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Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #22

1:44 PM Posted by ninja 4 comments
 Angry Mom (K-Drama)

One of my favorite right now. Be prepared to have your heart put through the wringer at some parts as this show deals with some very serious school and societal issues but there are also plenty of funny parts as well. 
 The Girl Who Sees Smells (K-Drama)
I was pretty excited for this one and judging by the first two episode this one looks quite promising. 
First ImpressionHERE
Murphy's Law of Love (T-Drama)
In mood for something fluffy? This might be the one for you. 
First ImpressionHERE

 Housemaids (K-Drama/ Finished) 
I haven't watched this one yet, but Mama Ninja loves this one and stayed up at nights to watch it... and that says a lot for her. 
 Dr. Ian (K-Web Drama)
Guess web drama is all the rage lately. A story between a psychologist and his patient who both suffered from a broken heart... hey, that sounds really familiar. I don't think split personalities are in this one though. 
 Missing Noir M (K-Drama)

A criminal investigation show that I am tempted to watch but is too chicken to. Doesn't the poster just makes the show seem prime candidate for having an epic tragic ending?  I am probably just scaring myself. Anyone else check this one out yet?
 Love Through a Millennium (C-Drama/ Remake of Queen In Hyun's Man)

I picked this show back up this week and just finished episode 15. Since this show still has 9 episodes to go I am starting to worry that the Chinese brand of dragging the plot out is going to set in soon. This show for some reason makes me want to rewatch Queen In Hyun's Man really badly. Not that Love Through a Millennium is not a good remake (it is actually surprisingly good) but it just for some reason makes me miss Ji Hyun Woo's portrayal of the hero a lot. 
The Wife's Lies (C-Drama)

For some reason I am thinking about checking this Chinese remake of Seo Young, My Daughter (K-Drama 2013) out which is rather weird since I only made it for about 10 episodes when Seo Young, My Daughter was airing. 

Ninja's Watch List This Week
1. Angry Mom

2. Blood
3. The Four (C-Drama)
4. Cruel Romance (C-Drama)
5. Someone Like You (T-Drama)  


  1. I actually really enjoy watching My Daughter, Seo Young. I am glad I started watching when all the eps are uploaded on KBS youtube channel. I was hooked since ep 1. I like all the casts acting and the story is quite fast paced in the beginning and elaborated more in the middle and the ending is satisfying as well since this is just a family drama. I don't think I will check out C remake, bcoz Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon portrayal of the characters are really excellent in my opinion. I saw the trailer but I am not really liking both leads acting. One of my favorite family dramas, I am surprised you dropped it at ep 10.

  2. Im kinda expected you would watch house of blue bird and recaping it. That drama looks promising

    1. I did just write a second impression on Blue Bird just this week, but not recapping it episode by episode though.

  3. Oh, really? Too bad though, maybe you can start recaping it after it went to 20 episodes and above. I really appreciate it if you do. Your recaps are amazing.