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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Be With You (T-Drama) Episode 1-4 First Impression

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Drama: Be With You (T-Daily)

Synopsis: A story about a group of singles searching for love in their own way... okay, I know it sounds boring but it really is surprisingly good. 

Our heroine, Xia Man An, daughter of the driver for the rich Zhen family has harbored a secret crush on on the Zhen oldest son Zhen Ying Jie ever since she was little. Determined to finally confess her feeling to the always calm and aloof Ying Jie, Man An gathers her courage and blurts out her feelings. 

Caught off guard, Ying Jie didn't have time to form a reply to Man An's confession before his fiancee shows up and introduces herself to Man An. 

Stunned to see Ying Jie with a fiancee, Man An all but runs away to cry on the shoulder of her older sister Man Li. 

Unfortunately for Man An who just wants to bury her head in the sand from her embarrassing confession, Daddy Xia's back injury sends her right back to Ying Jie's side as her dad's substitute driver. 

Forced to face Ying Jie the very next morning, Man An tries to make the feeble excuse that her confession the day before was just a bad joke. Firmly but sincerely, Ying Jie tells Man An "I know you well enough to know that you weren't joking. Your confession deserve a serious reply from me, not from Xuan Xuan (his fiancee/secretary)." When Man An tries to awkwardly tell Ying Jie that his reply is not necessary anymore, Ying Jie insists by saying "because I care about how you feel." The end result wasn't too surprising to Man An since Ying Jie's reply was the usual "I always thought of you as a sister" but Man An does admit that receiving a formal answer to her confession from Ying Jie himself does make her feel better.  

The epic fail confession out of the way, Man An now turns her attention to be the best substitute driver she can be for Ying Jie. Although Man An's effort doesn't always pan out but Ying Jie is surprisingly patient with her. 

Watching the poised and perfect Xuan Xuan who seems to be the extreme opposite of herself, Man An couldn't help but feel that her one sided crush is truly at an end. However, as Man An spends more time with the engaged couple she couldn't help but feel puzzled especially when Xuan Xuan comes to her to find out very basic information about Ying Jie's likes and dislikes. Man An does voice her puzzlement why Xuan Xuan would be asking such basic things when Xuan Xuan has been Ying Jie's secretary for three years already. Xuan Xuan tells Man An that since she came from a wealthy family she had only planned to work for Ying Jie for a year but once she fell in love with Ying Jie she just decided to stay. However, despite being Ying Jie's personal secretary for the past three years and eventually becoming his fiancee thanks to his family's urging, Xuan Xuan has only seen Ying Jie's aloof working side. 
Time to turn our attention to our other heroine, Xia Man Li (Man An's older sister). A famous spinster in her social circle, Man Li's nonexistent romance life takes a drastic change when she meets Zhao Li Qi again at the school reunion.  

What started out as one time catching up at the school reunion becomes a very real possible romance when Man Li shows up at work the next day and find out that Li Qi is the new department manager at her work. 

It doesn't take long before Li Qi confesses to Man Li that he has always liked her since their school day but was too shy to say anything back then. 
A careful person and maybe a bit cynical by nature, Man Li doesn't know how to reply to Li Qi's request for them to start dating. Happy for her sister, Man An eagerly encourages Man Li to date Li Qi so she could find out her feelings towards him. 

Thinking he has scared Man Li off for sure, Li Qi is happily surprised the next morning at work when a somewhat hesitant Man Li tells him of her decision to date him. 
In the mean time, Man An is still bumbling around as Ying Jie's temporary driver and gets them stuck in the middle of nowhere. 

Gently touching Man An's head as she sleeps on his shoulder, Ying Jie has a flash back of a young Man An begging her mom pitifully for a t-shirt that all the coolest kids have. Busily working (Mama Xia also works as a maid at the Zhen household... this is reminding me of the movie Sabrina), Mama Xia impatiently shoos her daughter away and refuses to buy her the t-shirt. 

Standing not too far away, a young Ying Jie takes Man An's words to heart and goes to buy the much desired t-shirt for Man An. However, the one time Ying Jie gathered up the courage to give the t-shirt to Man An she was pulled away by someone else and Ying Jie lost his chance. 
In the ending scene of episode four we see Ying Jie standing in his closet with a box in his hand and looking at what I assume is the very t-shirt he bought so many years ago for Man An.
Interesting, I don't think a boy would keep a t-shirt he bought for a girl he thought of as a sister for so many years in his closet... 

First Impression

Wow, this show is really surprisingly an easy watch! I am not too sure yet how interested I am in the older sister's romance but I don't mind watching her storyline which is always a good sign. 

While Man An and Ying Jie's character might seem like your typical leads but I love the little things the show has given them that makes them just that much more interesting. For example, I find the fact that Man An's character talks to the GPS voice like an actual human being hilarious and I am also impressed by the fact that while she is obviously heart broken from having her crush ended in such an embarrassing way but she still has the guts to face Ying Jie. 

Ying Jie's character is also really intriguing to me as well. At first look, Ying Jie seems like your usual super competent hero who is just cold and stoic but judging from his interaction with Man An we see that he is actually pretty warm. Ying Jie doesn't exactly push people away but there just seems to be very few things he will show his emotions for. I didn't get the feeling that Ying Jie has purposefully shut his fiancee out but with how aloof he is with everyone (including his own family), it seems totally understandable why Xuan Xuan knows so little about him. 

Anyhow, we are still in the early stage for this show, but the first four episode certainly seems VERY promising! 


  1. Glad to see you review this show. I'm also liking this show so far. Its cutie and fun to watch. Don't have to think so much or get mad. Since its just the only being I hope it doesn't go wrong or bad later on. This show really take me off Aim High from a mad show that end a month back.

    I really enjoy Ying Jie & Man An couple too.

  2. Your review is making me feel like this drama is really worth a watch!!

  3. I am going to start watching this drama now, I quite like all 4 main leads. I hope it's good for a daily drama, for sure there will be draggy plots but I will just skip those.

  4. I am going to start watching this drama now, I quite like all 4 main leads. I hope it's good for a daily drama, for sure there will be draggy plots but I will just skip those.