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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Long Day's Journey Into the Light Episode 1-2 First Impression

Drama: Long Day's Journey Into the Light (T-Drama)

Synopsis: In Taiwan, on average, someone leave this world every four minutes. The story follows a group of funeral home rookies who has to over come their own fears and shortcomings as they work with the families of the deceased.

A special note is that this show is aired on Hakka channel which means the show has a mixture of the Taiwanese dialect- Hakka mixed in with Mandarin. That mixture really threw me off at first but by episode 2 I was used to it.

Quick Summary of Episode 1 & 2

After being hand picked out of a group of hopeful applicants, a group of four rookies is told that if they can spend the allotted time in the morgue by themselves then they will be officially hired. 
Gui Yi, the timid rookie who every thought for sure would never make it surprises everyone by actually making it through. 

However, the bigger surprise comes when the plucky rookie, Xiao En who was the text book of cool ended up running out of the morgue before her time was up and throwing up in the garbage can. 

Concerned, Gui Yi asks "What happened Xiao En? What did you see?"
Raising her head out of the trash can, Xiao En ekes out "My boyfriend's wife." In a flash back we see Xiao En politely greeting her boyfriend when she meets him and his wife on a walk. 

According to the rules laid out, Xiao En wasn't suppose to be hired but thanks to her father's connection she was still allowed back the next day. 
The next morning, the whole funeral home waits with abated breath when Xiao En meets her boyfriend on his wife's funeral service. While the meeting is undoubtedly awkward, Xiao En is able to hold onto her professionalism even when she has to stand and listen as her boyfriend sobs during his eulogy to his wife.
As the day goes on things start to get progressively worse for our rookies. Timid and easily emotional, Xiao En cries at the funeral service even harder than the attendees as her frustrated co-workers watches on. 
Rookie Le Sen, who won't stop talking about the fact he is a double Ph.d probably gets the worst out of the bunch when one man pukes all over him as his co-workers tries to quickly wrap up the service. 
Judging from episode one I thought the tone of this show is a serious one, but after episode two where Xiao En faints dead on the ground when one of the "deceased" body just all the sudden sits up and everyone around her just acted like dead bodies come back to life all the time (seriously, they just rolled with it and asked "are you hungry grandpa?") I figure maybe there will be plenty room for comedy. 
Coming to a hard but certainly overdue decision, Xiao En tells her boyfriend they are finished. Xiao En's mentor (the top funeral specialist at her company) Zhao Sheng Jie, sees the whole breakup and calmly walks past a sobbing Xiao En. After a few steps, Sheng Jie doubles back and gives her a package of tissues. 

First Impression

Interesting show... The comedic overtone certainly helps when the show's subject matter is such a sad and serious one. While I think the show will probably follow a fairly predicable pattern where each episode will bring new funeral services that will help our rookies to grow but I think judging from the first two episodes this show might be able to make it interesting and heart warming at the same time. 

I didn't touch on our hero Zhao Sheng Jie (played by Chris Wu) a lot in the episode summary, but he really takes over the whole show whenever he comes on screen. 

I have watched Chris Wu's drama before but I think this one is probably the one where I have seen him with the most commanding presence. So if you are a Chris Wu fan, then don't miss this show for sure. 


  1. I love Chris Wu, he looks gorgeous in the drama. I've wanted to see this for over a year, I am in the funeral business, but I don't work in the morgue. Whew! I might die on the spot myself if a grandpa suddenly sat up. Lol. Do you know where I can watch this with English subtitles, please?

    1. Sorry, I am not aware of subs for this one...especially since quite a bit of it was in Hokkien dialect so I think that makes it doubly unlikely for it to be picked up by the sub teams out there.

    2. Thank you for replying. That's too bad. :( But for those who could watch it, It looks like it was really good, with comedic, meaningful and tear jerking moments.