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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Flowers for Algernon (J-Drama) First Impression

Drama: Flowers for Algernon

Synopsis: Based on a novel of the same name, the story follows the journey of a mentally disabled young man who becomes a genius when he undergoes an experimental surgery.

Flowers for Algernon Episode 1 Brief Summary
Sakito Shiratori, a young man who only has the mental capacity of a young child, works at a flower delivery company that also house problem young men. 

Craved into his memory of his mother saying "I don't like stupid children", Sakito has make it his life goal to become smart despite his obvious difficulty in achieving his goal. 
Not suspecting at all of the "friendship" his co-workers offer him, Sakito has no idea that the boys often see him just as an easy entertainment. 

While studying his alphabets one night, Sakito smiles in happiness when he is paid a visit by a white rat. An escape lab rat from a brain research center, the rat is so smart that he even tells Sakito his name by spelling out "Algernon" using Sakito's alphabet cards. 

Mean while, Dr. Hachiska who is the head of the brain research center is furious over the loss of Algernon especially when he realizes it was his assistant Haruka who allowed the rat to escape. 
Deep in love with Dr. Hachiska, Haruka tracks Sakito down and begs him to give Algernon back to her. At first unwilling to interact with Haruka, Sakito finally softens when Haruka starts to cry over her fear of being sent away from Dr. Hachiska's side. 

Watching the kneeling Haruka closely in front of him, Sakito asks "Did you abandon Algernon because he wasn't smart?" Doesn't that just break your heart?!

After hearing Haruka's earnest denial that she didn't abandon Algernon, Sakito gives Algernon back to her. 

First Impression
Boy, what a different role for Tomohisa Yamashita, but I think it will be a good opportunity to expend his acting skill. 

The first episode was surprisingly kinda slow at first, but it did pick up at the end and left me teary eyed. POSSIBLE ENDING SPOILER COMING!!!!  
I didn't cover the story line between these two guys and Sakito but I do really like how the bromance is going. Ryuichi (the one on the right) is one of the Sakito's co-worker who has no qualms of taking advantage of Sakito for his own benefit and entertainment.  However, when a young man name Kosuke joins the flower delivery company and stands up for Sakito against Ryuichi, Ryuichi surprisingly starts to change his attitude towards Sakito.

Spoilers from now on:

Judging from episode one, I think this will probably be a well made show... but seeing how the book ends I don't think I will be putting this drama on my watch list. You guys know how wimpy I am when it comes to sad endings. 

In the book, Sakito does end up becoming a genius which will allow him to finally understand the treatments he used to get from other people, but his high IQ will also become a barrier between him and other people. Unfortunately, Sakito's high IQ is only temporary and soon Sakito's mental capacity slowly deteriorates and he is soon right back to where he started. However, despite losing his high IQ, Sakito still retains his memory of being a genius once and can't stand the pitying glance from those around him. Asking a friend to remember to put flower on Algernon's grave (SOB!), Sakito decides to leave and start fresh somewhere new. 


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