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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ninja Drool #10 Red Bean Waffles

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I was checking out the new Taiwanese show Long Day Journey Into Light and there was a scene where one of the funeral home worker were trying to comfort herself with some Red Bean Pastry from the street vendor.  The red bean pastry is usually round in shape and looks like this: 

The Japanese calls them Imagawayaki but I think most Asian countries has their own versions of them as well. Red beans are also not the only filling you can have. Flavors such as taro and custard are also common flavors as well. 
 Anyhow, while I would love a Imagawayaki pan my kitchen really doesn't need one more gadget so I decided to cheat and use my waffle maker instead. It is really not the same, since you should be able to bite into huge chunks of filling with the real Imagawayaki but oh, well I was still happy with these. 
I used a standard waffle recipe that you should be able to find anywhere, but I did add quite a bit more sugar to the recipe since you won't be relying on maple syrup to flavor these babies. I also added some vanilla extract for kicks and giggles. 

Once you have your waffle batter, ladle half amount of the batter you will usually need onto the waffle maker. Add your red bean filling (I just used store bought but you obviously can go all out and make your own) on top of the waffle batter. Cover the red bean paste/filling with the other half of the batter you reserved. 

The nice thing about waffles of course is that you can just store them in the fridge and pop them in the toast the very next day!

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  1. It's almost midnight and seeing waffles just make me want to have some midnight snacks.