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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unkind Ladies (K-Drama) First Impression

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Drama: Unkind Ladies
Synopsis: The story of three generations of women in one family as they figure out how to be happy in midst of the challenges that comes with life. Okay, that sounded really boring... but thankfully the story is a lot better than it sounds. 

Kang Soon Ok

Grandmother. A respected cooking teacher, Soon Ok still harbors wounds from spending most of her life watching her husband being in love with his mistress. This character is actually the most interesting to me since Soon Ok always does the most shocking things despite her rather refined appearance. 

Kim Hyun Sook

Soon Ok's oldest daughter. A complete opposite of her seemingly refined mother, Hyun Sook's life is a mess of being scammed, chased by police for gambling and even getting into fights with teenagers. Thanks to a high school teacher who falsely accuses her of stealing, Hyun Sook was not even able to finish high school.

Kim Hyung Jung
A tv station reporter, Hyung Jung's life is also not going so well since her boss is trying to force her to switch to the food shopping channel department.

Jung Ma Ri
Soon Ok's granddaughter and Hyun Sook's daughter. Ma Ri is an university professor but is soon fired when a reporter who aired a special on how Ma Ri is buying students lunch in order to draw more numbers to her classroom. The hilarious thing is that the reporter was actually trying to air a positive report on Ma Ri's tactic but due to some emergency news the report was cut off when it was only focusing on the negative aspects.

Looks like Ma Ri is going to be be pursued by two men. One of them is the reporter who got her fired and the other one is a Kendo trainer who has several run ins with Ma Ri.

Jang Mo Ran
The woman Soon Ok has despised most of her life because Mo Ran is the one her husband loved.

Mo Ran rescues Hyun Sook after she faints in front of her father's grave. At first stunned to find out that her father's mistress is the one that took her in, Mo Ran's attitude soon softens when she finds out that Mo Ran doesn't have long to live.
Not one to be able to hide secrets, Hyun Sook spills the beans on the first night she goes back home and ends up taking Soon Ok the next day to meet her old nemesis.

In a surprising turn of events, Hyun Sook actually takes Mo Ran home with her after Mo Ran faints the second time in front of her. The first time is because Hyun Sook kicked her... Ha, that was when I thought maybe this show is not bad after all. 

First Impression

What a strange show! I was totally confused after watching the first episode. Curiosity made me keep watching and it progressively gets better every episode.

This show is definitely centered around the lives of the three women and the issues that challenges them. While the issues surrounding the women might not be unique but the way these women handles them are certainly interesting to watch.
Kendo Trainer (FYI the arm cover is to hide his tattoo) 
There are few things that does worry me a bit. 1. There are a LOT of plot lines... enough that I am starting to be a bit confused trying to keep everything straight. 2. I am rather taken with the Kendo trainer... but I am afraid the reporter might end up being Ma Ri's Mr. Right.  3. Hyun Sook and her feud with her high school teacher. I am not interested in this plot line but it looks like a fairly big part of the story.

Anyhow, kinda of a wacky show. I am going to need a bit more time before I figure out if I am sticking with this one or not.


  1. PLease recaps this serial....I kinda like it though....:)

    1. I was thinking about checking back into this one... although I am still scared that Kendo trainer won't get the girl.

  2. I'll watch it when it ends lol... but if I find out kendo trainer doesn't get the girl then I won't watch it lol

    1. Ahh... I feel a bit guilty but I am exactly the same way.

  3. Don't worry. I saw the character chart and I continued watching. The kendo trainer is the girl's main love interest and she friend zoned the reporter so many times.