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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Let's Eat 2 Episode 1-2 Summary & First Impression

Drama: Let's Eat 2 (K-Drama)

Synopsis: The second season to Let's Eat (2013). A foodie finally meets his match when he moves right next door to a writer who loves food but has to restrain herself from the joy of eating. For those who has watched the first season, the set up of where a bunch of characters sharing outrageously delicious looking food is carried on in this season.

Let's Eat 2 Episode 1 & 2 Summary

On a boat in the middle of the ocean a man slowly sharpens his knifes and walks towards a boatman who has been yelling at his crew. The horror movie opening is all the sudden interrupted when a man (our hero, Koo Dae Young) pipes up to urge the knife holding man to quickly cut up the squid so he could enjoy a delicious squid sashimi. 

A foodie and a blogger who goes to great length to enjoy food, Dae Young is an insurance salesman by day and a foodie all the time. 
Dae Young moves back to his home town with an extensive plan to set a record again as the insurance king of his company. Showing his friendly but street smart side, Dae Young tries to get the realtor, Mrs. Kim to lower the monthly rent but after refusing to budge at all it turns out Mrs. Kim is actually the landlord. 
In an apartment that only has two other tenants, Dae Young quickly use his smooth talking and wins the prickly grandma (Grandma Lee) over, but for some reason, the recluse female writer (Baek Soo Ji) is not charmed at all by Dae Young. 
In fact more than just not charmed, Soo Jin goes out of her way to cause trouble for Dae Young by finding little things to complains about him. 
Despite Soo Ji's frozen expression every time she meets Dae Young, we quickly find out that Soo Ji's passion for food is so great that with one casual whiff of the air she can figure out what food various households are cooking. 
As a contracted writer for an government agency, Soo Jin harbors a crush on Lee Sang Woo who she works with. 
Unfortunately, it is obvious that Sang Woo has no interest in Soo Ji at all since he can never remember her name and any details concerning her. Soo Ji's other co-worker, Hong In A has a good laugh every time Sang Woo calls Soo Ji by the wrong name or keeps assuming she is not from the area when she has repeatedly told him that this is her home town. 
Dae Young finds out by accident that Soo Ji works in a government agency and vamps up his effort to get to know her (so he can sell insurance to them). Agreeing to show up for a dinner that includes Grandma Lee and the landlord, Soo Ji takes over the ordering and proceeds to order a humongous amount of food in the fine dinning Chinese restaurant. 

Once the dishes start to show up, it is soon apparent Soo Ji and Dae Young both know a lot about food but has completely opposite view on how different food show be eaten. (ie. Dae Young thinks the proper way to eat sweet and sour pork is to pour on the sauce, while Soo Ji insists that you should dip the meat in to the sauce one at a time so the meat will stay crunchy.)  

When everyone had their fill and was ready to leave, Soo Ji stuns everyone by ordering one more cold dish to "cleanse the pallet". 
Quite fearful of the final bill, Dae Young hesitantly asks for the bill amount while Soo Ji smirks from the side. To everyone's shock and Soo Ji's dismay, the restaurant employee informs Dae Young that thanks to them being the 100th customer their meal is free. 
Already fuming that Dae Young got off from paying at the Chinese restaurant, Soo Ji's anger finally bursts when Dae Young causally offers to buy her some daboki. Grabbing Dae Young, Soo Ji demands "You knew who I was already right?" 

When Dae Young replies that he really has no clue who Soo Ji is, the reason for Soo Ji's grudge comes pouring out of her. 

Turns out when Soo Ji was little she was the biggest girl in her elementary school. Used to all the jeering from the other kids, the newly transferred student, Dae Young was like a ray of hope in her life when little Dae Young stood up for her and befriends her. Ecstatic to have a friend, Soo Ji shows up at Dae Young's family daboki store frequently to consume large amount of daboki. 

When little Soo Ji receives news that Dae Young is transferring to another school she was devastated and writes a love note to him. 
Little Soo Ji goes to Dae Young's family eatery to give him the note only to overhear Dae Young promising his mom that even if he transfers school he will still befriend the biggest kids at that school so they will come to their daboki store. 

Looking at Soo Ji a bit sheepishly, Dae Young weakly says "Well, at least it helped you lose weight?" Glaring at Dae Young, Soo Ji yells "Because of you I can't even look at daboki without wanting to puke. After that I was too hurt and scared of people to go out so I locked myself in my room. I ate away my depression and my weight ballooned up. You destroyed my tens and twenties." 

