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Friday, April 17, 2015

Angry Mom Mid Series Review (Episode 9-10 Recap)

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Kang Ja goes back to Princess Han's (her friend) place all smiles after she was able to give Minister Kang a letter detailing all the wrongs Chief Do committed. Kang Ja's smile soon turns into fury though when Princess Han shows her the surveillance video of Minister Kang impatiently telling Chairman Hong that bothersome bugs such as Kang Ja should not be showing up in front of him.

It finally dawns on Kang Ja and Princess Han that perhaps they are dealing with much bigger fish than they ever thought.

In the mean time, No Ah's whole world is falling apart after he finds out that he has no right to be a champion of justice at work when his own job was bought through his dad's bribery.
The next day Kang Ja goes to school and is surprised when Bok Dong calls her to an isolated spot at school and tells her to tie his shoe laces. A while ago Kang Ja had to hide underneath Bok Dong's desk to hide when her husband all the sudden paid an unexpected visit. After her husband leaves, Kang Ja sheepishly ties Bok Dong's untied shoes and pretend nothing was wrong. 

Taken back by Bok Dong's request, but Kang Ja just chides him for not asking politely and ties his shoe for him anyway. The sudden voice of Dong Chil talking to Jin Sang (Kang Ja's husband) sends Kang Ja hiding in the corner with Bok Dong. No clue why he is squatting with Kang Ja, but Bok Dong couldn't care less since he is too busy smelling her hair. I was totally pounding the table with laughter here. I love this kid. If it wasn't so obvious that Kang Ja only sees Dong Chil as another kid like her daughter, I would be cheering for noona romance here. 

Just when Kang Ja thought the coast is clear, her husband all the sudden popped out of no where and discovers the big secret. Stunned to see his wife dressed up as a high school student, Jin Sang tries to drag Kang Ja home but is stopped when Bok Dong accuse him of being a pervert buying "services" from underage girls.
Speechless by Bok Dong's misunderstanding, Kang Ja feels even more ridiculous when Bok Dong tosses his wallet to her so she doesn't have to involve herself with pervert ajusshi anymore for money.

However, Kang Ja's attention is soon drawn away when she notices No Ah pounding at his chest. Assuming No Ah has indigestion, Kang Ja drags him to the mysteriously always empty nurse's room. Ignoring No Ah's protests, Kang Ja deftly pulls out her needles to prick his thumb... both of them. Not stopping for a moment, Kang Ja nags as she is pricking No Ah but quickly stops in surprise when she looks up to find a crying No Ah.

Having flash backs of his father doing the very thing Kang Ja is doing, No Ah tells her "I have always thought it was okay to lose or to not be strong. But when my weakness means someone has do something wrong in order to help me survive in this world then I am not okay anymore." Poor kid, that was sure a rude awakening to the realities of the world that his father has been so careful to protect him from. 
Kang Ja meets with Ae Yeon (her classmate/friend who once betrayed her) and is aghast when Ae Yeon shows her the many wounds on her back. Furiously asking how Chairman Hong could do such a thing, Kang Ja could find no comforting words when Ae Yeon just calmly tells her that there are many things one does for money.

Ae Yeon goes on to warn Kang Ja to stop what she is doing before it becomes deadly for her. Determined to finish what she started, Kang Ja just asks Ae Yeon to continue to ignore her presence like she has been doing.
The next morning, Jin Sang and his mother forms an united front in trying to stop Kang Ja from going to school with her daughter. Pushing Jin Sang out of her way, Kang Ja walks out of the house without her shoes.

Wearing Ah Ran's shoes and carrying her daughter on her back, Kang Ja and Ah Ran's relationship seems to be improving drastically.
Frustrated by her daughter-in-law's refusal to quit her masquerade, Grandmother Oh shows up at the teacher's lounge demanding that the school pull a person by the name of Jo Kang Ja out. Completely confused since Kang Ja is enrolled under a fake name (Bang Wool), the teachers has no clue who Grandmother Oh is talking about.

