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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blue Bird House Episode 5-12 Second Impression

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Blue Bird House Episode 5-12 Brief Summary
A quick reintroduction of our four leads from left to right. Jang Hyun Do (a chaebol whose father owns the corporation that our hero works for), Han Eun Soo (our hero's sister), Kang Young Joo (Eun Soo's best friend), Kim Ji Wan (hero).

Thanks to Chairman Jang's harsh words that reminded Ji Wan that his responsibility towards his family is more important than his pride, Ji Wan accepts a position at Chairman Jang's company. As the Chairman's son's friend, Ji Wan faces snide remarks the moment he starts working. Things doesn't improve for Ji Wan especially when Hyun Do (Chairman Jung's son) is not shy at flaunting his special status as the Chairman's son.

Hyun Do's cavalier attitude eventually causes a huge crisis for the company when he casually changes a promotional flyer's sale percentage from 1% to 10%. At first blamed for the flyer mistake, Ji Wan rushes around trying to correct the situation. Hyun Do ultimately discovers that Ji Wan is being blamed for his mistake and stands up to admit his own fault. Fortunately for Ji Wan, the whole misunderstanding also helped Ji Wan's co-workers to truly accepts him.
Surprising his whole department, Hyun Do tells everyone that he is going to fix the crisis personally since it was his fault. Despite his brave words, Hyun Do has no real solution other than going back to his mom to beg for help. When Madam Jang couldn't help either, Hyun Do ended up selling his expensive possessions to hold off the crisis temporarily.

Watching his whole team, including Ji Wan who are at their wits end trying to figure out how to solve the sale flyer mistake, Hyun Do all the sudden remembers something his father did a long time ago when Chairman Jang was faced with the same problem. Taking an example from Chairman Jang's past, Hyun Do was able to turn the company crisis into an opportunity.
After resigning from her teaching post much to her mother's fury, Young Joo is overjoyed when she was able to get a job at the broadcasting station... albeit just as a lowly script reader.

Frustrated to no end by her daughter's sudden onset of rebellion, Mama Kang decides that maybe marrying off Young Joo is the best route. Unfortunately for Young Joo, Mama Kang finds her perfect son-in-law candidate who also falls in love with Young Joo at first sight and pops up in front of her every chance he gets.
At first planning to retire gracefully when his company "strongly" suggests that it is time for Daddy Kang (Young Joo's dad)to leave, Daddy Kang's plan is dashed by his daughter's sudden decision to pursue her dream as a drama writer. Throwing his pride to the trash, Daddy Kang refuses to leave his company even when he is demoted to the street to hand out flyers.

Mistakenly thought Daddy Kang is still a bank executive, Mama Kang is stunned when she is sees her husband passing out flyers on the street. Feeling horrible after realizing the extent of sacrifice her husband is making for their family, Mama Kang quietly starts to do things such as cleaning Daddy Kang's shoes and making special meals for him. I was really surprised by her change of attitude towards her husband. I thought for sure she would start blaming her husband but Mama Kang did the opposite. 
Things are not going well for Young Joo at the broadcasting station at all, especially after an actress slaps Young Joo for doing her job by saying the actress's drama is not good enough to air.

Fed up with being the scapegoat for the underhanded battles within the station Young Joo decides to give up her dream and quit her job. However, just as Young Joo is ready to step on the elevator to leave the station, she hears a director talking on the phone naming herself as the writer whose script he has chosen to film. Her dream resurrected in seconds, Young Joo quickly rushes to the director to introduce herself.
Overjoyed that her dream of being a drama writer might finally come true, Young Joo shares her exciting news with Ji Wan. In her excitement, Young Joo stumbles and Ji Wan quickly catches her in his arm. Dazed to be in Ji Wan's arm, Young Joo wonders if her heart will keep beating wildly ... just like she used to when she was a highschooler whenever Ji Wan showed up.
While Ji Wan's romance life is inching forward at a snail's pace, Hyun Do has set his eye sight on Eun Soo (Ji Wan's sister) as the girl he wants. At first annoyed by Hyun Do's constant appearance in front of her, Eun Soo is slowly accepting Hyun Do's presence especially after he keeps jumping out to champion her cause whenever something upsetting happens to her.

Unfortunately for Hyun Do's hard won progress with Eun Soo, the first time Eun Soo's family meets him is when they hit Hyun Do over the head thinking he is a pervert.  
Once Ji Wan comes home and explains to his family that Hyun Do is his friend/co-workers, the women of Ji Wan's family starts to warm up to Hyun Do especially after he eagerly invites them out to lunch in his expensive car. 
Tragically for Hyun Do, both his car and credit card become useless when his mother and father's "friendly" fight ended with Madam Jang agreeing to cut off her son's financial support in exchange for her diamond ring. 

I had pegged Chairman Jang as the "big evil" but I am confused now when the writer has taken pain to show Chairman Jang and his wife is a comedic light. 
Frustrated that his precious car got taken away by his dad, Hyun Do nonetheless takes Ji Wan's family out for lunch in a taxi. Totally unaware that his mom is calling the credit card company to cancel his card, Hyun Do orders plates after plates of food without any regard to the cost. 

Confidently handing his credit card to pay for the meal, Hyun Do is stunned when he is informed that his card has been canceled. After a brief moment of disbelief, Mama Han (Ji Wan's mother) steps out and pays for the extremely expensive meal. Not surprisingly, all the women in Eun Soo's family collectively tells her to stay away from Hyun Do. 
Chairman Jang, whose wealth seems to have benefited in some unsavory manner from Ji Wan's dad's death becomes suspicious of Eun Soo's birth secret. Meeting with Mama Han, Chairman Jang shows her a picture of a younger Mama Han smiling and very much not pregnant a month before Eun Soo was born. Looking at Mama Han who can give no excuse now with her own picture in front of her, Chairman Jang asks "Who is Eun Soo's parents?"   

 Second Impression

This show took a while to engage me, but I am starting to warm up to it slowly. Birth secret doesn't usually catch my attention but Eun Soo's secret actually really interest me because I have no clue who her parents could be. Judging from the way Mama Han acts, I thought Chairman Jang could be Eun Soo's father, but then that can't be since Eun Soo is going be paired up with Hyun Do so they can't be half siblings. So confused...yet really curious. 

There is one thing I worry about this show: the romance plot concerning our hero Ji Wan. Judging from promo and all the information the show has given I believe Young Joo is going to be paired up with Ji Wan, however, I am kinda impartial to Ji Wan's boss, Director Shu. 
I know the director is probably not going to be the one who Ji Wan ends up with but the two are so cute together!!! Walking a completely drunk Director Shu home, Ji Wan's puzzlement of why none of his co-worker seemed willing to get anywhere close to his drunken boss becomes clear when she bites him. Gingerly taking Director Shu home, Ji Wan is shocked to see the chaotic state of his boss's home. Not believing someone so meticulous as Director Shu would have a such messy home, Ji Wan mutters "Director, is this your home?" After a pause Ji Wan dryly answers himself "I guess it must be or else the door code wouldn't have worked." 
The next morning, Director Shu is aghast that Ji Wan saw the state of her home but in her usual no nonsense manner, Directer Shu just confronts Ji Wan and treats him to a meal as her thanks. 

Director Shu is really cool, and the chemistry is obvious between the two so I really need the writer to step up the game on Young Joo's front. Nothing is worse than watching a character leaving the love interest he/she has much better chemistry with just to get together with another character just because that's how the writer has the story set up.  

Anyhow, a promising show that has a lot of warm human relationships that pulls you in, so I will be checking back in on this one. 

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