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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Doctor Affairs (J-Drama) Episode 1 Summary & First Impression

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Drama: Doctor Affair

Synopsis: Can doctors who devote their time and energy to saving lives really have the right to fall in love? Ok, a rather weird question, but that's the issue the show is focusing on. Dr. Haruki Morita, a man who has no time for dating falls head over heels in love when he meets Dr. Chizuru Kondo, another doctor at his work and his senior. 

The newly hired doctor in an university hospital, Haruki Morita meets Dr. Chizuru Kondo unexpectedly when they worked together to save a man at a party. 

Pleasantly surprised that they both work for the same department, Haruki can't forget how beautiful Chizuru looked when she was saving the man at the party. 
Having assumed that Chizuru must be the same type of doctor as him, a doctor who is only focused on saving patient without thoughts of monetary benefits, Haruki is disappointed when he realizes that even Chizuru bows down to the dictatorship of Director Watanabe.  

A man who saved the hospital from the brink of bankruptcy, Director Watanabe's insistence that hospital gain overrides patient needs goes unchallenged... until Haruki shows up. However, as a newbie surgeon, Haruki's words are quickly ignored especially when even Chizuru is unwilling to go up against the director. 

Venting her frustration at Haruki when he confronts her about her willingness to follow Director Watanabe's decision to discharge one of her patient from the hospital prematurely, Chizuru yells "He is my very first patient (years ago when she started working at the hospital) but I can't make an exception for him and ignore all the other patients' needs" As an university hospital, there are long waiting lists of patients waiting for a hospital bed and after a near bankruptcy the doctors also can't deny the importance of making sure the hospital makes money. 
The show obviously focus on the love lives of doctors, so be warned that there are a lot of ... um... interesting relationships abound. 

For example, Dr. Ichikawa and Dr. Nishi seems to have a rather close relationship despite both of them being married and Dr. Ichikawa's continue effort to get pregnant with her husband. 

Dr. Takahashi is an even more interesting character. An attractive man who seems to be the crush of many women around him, Dr. Takahashi is not shy in spreading his charm around... despite the fact that the real person he actually likes is Chizuru. 
At first disappointed with Chizuru's action of allowing her patient to be discharged under Director Watanabe's order, Haruki soon realizes that Chizuru obviously cares deeply for her patient especially when the same elderly patient dies in the hospital a short time later and Chizuru is unable to hide her sorrow. 

Moved by the sight of a grieving Chizuru, Haruki wraps his arm around her. 

First Impression
Chizuru bandaging Haruki's hand after he saves her from a fall
Dang, the romance in this show sure moves really fast. Although that seems to be the trend in Japanese show lately. I used to complain that one would be lucky if the two leads in a Japanese drama would even confirm their relationship with a hug but now it seems like a norm to see characters jumping into bed within the first two episodes. 

Anyhow, while I would've prefer if Haruki's attraction to Chizuru wasn't so sudden, I do find the two leads' chemistry sizzling. The hospital portion of the show is not the most interesting to me since the struggle of balancing money and patient needs is a common theme in hospital dramas. However, I do like the twist that even good doctors like Chizru can't deny that without people like Director Watanabe there would be no hospital to treat the patients with. So it will be intriguing to see how an idealistic doctor like Haruki will balance his moral standing as a doctor and the realistic demands of operating a hospital. 

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  1. I really liked the first episode of the show, and i was also surprised that the romance was so fast but it made me interested enough to want to watch the next episode.