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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm Home (J-Drama) Episode 1 First Impression

Drama: I'm Home (アイムホーム) J-Drama

Synopsis: Due to a work accident a man is left without memories of the last five years. Still remembering his ex-wife and their daughter as his real family, Hisashi Ieji goes home everyday to his new wife and son with no recollection of them. In fact, try as he might Hisashi can't see past the smiling white masks his wife and son seem to have on whenever he looks at them.

Episode One Summary
Once the ace of the security company he works at, Hisashi Ieji's life undergoes a drastic change after a work accident. Only able to remember pieces of his past, Hisashi's personality also changed from the workaholic man he once was to one who lovingly cooks for his family.
Pictures of Hisashi's ex-wife and daughter
Scrap book of his new family
Unfortunately for Hisashi's new found resolve to be a good husband and father, Hisashi's can't seem to remember anything of his wife (Megumi) and son (Yoshio). Instead, Hisashi only remembers his ex-wife and daughter, who is rather taken back to find Hisashi at their house cooking dinner. Apologizing to his ex-wife sheepishly, Hisashi rushes back to his "real family." Hisashi got into his ex's house with one of his ten keys he mysteriously posses. Hisashi does give the key back to his ex-wife so he now has 9 keys. 

Back at home, Hisashi looks at his family that he has no memory of and can't figure out why Megumi and Yoshio's faces are covered with white masks when he looks at them. Trying to remember his past with his family, Hisashi takes out the scrap books his wife has put together but even in the photos, Megumi and Yoshio's face are covered.
Wanting to be a good father even though he doesn't even know what Yoshio looks like, Hisashi takes his son to the amusement park for his birthday. However, at the amusement park Hisashi had to leave Yoshio alone when he catches sight of his daughter being taken away by strange man. 

Thanks to the police showing up while Hisashi is begging a bunch of gangsters to let his daughter go, Sabaru (Hisashi's daughter) suffered no harm. Despite being resentful of her father who abandoned her and her mother, Sabaru is nonetheless moved as she listens to Hisashi as he tells the gangsters precious memories he has of Sabaru. 

After settling Sabaru's near crisis, Hisashi finally remembers his son still waiting back for him at the amusement park. Not finding Sabaru at the same place he left him, Hisashi stops an amusement staff but find himself in the awkward situation of unable to describe what Yoshio looks like. Fortunately, Yoshio has only been taken to the park's office and Megumi is already there with him. 
Patient thus far with Hisashi's odd behaviors and the way Hisashi is uncomfortable around her, Megumi's insecurities finally come pouring out when she sees pictures of Hisashi's with his other family. 
Confronting Hisashi, Megumi angrily asks "Have you ever loved me?" 
Surprised by Megumi's question, Hisashi looks at Megumi's smiling mask and tries to assure her of his love but even he himself doesn't seem too convinced. 
This was a very poignant moment when it is obvious Megumi is very upset judging by her voice, but blocked by the white mask, Hisashi had no way figuring out her expression. Come to think of it, Hisashi also has no clue what Megumi looks like, so he is in reality trying to convince himself that he loves these two masked people. 
On top of the trouble at home, things are also going quite terribly at work for Hisashi. Banished from his position at the very top of the company, Hisashi is sent to the lowest floor to work with the famous outcast department. Just when all of Hisashi's ex-coworkers think she is done for, Hisashi's outcast department all the sudden receives one of the most sought after contract... thanks to one of Hisashi's past connection. 

Watching Hisashi shaking hands with one of his grateful co-workers who can finally walk around with his head held high, another one of Hisashi's co-worker tells her mysterious caller "I am watching him every moment." 

First Impression

So confused! But so intrigued! I was guessing at first maybe Megumi and Yoshio are not really Hisashi's family, but after Megumi's outburst I am not so sure. What's for sure is that there are certainly mysteries all around. Like why does Hisashi has 10 keys? We know two of them are his ex-wife's house and his own home ... so does he have 8 other families? That seems unlikely, so what are they for? Also, what is the reason for Hisashi's company to be so weary of him? 

 If you are the type that likes mysteries then this one certainly seems to fit the bill. There is also some surprising moments of humor that breaks up the tension from time to time. My favorite moment in this episode is when Megumi puts a face mask on her face and under his breath Hisashi mutters "Is there any point to that?"  Megumi turns around and we see that from Hisashi's eyes, Megumi's facial mask is right on top of her white mask. By the way, any one else totally spooked out by the masks? I am. 


  1. Interesting!!! And yes the masks freak me out too.

  2. I watched lots of Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese dramas but I can never get used to watching J-doramas. I guess I will just stick to those three. The only J-movie I like is Death Note.

    1. J drama is kinda of a different kind of breed compare to the other three but they are rather good at doing the warm and fuzzy when they want to.