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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Make a Woman Cry Episode 1-2 First Impression

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Drama: Make A Woman Cry
Episode: 40
Airs: Sat & Sun

Synopsis: A grieving mother, Jung Deok In quits her job to open up a small eatery by the school after her son's death. Through helping the students that she come in contact with, Deok In slowly works through her grief. Sounds kinda depressing, but this one is actually a lot of fun to watch so don't get scared off by the synopsis. 

While shopping in the market for her restaurant's groceries, a seemingly ordinary ajumma Jung Deok In's day is interrupted when a thief runs past her. Muttering "I am really busy today..." in annoyance as another woman wails for help, Deok In sighs and takes off running after the thief.
After chasing the thief all over, the man jumps off a high wall and thinking Deok In has no way of following him now, taunts her with the stolen wallet. Sneering, Deok In throws herself at the thief and successfully catches him.
Pausing on Deok In's life, the story turns and follows a glamorous star, Choi Hong Ran as she accepts an award, and tells the reporters how wonderful her family life is.
However, Hong Ran's marriage is nothing like the happy life she proclaims. The daughter-in-law of a rich chaebol family, Hong Ran is convinced that her husband is still harboring a secret crush towards her brother's widow, Na Eun Soo.

Despite having all the appearance of a soft spoken perfect daughter in law, Eun Soo actually has no problem holding her own with Hong Ran. In fact, between the two women's frequent battles Hong Ran is usually the one that loses and makes things worse for herself in the eyes of her husband and father-in-law.
Back to our heroine. While out throwing garbage away, Deok In sees a bunch of students picking on another student. Unable to just ignore it, Deok In steps in and beats up the bullies when they refuse to heed her warning.
Time for our hero to show up! Kang Jin Woo, the students' teacher show up just in time to not see anything that happened and assumes the bullying kids were picking on Deok In. Quickly putting on a pitiful ajumma look, Deok In holds her back and whines in pain while the kids look at her in disbelief.

Jin Woo apologizes to Deok In profusely and Deok In sneaks away while Jin Woo chews the kids out. With a pointed look, Jin Woo looks at one of the bullies, Kang Yoon Seo, his estranged son. Blaming his father for his mother's death, Yoon Seo is not even willing to eat at the same table as Jin Woo. Almost no one knows Yoon Seo is Jin Woo's son at the school other than a few other teachers. 
Back at home, Deok In is surprised to see her husband, Hwang Gyeong Cheol back at home. Obviously uncomfortable in each other's presence, Deok In tips toes around Gyeong Cheol.

Calling his mistress (Kang Jin Hee) secretly to placate her for staying at his mother's house (Deok In lives with her mother-in-law but her husband apparently lives else where), Gyeong Cheol sighs in frustration when Jin Hee threatens to break up if he doesn't get a divorce soon.

Not wanting to go on marriage meets that her mom keeps urging her to go to, Jin Hee who is actually Hong Ran's sister-in-law confesses to her family that she is dating a married man but assures them that Gyeong Cheol will be getting a divorce soon. 
Furious to find the same poor bullied student beaten to a pulp stumbling into her restaurant, Deok In storms into the teachers' office at the school and vents her pant up frustration. 

Meeting with the bullies personally to get them to stop picking on other kids, Deok In ends up rescuing one of bullies who is getting beaten up himself by the local thugs. 

In total amazement, the kids watch Deok In single handily takes out all the thugs. Just when the angry thugs are ready to gang up on Deok In, the police shows up and sends everyone scattering. One of the bullies doubles back when he notices Deok In is unable to run because of her hurt ankle and tries to piggy back her. However, once the kid realizes he really can't get too far with Deok In on his back, he resolutely dumps her on the ground and runs away himself. 

