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Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #24

11:00 PM Posted by ninja 7 comments
Renai Jidai (J-Drama/New)

A story based on a Japanese novel by the same name. This is the same story that Alone In Love (K-drama, 2006) was based on.

Synopsis: Unable to stop spending time together despite having been divorced for over two years, a divorced couple decides to do the crazy thing and find a mate for the other person.

First Impression: HERE

Falling For Innocence (K-Drama)

I am following this one pretty faithfully. However, I am starting to have conflicting emotions since I am also watching "Someone Like You" (T-Drama). In Falling for Innocence, the hero is the one who is having cell memory from his donor and he is the one we are cheering for... but in Someone Like You the one who has the cell memory is the 2nd female lead who I cringe whenever she shows up. So all these switching around of who to cheer for is totally making me confused! 

Doctor Affairs (J-Drama)

First Impression: HERE

The first episode of this Japanese drama on the romances between a hospital's doctors was fairly promising. I am going to need at least another episode though before I can figure out if this one will keep my attention. 
Flowers for Algernon (J-Drama)

Synopsis: Based on a novel of the same name, the story follows the journey of a mentally disabled young man who becomes a genius when he undergoes an experimental surgery.

Falling Down (C-Web Drama) 

A story about a group of people who has supernatural powers. This story started off really engaging but as the story slows down so is my attention starting to disappear. However, for those who are into the supernatural stuff, don't let my words scare you and check it out because the plot is quite interesting. 
Angry Mom (K-Drama)
After this week's episodes (Ep 9-10) I am making this my crack drama right now! If you are still trapped in the beginning episodes then don't give up. It gets better... a whole lot better. 

 I'm Home (J-Drama/New)

I feel obligated to check out Kimura's new show but doesn't the poster just spook you out? 
Hwajung (K-Drama)

Cha Seung Won!!! Why do you have to be in such a depressing looking show? I am sure this is a great show and all, but doesn't it have EPIC written all over it? I love Cha Seung Won in romantic comedies but I guess no such luck this time. 

Ninja's Watch List This Week
1. Angry Mom
2. Girl Who Can See Smells
3. Blood (I am so behind on this one, but I am going to try to catch up this weekend)
4. Falling For Innocence 
5. Be With You (New T-Drama I wanted to check out) 


  1. God! I hated the ending of Blood! I hated it from the Pericardial Membrane of my heart! Every single artery and vein of mine is pulsing with disgust and disappointment right now! I'm so sorry for having EVER recommended you to rewatch that drama, coz it sucked (no, it f****d) in the ending! As the drama progressed, I started feeling uncomfortable with the acting. And after the abysmal ending, I've decided to erase that s**t of a drama from my mind! I apologize once again for asking you to recap the drama!
    P.S. Pardon me for the cusses in the middle. The ending really hurt me a lot for having ever stuck to the drama!

    1. Well... there goes my plan to catch up on Blood. I was really hoping that it would keep going well since the plot did pick up by the mid point but judging for your comment it went down hill again. :-(

    2. You've got no idea how much the ending messed up. The acting was also crappy and Gu Hyesun (who was one of the reasons why I clung to this drama because I really liked her in Angel Eyes) was also very loud and her acting seemed off-kilter. The last scene nearly gave me a coronary because of the absurd writing. We're left off with a BIG question marks on our faces whether the hero is alive or not. if he's alive, then how did he not die when he was exposed to the sun? -_- Was it all just a big fakeout?!
      Trust me, you'll be saving precious 60 minutes of your life by not watching that drama!

  2. Hey! If you dont mind, could you really recommend some awesome Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese dramas to watch? The thing is that, I have exactly two months before my college prep starts, which lasts for two years. And I REALLY have to concentrate for the next two years, and that means no internet or T.V for the next two years. So I wanna watch the best of what the dramaworld offers. And yeah, please do provide links as to where I can find the recaps of these dramas!
    P.S. I mostly prefer dramas set in school or college life. But other genres (if they're really worth watching) are also alright! I'm counting on you for advise! :) Thank you in advance!

    1. I am going to have to think about this one. For some reason the only thing that is coming to mind are the classic like Hana Yori Dango and It Started with a Kiss (T). Both of those has remakes across J, T, and C drama land so you really can take your pick. Why don't you name a few of your favorites first and I and/or other people can help you brain storm?

  3. I've already watched Boys Over Flowers, and read the manga of Hana Yori Dango. But I'll surely try the Japanese version. However, I'm not too keen on watching It Started With a Kiss, because I was sort of disappointed with the K Version Playful Kiss. I wouldn't mind a good rom-com or maybe a cross-dressing drama either! Historical is also alright. I wouldn't mind the Chaebol-falls-in-love-with-a-poor-woman plot either. But I'm more into Dramas set in school or college where the focus is on things like bromance, friendship and love (because such kind of emotions really appeal to me). Other manga adaptations are also alright. yeah, I'm okay with the idol-boy kind of dramas (or should i say flower boys?) where the protagonist belongs to a musical band and stuff like that!
    As long as the drama has substance and is addicting and juicy, I've got no problems at all!
    P.S. Please provide the links to where I can find the recaps to the dramas you suggest, because reading recaps AND watching a drama really enhances the experience of Drama Viewing.

    1. I have a few ideas so I decided to just put it together as a post on Saturday so look for it soon. BTW, I am not going to be much of help on the recap links. I don't think I have personally written recaps that fit your request (school romance) so I would just be googling for recaps with the shows name which you probably would be better at it than I am since I usually read forums more than recaps.