show :)