Thinking quickly, Kang Ja calls Jin Sang and gets her to come take Grandmother Oh away. In a very cooperative mood once Jin Sang mutters "do you want to see me fired!" to her, Grandmother Oh plays along and pretends to be a confused old woman.
Back at home, Jin Sang puts two documents in front of Kang Ja. Looking at the school quitting form and the divorce form in front of her, Kang Ja is disgruntled when Ji Sang tells her that she has to choose one of the form that very night. Picking up the divorce form, Kang Ja rips it up and tells Jin Sang "this is not something that should go to the extend of divorce."

Knowing she is quickly running out of time, Kang Ja sneaks into Chief Do's office to find more evidence to prove that all the baddies are benefiting from the school renovation. However, Kang Ja is surprised when she finds copies of her own information used as a fake identity for the renovation project thanks to her husband.
Is it bad that I am secretly ... okay, not so secretly happy that Jin Sang is turning out to be such a jerk after all. He is not bad exactly, just spineless and you definitely get the feeling that he and his mother doesn't see Ah Ran as a member of their family at all. Judging by how easily the mother and son is ready to mention divorce I am assuming once Kang Ja's past comes out there would be no saving the marriage. 
Dong Chil kidnaps Ah Ran and sends a threatening text to Kang Ja for her to come.
Showing up in the abandoned warehouse, Kang Ja rushes to Ah Ran's side. After assuring Ah Ran with a few words, Kang Ja looks up at a dumbfounded Dong Chil "Hello, Dong Chil. Long time no see."

Completely shocked by the sight of Ah Ran calling Kang Ja mom, it didn't long before Dong Chil and Kang Ja's conversation turn violent. I about rolled my eyes when Kang Ja points a knife at Dong Chil again. That didn't work out last time so why is she repeating her mistake again??! 
So history does repeat itself as Dong Chil easily takes the knife away from Kang Ja and walks menacingly towards her. No Ah does show up in time to stop Dong Chil once but was easily tossed to the side. Snapping to action by the sight of Dong Chil closing in on Kang Ja with the knife in hand, No Ah hurls himself at Dong Chil.

Horrified, Kang Ja watches as the force of No Ah slamming into Dong Chil sends the knife right into No Ah's back. The all too familiar scene sends Dong Chil screaming "He won't die, he didn't die" as he stumbles out.
Fortunately, history didn't repeat itself in all it's entirety and No Ah was soon patched up at Princess Han's place.
Having witnessed the whole thing between her mom and Dong Chil, a dazed Ah Ran asks Princess Han "Did my mother kill someone? Is Dong Chil... my father?"

Despite Princess Han's vehement denial to both of Ah Ran's question, Ah Ran doesn't seem convinced.
Waking up to find himself laying half naked, No Ah shows little concern for himself as he asks Kang Ja if she is hurt anywhere. Melt! Bok Dong you are cute and all but I am afraid I am jumping ship. 

Confessing to Kang Ja he might not be a teacher for too much longer, No Ah tells her that his biggest fear in the little time he has remaining as a teacher is to lose another student. Earnestly, Kang Ja tells No Ah that in her opinion he is the best teacher out of the whole school and that he needs to stay so the kids would have the courage to keep fighting.  

The next day, Kang Ja happens to see No Ah getting hit on the back by unknowing students and drags him into the medical room to change his dressing. Nagging the whole time, Kang Ja becomes concerned when she realizes No Ah hasn't been able to wash his hair and probably has to do all the housework by himself. 

Bok Dong follows the duo to the medical room and jumps to the wrong conclusion the moment he sees Kang Ja with a half dressed No Ah. Dragging Kang Ja away with him, Bok Dong tells her not to trust honest looking men like No Ah. 
Still concerned about Kang Ja, Bok Dong follows her all the way to Princess Han's establishment and gets into a fight thinking he is "rescuing" her. Despite being a bit embarrassed when he realizes Princess Han is Kang Ja's mother, Bok Dong still chews Princess Han out for abandoning her child. (It's the rumor that is going around at school about Kang Ja which Bok Dong totally believes.) 

