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Monday, April 6, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 13 Recap

After overhearing Zhan Cheng's confession to his best friend William that he likes her, Yu Xi can't help but jumps every time she is alone with him, wondering when he will confess to her. Case in point, when Zhan Cheng takes Yu Xi to a cliff that over looks the city to show her where the new department store will be built, Yu Xi gets ahead of herself when Zhan Cheng says "I want to show you where our future are" and has to chide herself when she realizes he is only talking about the new project.

Armed with Bo Yan's promise that she now has the majority stock share in the Krystal department store, Chairman Kao confidently calls for a show of a hands to support her in booting William off the department president's seat. When no hands are raised expect her own, Chairman Kao is stunned to realize the stock holder who has promised to side with her has changed his mind. Completely embarrassed, Chairman Kao pushes Bo Yan out of the way while she storms off.

William's turn to enjoy Bo Yan's shocked face, he tells Bo Yan that everything was a trap set up for him.
In the mean time, Zhan Cheng is holding a press conference to announce his new plan for another department store and to introduce his investor for all to see. Shaking with anger, Chairman Kao is furious to see that Zhan Cheng's investor is none other than the stock holder who she bought Krystal's shares from. In another words, Zhan Cheng tricked Chairman Kao into buying stock from his old "enemy" and is using Chairman Kao's money to invest in his new venture.

Blaming Bo Yan for her humiliation, Chairman Kao ignores her daughter's (Vanessa) feeble protest and fires Bo Yan.

After becoming a laughing stock to his old co-workers and escorted out of his company by securities, Bo Yan shows up in front of Zhan Chang and warns that while he might have lost this time but he will not lose when it comes to Yu Xi.
Ya Ti comes up to the city and meets with Yu Xi at a cafe. Yu Xi happily agrees to take Ya Ti to her house but before the two girls can leave the cafe, Ya Ti faints. Rushing Ya Ti to the hospital, Yu Xi is immediately concerned when she finds out that Ya Ti has had a heart transplant.

Ya Ti asks Yu Xi if she has heard about the cell memory theory. Yu Xi admits that while there has not been any scientific prove for cell memory but there is certainly cases where organ recipients claims to experience such a thing. Before the two girls can discuss more about cell memory, Yu Xi gets a text from Zhan Cheng asking her to come to the "secret meeting place".
In the maternity ward of the same hospital, Bo Yan confronts Vanessa about her pregnancy. Gently, Bo Yan encourages Vanessa to abort the pregnancy since the baby will only be a hindrance to her. Seeing Vanessa's surprise at his words, Bo Yan continues "If we were in a dating relationship then I would be very happy with this news, but that is not the circumstance. While your body is yours and I can't tell you what to do but I have a responsibility to face this with you." Noting Vanessa's stoic expression, Bo Yan reminds her that she already has someone else in her heart.

You got to give it to this guy that he is really good at making himself into a good guy. I can't decide if he really wants Vanessa to abort the pregnancy or is he just trying to present himself as harmless as possible so Vanessa would end up choosing him over her crush on Zhan Cheng. A calculating guy as Bo Yan has to know that if he can become Vanessa's husband than the power and riches he crave are not too far away. 
Yu Xi rushes home to see a fully decked out mountain lift arriving just for her and the lift even comes with a dressed up "carriage attendant" there to welcome Yu Xi.

Waiting for Yu Xi at her personal secret place, Zhan Cheng confesses his feelings and asks her to be with him.
Thanking Zhan Cheng for his confession, Yu Xi nods her agreement and steps into Zhan Cheng's embrace.
Ahh... sweet moment.
Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi goes back to her house to share their good news with Mama Cheng only to find Mama Cheng stressing over what to do with a leaking roof. Seeing Mama Cheng's stress, Zhan Cheng immediately extends the invitation for Mama Cheng and Yu Xi to temporarily stay over at his house.

Sitting with Yu Xi in her old room, Mama Cheng keeps asking Yu Xi if it really is alright to inconvenience her boss like this. Still in her la la land after Zhan Cheng's confession, Yu Xi assures her mother that everything is okay. Suspicious after seeing the silly smile that refuses to leave her daughter's face, Mama Cheng is immediately worried when Yu Xi tells her mother that she and Zhan Cheng are officially a couple.

Mama Cheng confronts Zhan Cheng privately and asks her burning question "Is Yu Xi just Luo Han's substitute?" Smiling at Mama Cheng's question, Zhan Cheng assures her that he is always aware that Yu Xi is not Luo Han. Counting off the things he noticed about Yu Xi like the fact she will hide to cry by herself when something bad happens or that she likes to eat cotton candy when she is depressed, Zhan Cheng soon gained Mama Cheng's trust.
Eager to please his best friend's new girlfriend, William gives Yu Xi a full box of his old comic books to donate to the orphanage that she and her brother often help out at. Yu Xi accidentally knocks over some of the comic books and finds an old picture of William with Zhan Cheng celebrating Luo Han's birthday. Stunned by how Luo Han looks almost exactly the same as her, Yu Xi is even more surprised when she realizes Luo Han's birthday is on the same date as hers.
Zhan Cheng walks into the room with William and sees a frozen Yu Xi holding onto the old picture of Luo Han.


Oh, good the "secret" is finally out. I thought for sure it would take Yu Xi at least a couple more weeks to find out about Luo Han but then this writer has always been good at surprising me with the pacing of the story. Of course we do have another time bomb that is named Ya Ti. Poor girl. I get the feeling Ya Ti is really suppose to be this pitiful and just all around nice girl, but as a viewer I just can't help but wish her some where else every time she shows up on my screen.

As impatient as I have been with Fei Fei and Yu An's romantic story line my interest is actually piqued after this episode.

Not antagonist towards Yu Xi anymore, Fei Fei drags Yu Xi around and buys bags of cloths for Yu An (Yu Xi's brother). Speechless after realizing Fei Fei bought the clothes for him, Yu An decides to return the clothes for money so he can donate all of it to the orphanage. Exasperated by Yu An, Fei Fei agrees to return all of the clothes but insists that he keeps the one hoodie that matches hers. 

I have been ignoring Fei Fei and Yu An when ever their story line popped up, but I am starting to get curious about this couple. As a good priest, Yu An seems to have no clue what Fei Fei's gestures mean and just assumes she is a bit more extravagant than most people. On Fei Fei's side, I thought she is aware of her own feelings towards Yu An, but that is obviously not the case. Puzzled by Yu Xi's gentle reminder that her brother is a pious priest, Fei Fei replies in a matter of fact manner "I know, that's why I even go do some charitable stuff with him." 

So now I am finally curious to see when and how these two clueless kids will finally realize their feelings. 


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