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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Falling For Innocence Episode 1-2 Summary & First Impression

Drama: Falling For Innocence (K-Drama)

Synopsis: A man bent on using the little time he has left to live to exact his revenge on his uncle that stole his father's company after his father's sudden death. However, our hero's life takes a drastic change after he receives a heart transplant from the heroine's fiancee and goes through a dramatic personality change.

Falling For Innocence Episode 1-2 Summary
Calm in the face of his doctor telling him that he only has a month left to live, Kang Min Ho (our hero) is even more determined to finish his revenge against his uncle.

Chairman Kang, who ruthlessly took over his brother's company (Hermia corporation) and pushed his sister-in-law (Min Ho's mother) to suicide 25 years ago, is rather surprised when his people inform him that his nephew is the one representing Gold, Inc a company attempting a forced a take over.

Famous for his ruthlessness and focus on making money, Min Ho arrives to announce that he is completely different than his father who was a well known philanthropist.
The head secretary to Chairman Kang, our heroine Kim Soon Jung is the embodiment of cool and precision at her job but becomes a smiling girl in love whenever she is with her fiancee, Ma Dong Wook.
Unmoved by Min Ho's arrival with his team of people, Soon Jung stops them from disrupting Chairman Kang's meeting. Despite Soon Jung's calm exterior, she obviously carries a sense of guilt towards Min Ho especially when he recognizes her as the daughter of the man who betrayed his father.
Still seething with anger towards all the employees who abandoned his father to save themselves, Min Ho threatens all the factory employees right in front of Soon Jung and her fiancee, Dong Wook. A policeman who is devoted to Soon Jung, Dong Wook beats Min Ho up right in the factory.

Sitting in the police station, Min Ho refuses to settle privately with Dong Wook but vows to sue him all the way. While Dong Wook just gives an uncaring smile at Min Ho's threats, Soon Jung comes to a private agreement with Min Ho to save her fiancee.
Tired both physically and mentally from dealing with Min Ho, Soon Jung takes comfort in Dong Wook's warm embrace.
After sending Dong Wook home, Soon Jung shows up at Min Ho's hotel to hear what his conditions are to let Dong Wook's matter drop. However, when Min Ho opens his hotel door, Soon Jung is shocked when he faints immediately in her arms.

Soon Jung rushes Min Ho to the hospital and waits there for a whole night.
The next morning, as his condition for settlement, Min Ho drags Soon Jung out for a makeover and takes her to the secret meeting place where Chairman Kang is meeting with his top executives. (Min Ho was trying to shake the executives' confidence by making Soon Jung seem like a mole.)

Proving himself to be a sly old fox, Chairman Kang not only did not blame Soon Jung for being used by Min Ho but just sends her out on a errand to deliver an "important" package to an investor. Naively, Soon Jung shows up at Min Ho's secret meeting place with Hermia executives and can only stare at Min Ho blankly when he yells "how do you know about here?"

Showing up right behind Soon Jung, Chairman Kang opens the package Soon Jung has in her hand to show the executives that it contains the medicinal herbs that his brother used to eat to help his heart problem. Stunned to hear from Chairman Kang that Min Ho only has a month left to live, the executives are quickly back on Chairman Kang's side.

Left alone with Min Ho in the hotel room, Soon Jung haltingly tries to explain to a furious Min Ho that she is not the one that told Chairman Kang about his condition.
Overwhelmed by his fury, Min Ho has no patience for Soon Jung's explanation. Yanking Soon Jung to him, Min Ho says through gritted teeth "What is this ugly fate between us? First your father betrayed my father, now is your turn?"

Soon Jung tries to explain again, but Min Ho just pushes Soon Jung away and screams "Leave! If you stay another second I might kill you!"
On shaking legs, Soon Jung starts to make her way towards the door but freezes when she hears a loud crushing sound behind her. Whipping around, Soon Jung finds Min Ho has passed out right on top of a broken table and shuttered glasses.
While Soon Jung is sitting in an ambulance rushing Min Ho to the hospital, Dong Wook is also at the death's door.

