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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Be With You Episode 5-9 Summary

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Be With You (好想談戀愛 ) Episode 5-9I am really liking this show that I might even talk myself into doing a weekly summary on it... although that just might be crazy talk...
Wanting to be of help, Ying Qian (the hero's brother) unwittingly angers the professor that Ying Jie (our hero) hopes to sign a contract with when he takes the professor's daughter to a night club. Not appeased even when Ying Jie personally apologizes to him, obtaining the professor and the contract along with it seem like an impossible task.

Determined to do whatever she could to help Ying Jie, Man An meets with the professor's daughter and was able to persuade the girl to fess up the truth to her father. (The daughter had sneaked back to the dance club later by herself but chose to blame it on Ying Qian).

Impressed with Man An's ability, Ying Jie decides to reward Man An by officially offering her a job at the company. Ying Qian and Xuan Xuan both happily congratulate Man An for her new job but judging from Man An's expression she is not so sure that working for Ying Jie is such a good idea.

Man Li's (heroine's sister) romance with her boss Li Qi is going quite well... despite some minor misunderstandings and the usual uncertainties that comes from a new relationship. It is pretty obvious that Man Li is a complete newbie at this whole relationship thing, but fortunately Li Qi is ever the understanding boyfriend that can magically smooth anything over. 

Out on a romantic date, Li Qi confesses to Man Li that he always made sure to show up to their school club because she was there. Sheepishly, Man Li also admits that Li Qi was the whole reason she joined the club in the first place. While Li Qi is teaching Man Li how to play the guitar, the mood gets cozy and our couple shares a kiss. 
Before you get too assured that Man Li and Li Qi is just going to sweetly skip off to the sunset, the show introduces another man, Shang De into Man Li's life. At this point, Shang De is just an annoying young kid that causes trouble for Man Li whenever she runs into him, but it looks like maybe he will be the guy to make Li Qi truly work for his girl. 
Reasoning with herself that working in the company is not a big deal since she probably won't have the chance to see Ying Jie a lot anyway, Man An tells her ecstatic parents that she will accept the job offer. Overjoyed that his daughter can be of a help in a small way to the family he vows to serve faithfully, Daddy Xia can't stop telling Man An how proud he is of her. 

However, one close encounter with Ying Jie when she stumbles on a boat dashes all of Man An's confidence and in despair she realizes that she is still very much in love with Ying Jie. Knowing that she can't possibly keep her feelings in check while Ying Jie is parading around in the company with his fiancee, Man An makes the difficult decision to turn down the job offer. 

While surprised by Man An's declaration that she will not be working at the company, Ying Jie gives no visible reaction to how he truly feels inside. 
Seeing Daddy Xia's stunned reaction when he is informed that Man An has turn down the job offer, Ying Jie stops Daddy Xia from interrogating his daughter and volunteers to talk to Man An himself. 
Showing up at Man An's house, Ying Jie tells her that since this job is so important to Daddy Xia, he is willing to make any adjustment Man An wants so that the job would be a good one for her. Unable to hide her feelings, Man An finally blurts out "I don't need any adjustments. Can you stop being so good to me please? I am trying so hard to distance myself from you. I am working hard at letting go. I wasn't joking when I said I liked you before. I have liked you for a long long time... " 

As Man An sobs out all her sorrow for missing her chance with Ying Jie and how terrible she feels at disappointing her dad, Ying Jie can't help himself and pulls her into his arm to comfort her. 
Murmuring "Don't cry, don't cry Man An" as he pats Man An's back, Ying Jie's own eyes start to fill with tears as well. 
What an awesome scene! Great acting by Bobby Dou, he totally nailed the emotion of Ying Jie who loves Man An so much but can't say or do anything about it.   
Understanding Man An's reason for refusing the job fully now, Ying Jie tells Man An to just forget the job offer. However, Chairman Zhen (Ying Jie's dad) hears Daddy Xia's unhappiness over his daughter's refusal of the job and personally invites Man An to the house to urge her to accept the job. With no way to tell the real reason why she would turn down such a great opportunity, Man An can only look at Ying Jie hesitantly and agrees to work at the company. 
Unwilling to see Man An caught in the difficult situation she is in, Ying Jie disagrees with his dad for the very first time in his life. However, even Ying Jie himself can't come up with a believable reason why Man An shouldn't work at the company and it is quickly decided that Man An will show up at work the very next day. 

It is interesting to note that Daddy Xia is actually not happy about the sudden turn of events. Suspicious after seeing Man An sobbing in Ying Jie's arm, Daddy Xia is starting to wonder maybe there is a real reason why Man An turned down the job in the first place. I don't think Daddy Xia suspects anything is going on between Ying Jie and Man An. I think Ying Jie is probably too sacred of a person in Daddy Xia's mind for him to suspect that anything is going on between the two. 
Confessing to his pet eagle, Ying Jie tells Rafi "Did you know I opposed my father for the first time for Man An last night? What if one day I can't hide my feelings anymore?" 
At this point of the story we are given pretty obvious clues that Ying Jie is probably not his parents' biological son, so that explains why he feels the necessity to follow his parents' every wish. 

Ying Jie finds out from Mama Xia that Man An is feeling unwell and a slight freeze in his expression shows how much Ying Jie is affected by the smallest detail concerning Man An. 
Perhaps finally feeling doubt in his "arrange" engagement, Ying Jie asks Xuan Xuan "Are you happy? You know my feelings towards you... so isn't this just going to bring you more harm than happiness?" 

Admitting that she knows all along that she has no place in Ying Jie's heart yet, Xuan Xuan assures Ying Jie that she is happy as long as she is by his side. 

Standing still as Xuan Xuan cries with her arms around him, Ying Jie makes no move to hug her back but just closes his eyes in sorrow. 


I am a bit undecided when it comes to Xuan Xuan. Is seems kinda unbelievable that she would be so naive as to have no clue that Man An like Ying Jie, but if she does know then has she been just trying to befriend Man An so she could use the "we are friends so you can't touch my man" kinda of thing? I am leaning that she is probably really just that nice of a girl, but will probably turn crazy once she realizes Man An is the one Ying Jie loves. 

While this show is certainly not breaking new grounds in terms of plot developments BUT I really like the two leads and can't wait when Ying Jie is finally forced out of his hiding when someone else starts pursuing his girl. Although, I would be happy too if Man An decides to really move on from her crush and Ying Jie has to starting chasing her this time around. 


  1. I really enjoyed this summary and I am also in love with this show and the couple, I can't wait for the development between ying jie and Man an. Please continue to do weekly recap if you can, I really enjoy this show and your summary of it so far. Its too good not to :)

  2. I hope you do weekly recaps because this is he only way I can hear about this drama. I cant find any english subtitles so I appreciate your recaps alot!!

  3. Do you know a place where the are english subs??

    1. Looks like Viki.com does have this show BUT it is not available to the North America region until 6 month later. Sigh... If Viki is carrying it then your chance of finding it English sub else where is fairly dim.

  4. I absolutely love this show, glade I found a recap I can look at. Seen as though the English subs are slow in viki and everywhere else there is only Chinese sub. Thanks for this recap