Sheepishly greeting the police detective, it turns out that Deok In was not only a former detective but was actually a member of the serious crime unit. 
On a trip to take some food to her son's apartment, Mama Hwang (Deok In's mother-in-law) is dismayed when she comes face to face with Jin Hee and realizes her son has a mistress. Furious and disappointed with her son, Mama Hwang tells Gyeong Cheol that she doesn't have a son like him. Asking his mom for understanding, Gyeong Cheol tells her that he can't stand the sight of Deok In and that he never loved her. Getting even more angry, Mama Hwang points out that Gyeong Cheol only married Deok In so he could use her to support the family he couldn't and now he just wants to abandon her. 

Deok In comes back home to watch Gyeong Cheol leaves the house without a word to her. Instead of worrying about her husband though, Deok In is too preoccupied with missing her son. Thinking back to the fact that even during her son's last moments he was still worrying about her, Deok In talks to her son's phone and cries. 
The severe wounds on the bullied student finally sends his parents to the school demanding justice. Having found out that Yoon Seo is actually related to the school director, Deok In asks Jin Woo if Yoon Seo's parents are apologizing for their son like the other parents. Not waiting for an answer, Deok In mutters "I would like to meet the parents who raised a son like that..." Looking nervous, Jin Woo is not about to confess that he is the parent that Deok In desires to meet. 
Concerned about one of the student whose alcoholic dad refuses to apologize and tells the school to dismiss his son, Jin Woo shows up at the students' house again. Before Jin Woo can give his speech though, the alcoholic dad is about to get dragged away by thugs for not paying his debts. Unable to just stand by as the man is being dragged away, Jin Woo throws his arm around one of the thug's legs and starts yelling "Help!" 

At the house out of concern for the student as well, Deok In arrives to beat off the thugs. Looking at Jin Woo and the alcoholic dad's stunned expression, Deok In just causally tells the dad that he needs to find a hiding place from his debtors for a while. 

Before Jin Woo can process how the ordinary ajumma can be so awesome at fighting, the thugs has come back with help. With one glance at the hoards of thugs wielding their wooden sticks, Deok In yells "Run!"

However, Jin Woo falls down after taking two steps and hurts his ankle. Putting Jin Woo on her back, Deok In decides to make a run for it ... until she realizes that Jin Woo is simply too heavy for her. Dumping Jin Woo on the ground resolutely just like it was done to her not too long ago, Deok In turns to run off on her own. Reaching out a desperate hand, Jin Woo yells "How can you leave like this?!" Darting a quick glance at the hoards of thugs running toward them, Deok In tosses a quick reply "They don't always beat up everyone... just be obedient. Sorry, see you next time."  
Obviously not putting a lot of faith in Deok In's assurance, Jin Woo watches Deok In's retreating back and yells "Ajumma!!!" 

First Impression:
Oh my, I was laughing so hard at the last couple minutes. If this show can keep up the fun like these last two episodes then I am sold. So, for those of you who watches Angry Mom, Make a Woman Cry will feel really familiar. Both of our heroine can fight and both show focus on school bullying. However, while I still like Angry Mom a lot, I do think Make a Woman Cry is also a worthy watch even if I am already following Angry Mom. 

While Angry Mom's focus is mostly on the school bullying and a heavy dose of political corruption, Make a Woman Cry focus more on the interpersonal relationship of the characters with the bullying more as a way to move the plot along. There are two things I really like so far about Make a Woman Cry: 1. the fact Deok In is a former cop. This really allows the writer to up the fighting ability of the heroine and still makes it believable. 2. We are going to have romance!!! I am still holding out hope that there will be some romance in Angry Woman, but it is pretty obvious that this show will definitely have a strong romance component. 

If there is one thing that I don't care as much for is the story line of Hong Ran and the Hwang family. I am guessing that maybe the death of Eun Soo's husband is linked to the accident that took Deok In's son's life but at this point I would rather watch Deok In's story than the battles between Hong Ran and her sister-in-law. 

Still, all in all, not bad at all for the first two episode and I am eager to keep watching. 


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