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Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #23

11:55 AM Posted by ninja 3 comments
 Falling for Innocence (K-Drama/ New)

Synopsis: A ruthless businessman undergoes a dramatic change when he receives a heart transplant and is influenced by the donor's warm personality.

Still a bit too early to tell, but I am hopeful about this one!

First Impression: HERE

Kokoro ga Pokitto ne (J-Drama/ New)

Synopsis: The story follows a 40 year old man who loses everything after developing a mental illness. Things starts to look up for our lead when he is hired as a furniture repairman by his ex-wife's boyfriend and he starts to fall in love with a girl who is obsessed with his boss (the ex's boyfriend). 

The Japanese drama land is sure filled with strange heroes and heroines. I am interested in this one because it has Fujiki Naohito (loved him since Hotaru no Hikari) but why is he the second male lead again?! 

 Let's Eat 2 (K-Dama/ New)

Warning: Make sure you eat before you watch this one.

First Impression: HERE
 Long Day's Journey Into the Light (T-Drama/ Relatively New)

Synopsis: The story follows a bunch of rookies as they learn the trade of being funeral service specialists.

The show deals with the issue of death with humor and warmth. Plus it was really interesting to see how they do funeral services in Taiwan.
ps. This show is on youtube but I don't believe it has subs.

First Impression: HERE

Ninja's Watch List This Week
1. Angry Mom 
2. Falling for Innocence
3. Girl Who Sees Smells
4. The Four (C-Drama)
5. Through the Lush (K-Daily)


  1. Sorry for being away since the last two weeks! Exams seriously took away a good chunk of my time... Thanks for accepting my request to consider the drama "Blood". i dont remember whether i got a chance to say that before :) Well, right now i'm watching Angry Mom and i really like it a LOT! it reminds me a wee bit of my own school days, though i wasn't a bully or was bullied. i was more or less a bystander to passive-aggressive bullying of others. and sometimes i do feel regret that i should have done something!

    1. I should thank you for getting me to check Blood out again. I am not recapping it exactly but I am glad you convinced me to give it a second chance.
      Funny thing about you saying Angry Mom reminding you about school days because after watching episode 4 I remember thinking "Isn't the writer going a bit over the top?" But I guess it really was that bad at some places. The only bullying I ever experience was when I refused to let a girl copy my homework answers and she got the rest of the class to "freeze" me out so to speak. However, since I spent most of my time buried in books (novels, sadly not text books) it took me a long time to even notice anything was different. The hilarious thing is that I think there were kids who later wanted to be my friends because I didn't care about being an outcast... little did they know I just didn't notice. Boy, that made me sound weird...

  2. well, i actually said that the drama reminded me a "wee" bit (little bit) of my own school days. though not anymore! i watched the first two episodes of angry mom, and thought that it's engaging. but then, thanks to my exams, i had to skip out of the whole dramaworld for a solid three weeks. you see, board exams are a pretty important milestone in my life, and getting a 10 GPA is kinda a compulsion if i want to make it big someday! then after i tuned back to angry mom, i was incredibly disappointed because of the overaction going on.
    the funniest thing is that, i accidentally introduced myself to the Krama world when i'd returned home after writing a tiring math exam. it being a weekday, i was flipping channels and there was nothing interesting up. and then i found this channel which i thought was really "funny". The Princess's Man was my first KDrama, and call it coincidence or whatever, i had watched the channel KBS World on for the first time when the episode in which Seryeong and Kim Seung Yoo share their first kiss. i'd thought the whole thing was funny because of their peek-a-boo pre-kiss, but then i ended up falling hard in love for the drama...and then there's no turning back!
    Honestly, I find Indian dramas tiring, thanks to Ekta Kapoor ma's recycled and reused soap operas! But i found korean dramas refreshing! there was a time when i thought that i should only study and there's nothing more important than books and #1 rank. but the dramas convinced me that i ought to have fun too. apart from korean dramas, i'm a hardcore American show fan! i love House, Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met you mother, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones etc.
    By the way, which country are you from? (Well, actually that's a moot question, coz when it comes to dramas, there are no borders for fangirls or fanboys! But still!)