Walking home (back to Bok Dong's, where he lives with Dong Chil), Bok Dong all the sudden tries to do the wall slam... expect he did it first on the tree branch then the stone wall post. (Wall Slam = the thing a guy must do when he is trying to put the moves on the girl he likes according to the drama gods.) Putting on his best manly voice, Bok Dong asks "Jo Bang Wool, do you like me?" When Kang Ja just burst out laughing, Bok Dong continues "I li...." Unable to make himself finish his confession, Bok Dong just stumps away. 
Showing up unexpectedly at No Ah's house with bags of groceries, Kang Ja ignores No Ah's protest and washes his hair. Still ignoring No Ah's continual protests, Kang Ja goes on to cook dinner and even washes all of No Ah's laundry (including his underwear). 

No Ah's dad (Judge Park) runs into Kang Ja near his house and is surprised to find Kang Ja all dressed up as a student. Sitting with No Ah at the dinner table, Judge Park is amazed at how good of a cook No Ah's student is. Judge Park did start to wonder if maybe Kang Ja might be No Ah's student but when No Ah tells him the student's name is Jo Bang Wool, Judge Park shakes his head at his own wild imagination. Judge Park tells No Ah about meeting Kang Ja and No Ah nods with remembrance since Judge Park sponsored Kang Ja for a long time.  
Dressed up as a sexy club singer, Kang Ja was able to get some information on Minister Park from a club patron and finds out that the minister might have a secret child. 
I love Princess Han's outfit! So hilarious. 
Dong Chil finds out from Ae Yeon that Kang Ja is impersonating as a student and confronts her at the school. Bok Dong shows up to stop Dong Chil from hitting Kang Ja and an angry Dong Chil drags Bok Dong away. 
Worried about Bok Dong being missing from school, No Ah decides to "skip out" and go check on him. Standing by the wall fence that Kang Ja once jumped over so easily, No Ah tries to encourage himself by saying "You can do it! If Jo Bang Wool can do it, then you can too." 

Jumping off or rather it looked more like falling off, No Ah gives a cute proud smile when he lands on the ground. 
Worried about Bok Dong as well, Kang Ja shows up at Dong Chil's house and is shocked when she finds Bok Dong beaten half to death. 

Dong Chil comes home while Bok Dong is urging Kang Ja to leave and a furious Kang Ja tells him "You never cared for your brother or Bok Dong. If you loved them you wouldn't beat them or boss them around. You are just a gangster to the bones." Coldly, Dong Chil asks "Jo Kang Ja, are you done?"  
Having overheard Dong Chil and Kang Ja's conversation, No Ah connects Kang Ja's name to the manslaughter case so many years ago. 

Stepping into the room, No Ah asks "Jo Bang Wool... you are Jo Kang Ja?" 

Mid Series Review:
This show was kinda slow the last few weeks... not to mention just all out depressing at times since every move Kang Ja used to fight the baddies were useless. However, episode 9 and 10 was AWESOME! I loved almost everything about it. The show is doing a great job dealing with the issue of social corruption and school bullying. While there were a few times the bullying just seemed a bit over the top, but I think the writer is doing a good job balancing the bad with plenty of warmth. 

I wasn't placing too much hope on the romance front for this show but my hope is flaring up now that it looks like Kang Ja's husband will probably ditch her the moment her past comes to light. Ok, the plot hasn't gone there yet, but doesn't Jin Sang look like the type to insist on divorce if he is already pulling on the divorce paper over Kang Ja's masquerade? 

Anyhow, I am dying with curiosity to find out next week how our two leads' relationship will change now that No Ah knows the truth about Kang Ja. Also, since the show is more than half way over I am guessing we will start to see the baddies start to get their dues.

NG shots of when Kang Ja was trying to seduce Chief Do


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