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Monday, April 13, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 14 Recap

Knowing he can't hide Yu Xi's birth secret anymore now that she found out not only does Luo Han looked exactly like her but also shared the same birthday, Zhan Cheng tell Yu Xi the truth. Stunned to hear that she is adopted by her mother, Yu Xi asks Zhan Cheng to leave her alone so she can think things through.

Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi arrive home to find Mama Chen busily making dinner. Moved by the sight of her mother, Yu Xi hugs her from behind and tells a rather confused Mama Chen "I don't want anyone else but you for my mom."
Sitting outside by their ... um... pound/swimming pool/water feature, Yu Xi tells Zhan Cheng that while she understand that some lies are necessary out of kindness she wants Zhan Cheng to never hide anything from her because with so many people who loves her she is not afraid of being hurt by the truth. Yu Xi decides to keep pretending she is ignorant of her adoption since her mom seems to want to keep it that way. However, as the camera turns we see Mama Chen standing by the door and having heard Yu Xi's words, she also decides to pretend that nothing has changed.
After taking Yu Xi to Luo Han's grave site, Zhan Cheng hesitantly apologizes for not telling her the truth earlier. Yu Xi waves Zhan Cheng apology away saying she understands that he was doing it out of consideration for her mom. Bashful, Zhan Cheng admits that while he did hide the truth at first for Mama Chen but later it was out of his own selfish fear that Yu Xi might think he only likes her because of Luo Han.

Zhan Cheng breaks out in a happy smile when Yu Xi admits that while she did harbor initial doubts about his feelings but she realizes for someone who is so keen on protecting those around him, Zhan Cheng is not someone that would allow himself to transfer his feelings towards Luo Han onto her.
Secrets and confessions all out now, it is time for our happy couple to have sweet moments. While bowling with Yu Xi, Zhan Cheng takes the opportunity to teach her a better way to tie her shoes. Instead of paying attention to Zhan Cheng's shoe tying demonstration, Yu Xi can't help herself but giggles over her happiness. 
The sweet moments continues as Zhan Cheng personally cooks Yu Xi a romantic dinner. The romantic ambiance quickly turned into a horror movie when the lights goes out and Yu Xi jumps into Zhan Cheng screeching in fear. 
Thanks to Zhan Cheng's comforting words though, Yu Xi's fear soon subsides and our couple finally shares a kiss!
Completely opposite to the smooth sailing love life her brother is having, Fei Fei's romance with Yu An is not going well at all. However, Yu An does finally catches on to Fei Fei's feelings and confronts her with his suspicion. 
Upset by Yu An's blunt words of telling her that he is devoting the rest of his life to being a priest, Fei Fei cries in Yu Xi's arms. 
I am starting to really be interested in this couple's story... but I am not so sure about cheering for Fei Fei since I think Yu An's determination to be a good priest is commendable. However, I could be easily swayed if it turns out Yu An is also developing feelings for Fei Fei as well. 
Ya Ti and her father show up at Zhan Cheng's department store at his invitation to start selling her cookies there. While Yu Xi is happily chatting away with Ya Ti and her father, Zhan Cheng couldn't help but keep thinking about Daddy Xu's words. 
That night, Zhan Cheng tells William of his suspicion that Ya Ti is the recipient of Luo Han's heart. William scoffs at Zhan Cheng's speculation at first but changes his mind once Zhan Cheng tells him that according to Daddy Xu, not only did Ya Ti's heart transplant operation happened on the same day Luo Han died but Ya Ti's blood type is also the same as Luo Han's. Amazed, William asks Zhan Cheng "and that's why the heart still remembers it's feeling towards you?" Muttering William's question, Zhan Cheng falls into silence.   
The next day, while Zhan Cheng is walking around in the store with Yu Xi, he spots Ya Ti stumbling towards them. Rushing to Ya Ti's side, Zhan Cheng carefully helps Ya Ti to sit down. Still worried about letting Ya Ti go to her destination by herself, Zhan Cheng sends Yu Xi along with her. 
Calling Yu Xi to his office, Zhan Cheng tells a stunned Yu Xi of his belief that Luo Han is Ya Ti's heart donor.  

This show really does surprise me at every turn with its timing. When I saw Zhan Cheng rushing towards Ya Ti in the mall, I totally thought "Dang, he is going to start treating Ya Ti differently now, and poor Yu Xi is going to have no clue that she is losing Zhan Cheng." So I was wonderfully surprised when this episode ends with Zhan Cheng telling Yu Xi the truth. I know Zhan Cheng did promise Yu Xi to not hide anything from her... but isn't that promise always mean the hero/heroine will break the promise a shorter time later? 

When I started watching this show I thought for sure the crisis will be Zhan Cheng's inability to choose between Yu Xi who looks like Luo Han and Ya Ti who acts like Luo Han. However, if the writer allows Zhan Cheng to stay true to his character, then Ya Ti really shouldn't be a problem at all. At least thus far, Zhan Cheng has been a man who knows exactly what he wants and has rarely confused Yu Xi with Luo Han after she opened her mouth when they first met. So it stands to reason while Zhan Cheng might want to help the nice girl who Luo Han donated her heart to, I just can't see him falling for her. 

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  1. I also had that in mind Ya Ti doesn't look like the kind of person who would get in between Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi.(( or she can without knowing they already got together) If you take a look at the ending song Yu Xi left Zhan Cheng. Maybe because she loves him and wants what's best she broke up with Zhan Cheng so he can be with Ya Ti?