Kicking Dae Young in the shins, Soo Ji vows she will exact her revenge now that Dae Young is her neighbor. 
The next morning, Soo Ji wakes up to the horrific sight on the increased number on her scale. A brief image of her overweight self shocks Soo Ji even more and she promises to a picture of Sang Woo (her crush at work) taped on her fridge that she will only eat a meal a day from now on to lose weight.
Despite Dae Young's repeated joking pleas that she forgives him, Soo Ji is still set on to sabotage and tells Grandma Lee that Dae Young is only being nice to her in order to get an insurance sale. 

Suspicious after hearing Soo Ji's words, Grandma Lee's attitude towards Dae Young undergoes a change. Sensing the changes in Grandma Lee, Dae Young asks her straight out if he has done something wrong. Not beating around the bush, Grandma Lee admits what she heard from Soo Ji and tells Dae Young that she will never buy insurance from him. 

Surprisingly, while Grandma Lee refuses to buy insurance for herself she goes on to tell Dae Young that there is nothing wrong with a young man working hard at his job and introduces him to all her dancing friends. 

Grandma Lee "Come and dance with the grandmas." 
Shaking his head, Dae Young replies "There is no grandma in Korea, there is only noona!" 
Extending his hand, Dae Young invites "Shall we dance!" 
What follows is Dae Young being mobbed with a bunch of ... noonas. 
Unable to get out of treating his friend, Im Taek Soo to a meal, Dae Young is horrified when a very drunk Taek Soo pees in front of Soo Ji's house. This story line is minor but I put it in because Taek Soo is going to be one of the regular food eating companions. 
Dae Young organizes a class reunion (to sell his insurance) and invites Soo Ji. Scoffing at Dae Young's invitation, Soo Ji tells him that she has no desire to see any of the people that tormented her. 

Sitting with his classmates, Dae Young listens as they recounts how they used to pick on Soo Ji and gives Dae Young a even greater pause when he hears that Soo Ji was once rumored to have attempted suicide. 
Perhaps finally understanding how hurt Soo Ji was by his actions and those around him, Dae Young hurries to Soo Ji's side when he sees her running on a school field. Dae Young asks Soo Ji why she is so intend on marrying Sang Woo, a man she doesn't seem to know a whole lot about. Soo Ji replies that it doesn't matter how everyone laughs but marrying a man with a good future is all that has left to lift her out of her depressing existence. Soo Ji goes on to tell Dae Young that while he assumed that she has the newspaper delivered to the house for reading but in a reality those newspaper are there so that if one day they pile up someone would know something has happened to her. 

After a brief thoughtful pause when Soo Ji finishes, Dae Young stops her from leaving and tells her "I'll do it! I will help you marry Lee Sang Woo, but instead you have to introduce me to your co-workers." Smiling, Soo Ji shakes Dae Young's hand as a prof of their agreement. 
Happy to have ran off some of the calories from her run, Soo Ji takes out her key to go into her house but is spooked when the lights goes off and turns back on. Hurrying into her house, Soo Ji chides herself that she is only jumpy because she lives by herself which firms her resolve to get married soon. Still unsettled, Soo Ji looks out through her door's peephole and is comforted when she can see nothing but darkness. 
The camera pulls out of Soo Ji's house and we see a mysterious hooded man standing right outside of her door with his finger on the peephole.

First Impression 

Oh, My... the images of the food is just killing me. I made the mistake of watching episode 1 & 2 when I haven't had my meals yet and it was literally hard to watch the whole thing... in fact I think I gave up during episode 2 to go get some lunch first. Of course, the problem is after watching pictures like these: 
I just have to wallow in self pity when I look at my own lunch.

Having never watched Let's Eat (it fell in the I was planning to watch it but never got around to it for some reason) I can't compare Let's Eat 2 to season 1 but so far I am liking the story plot even if the way they keep ending the episodes in a horror story mood kinda throws me off. 

I love the fact that Soo Ji's character is set up as one who loves food but has to deny herself the one bliss she craves because they directly leads to her biggest sorrow - being over weight. Soo Ji's struggle of course is one that most of us (other than those lucky few who just "can't get fat") can connect with so right away I am invested in her character. 

Lee Sang Woo's character is also an intriguing one to me. It is easy to see that Soo Ji's crush on Sang Woo is exactly that, a crush since she knows so pitifully little of him. In fact, we are already told that Sang Woo finds eating food troublesome and wishes that he could take care of his food needs via a pill. I love Soo Ji's immediate reaction is horror because that would be robbing her one of the greatest joy in life. If there is one common ground between Sang Woo and Soo Ji though is that they are both lonely people. Living in a luxurious apartment, Sang Woo comes home to greet his iRobot vacuum (those round things that vacuums the house on their own) and immediately turns on the tv because he can't stand the overwhelming silence in his house.  

Overall, a good start on this show and even if one doesn't watch it for the plot the food images is worth it. 


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