After finding out about the bad history between Min Ho and Soon Jung, Dong Wook is determined to find evidence to bring Min Ho down. However, as Dong Wook is digging around the crisis that has thrown Hermia (Chairman Kang's company) into chaos, he is stunned to find out that his best friend Joon Hee who works for Chairman Kang is actually the one that orchestrated the whole thing.

Dong Wook confronts Joon Hee who begs him to just ignore the truth for this one time. Citing all the various dirty deeds he had to do for Chairman Kang, Joon Hee promises Dong Wook that he will make sure Soon Jung and Dong Wook's dad is not hurt. (Dong Wook's dad works in Hermia's factory).

Dismayed by his friend's excuses, Dong Wook vows to reveal the truth the next morning and tells Joon Hee to turn himself in to the police.
Walking on the quiet street by himself, Dong Wook turns in time to see car headlights racing towards him. Covered in blood, Dong Wook can only think "I have to go to Soon Jung. My Soon Jung is waiting for me."
In a festive mood, Min Ho's assistant and physician can't stop talking about his unbelievable good luck to find a heart donor in the nick of time and the stunning fact that the donor's heart was actually a good match to him.

Blinking his eyes, Min Ho stops the physician from leaving and says "Ajusshi, thank you." Surprise to hear words of thanks from him, Min Ho's doctor and assistant are both stunned into silence.  
Sitting on his wheel chair while his assistant is off taking a phone call, Min Ho catches a ball for a little girl who sweetly asks him for the ball back.
Holding out his finger, Min Ho taps the little girl's nose three times. In case you missed the significance of that, the director is kind enough to remind us with a flash back of Dong Wook doing the same thing to Soon Jung.
Judging by the bright smiling face that Min Ho shows to the little girl, he has already undergone a drastic personality change after receiving Dong Wook's heart.

 First Impression

I was super excited to watch this show since it has Jung Kyung Ho and Kim So Yeon in it. The first two episodes didn't disappoint even though it was fairly predictable as set up episodes go. 

My personal guess is that Joon Hee (Dong Wook's friend) probably wasn't the one that killed him. (Besides, Joon Hee has a crush on Soon Jung so he probably would think of how hurt she would be if Dong Wook died.) There was a brief shot of a shadow standing outside of the window while Dong Wook was talking to Joon Hee so I am taking a wild guess that it was probably Dong Wook's dad who was willing to kill in order to protect his son. 

I was glad to see that there was some fairly obvious chemistry between our two leads. Especially the fact that Min Ho obviously treats Soon Jung differently even before he had Dong Wook's heart. The question that always hangs over these kinda of cell memory story plot is "Is the hero/heroine only feels the way he/she does due to the cell memory?" While Min Ho and Soon Jung didn't have any hint of romance going at all before the heart transplant but Soon Jung was already someone that seems special to him.

  As much as I love Jung Kyung Ho though, my heart does break at this scene when Soon Jung finds out the tragic news about Dong Wook. Soon Jung and Dong Wook was truly cute together. In the short two episodes, the writer did an awesome job at showing the great life Soon Jung and Dong Wook could've had. 

It was poignant moment when the scene shows Dong Wook's bloodied face laying on the hospital bed with all the equipment beeping, his last thought were "I love you, Soon Jung... and I am sorry." The apology summed up all the might have been and could have been for the great love that was between this couple. 

In a way, the strong lingering thoughts from Dong Wook before he died does make the whole cell memory story plot a bit easier for me to accept. I usually take cell memory as a writer's tool, but since the writer was so successful at making me as a viewer empathize with the strong regret and devotion Dong Wook had towards Soon Jung, I could believe that his emotion was carried on by his heart. That said, I am hoping the writer won't wipe Min Ho's personality out though, because pre-heart transplant Min Ho was also a really intriguing character. 


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