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Saturday, April 18, 2015

In Still Green Days (K-Daily) Episode 16-30 Second Impression

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A quick brief summary of where we are up to episode 30

Where we left at episode 15. Working as a maid at the hero's (Seo In Ho) home to support her family because she feels guilty for the fact her mistress mother stole all of her father's fortune and indirectly caused his death, our heroine, Lee Yeong Hee think it is only natural for her to be the one supporting her family. Mistress Jang who is now married to the president of a cosmetic company is on pins and needles once she discovers that the child she abandoned is working in none other than the vice president's house. Afraid all her lies will be exposed, Mistress Jang tries to fan Madam Seo's (In Ho's mom) suspicion that Yeong Hee is seducing her son.

Already suspicious, Mistress Jang's dislike of Yeong Hee becomes full on hatred when it becomes evident that her son, In Ho really does like Yeong Hee. Thanks to a plan suggested by Mistress Jang, Madam Seo falsely accuses Yeong Hee of stealing while In Ho is away from home and fires her.

Furious to find out that his mother has kicked Yeong Hee out by falsely accusing her of stealing, In Ho starts to show up faithfully at Yeong Hee's new work place. Working as a bus attendant now, Yeong Hee is firm in her refusal to have anything to do with In Ho, but that doesn't stop Madam Seo from showing up and accusing her again of seducing her son.
Frustrated with his mom's attitude, In Ho starts to contemplate about confessing his feelings to Yeong Hee and running away with her. Unfortunately for In Ho, Mistress Jang gets wind of his intentions and persuades Madam Seo to enroll her son into the army early.

We go to a time jump until shortly before In Ho gets discharged from the army. During a short break home from the army, In Ho runs into Yeong Hee at the bookstore but only acts politely without giving any indication that he harbors any feelings for her. Believing it is all for the best, Yeong Hee assures Dong Su (her oppa from her home town) that she is not hurt by the way In Ho acted.

While Madam Seo is jumping with joy to hear that her son is finally over Yeong Hee, but in a conversation between In Ho and his friend (actually Mistress Jang's step son), we find out the real reason why In Ho is acting so coldly to Yeong Hee. Knowing what trouble his mother could bring to Yeong Hee, In Ho is determined to not approach Yeong Hee (despite missing Yeong Hee like crazy) until after he is discharged from the army and can become independent from his family. True to his words, once In Ho is discharged, instead of going back to his rich chaebol life style he starts working manual labor to start making money.

In the mean time, while In Ho is working hard to one day earn the right to confess to her, Yeong Hee's life is being turned up side down when she runs into Mistress Jang by chance and unceremoniously Mistress Jang tells Yeong Hee that she is not her mother. When Yeong Hee refuses to believe Mistress Jang's words, Mistress Jang goes on to cite nursemaid An as a witness to her crime. Rushing home in a daze, Yeong Hee tries to find nursemaid An who just happens to be their landlady. Mrs. An (the nursemaid) chose the worst moment to be away on a trip and soon everything Mistress Jang told Yeong Hee comes pouring out of her. Once the shocking news comes out, every member of Yeong Hee's family is overwhelmed by shame and self blame for how awful they have been treating Yeong Hee all these years. When the tears finally stopped flowing, Yeong Hee is overjoyed to gain a loving mother and a family that she has only dreamed of since childhood.

Ready for the BIG twist that is just so sad?! When Mrs. An comes home to find out Yeong Hee's new status as Madam Lee's oldest daughter, she simply can't bring herself to utter the truth. Face with accusing screams from her former employers, Mrs. An can only sob and beg for forgiveness for not telling them the truth about Mistress Jang's crime. However, the one thing Mrs. An didn't add is that while Mistress Jang was away, Mrs. An personally switched the baby back. SOOOO... this mean Yeong Hee's mom really is Mistress Jang and the girl that Mistress Jang believe whole heartily to be hers... in actually Madam Lee's.

At the end of episode 30, we find Yeong Hee fired from her bus attendant job because she started a protest to bring justice to a co-worker's death. Only finding out about Yeong Hee's trouble via an old newspaper, In Ho runs to the bus company only to find everyone that is close to Yeong Hee has been fired and is no where to be found.

Second Impression
Yeong Hee, after finding out the "truth" from Mistress Jang
This really is a well made show... kinda draggy though but it still keeps me watching episode after episode. The one thing I have been impressed by this show is the depth of the characters. Almost all the characters has motivations and back stories that makes me as viewer connect with them. The writer has done such a good job in showing the desires and fears of this show's characters that the plot just flows and it makes total sense why different characters would choose to act a certain way.

Can I just take a moment and say how awesome is it that we finally have a hero (In Ho) who is mature enough to change himself and his circumstance first before he goes confessing to the heroine and say the dumb line "trust me and just follow me from now on." Instead of foolishly thinking "Oh, I can convince my family to accept her," In Ho realizes that to protect Yeong Hee he first needs to stop being the rich mama's boy. Of course having said that, In Ho is kinda lost now that Yeong Hee is no where to be found. But hey, this is k-drama land, so I am sure our two leads will meet again soon.

So anyone saw the big twist coming before it was revealed? I didn't. It totally surprised me that Yeong Hee is actually Mistress Jang's daughter after all. While it is the best kind of justice to Mistress Jan since it will surly be terrible for her once she realizes the girl she has abused and abandoned is actually her very own daughter I can't but shudder for how sad it would be for Yeong Hee.

All in all, as a daily In Still Green Days looks very promising and I am certainly planning to keep following it.


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