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Monday, April 20, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 15 Recap

Question of the hour: Is it hot in here?

At first surprised by the news that Ya Ti is the recipient of Luo Han's heart, Yu Xi nonetheless quickly accepts the truth and happily agrees when Zhan Cheng suggestion that they should keep helping Ya Ti while keeping the truth a secret from her.

Yu Xi eagerly tells Ya Ti that Zhan Cheng has invited her to become one of the vendor at the department store. At first hesitant, Ya Ti eventually agrees to Zhan Cheng's suggestion after Yu Xi's encouragement.
At Yu Xi's invitation, Ya Ti starts to stay at her house and Ya Ti gets a glimpse of the happy life at Yu Xi's home.

It doesn't take long for Ya Ti to accidentally come cross Luo Han's picture and figure out everything. Carefully covering Yu Xi with the comforter she kicked off during her sleep, Ya Ti vows to be a good sister to Yu Xi in Luo Han's stead. 
Happy to see their son with Yu Xi by his side, Zhan Cheng's parents are eager to see him married. In fact, Zhan Cheng's dad was so eager that he pretty much proposed to Yu Xi for his son. 
While Zhan Cheng didn't pop the question under his parents' hopeful eyes but it is obvious things are going quite... well, shall we say? 
On Bo Yan and Vanessa's front, things are still kinda fuzzy. Vanessa keeps insisting that the baby is hers alone and Bo Yan readily agrees with her but still pops up frequently to show himself as a "concerned father." 
After crying her heart out in Yu Xi's arms, Fei Fei is finally accepting the fact that Yu An doesn't like her. Showing up at the church , Fei Fei tells Yu An via the confession booth that she knew liking him was the wrong thing to do but she just couldn't help herself. Ending her one sided "confession", Fei Fei leaves without another backward glance. Judging from the mixed expression on Yu An's face though, maybe Yu An is not as unaffected by Fei Fei as she thinks. 
During a televised interview, Zhan Cheng readily admits his relationship with Yu Xi much to her embarrassment. As Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi are shining in happiness for all to see, there are two people who can't share in their happiness. Bo Yan who watches the Zhan Cheng's interview on the street side, clutches his fist.  
In the mean time, Ya Ti who is also watching the interview at Yu Xi's house is bents over in pain. To make sure we get the reason why Ya Ti is so sad, the show even shows us a brief shot of Luo Han in Ya Ti's cloth staring at the TV in disbelief. 

Mama Cheng (Yu Xi's mom) comes home to find Ya Ti unconscious on the ground and quickly rushes her to the hospital. 
Rushing to the hospital after receiving news of Ya Ti, Zhan Cheng comforts Yu Xi and reminds her to rest even if she is worried about Ya Ti. Watching the reflections of the lovey dovey couple on the hospital window, Ya Ti's tears start to fall. 

Noticing Zhan Cheng's worry despite his effort to hide his thoughts, Yu Xi reminds Zhan Cheng of their agreement not to hide anything for each other. Thinking back to the doctor's words, Zhan Cheng confess that he is worry about the possibility of Luo Han's heart rejecting Luo Han's body. 
The next morning, Yu Xi shows up at Ya Ti's hospital room only to overhear Ya Ti and Auntie Juan's (the hostel owner that Ya Ti lives at) conversation. Ya Ti confesses to Auntie Juan that Yu Xi is like a sister to her since she has Luo Han's heart. Crying pitifully, Ya Ti goes on to say that as long as Yu Xi is happy then she is happy. Holding a sobbing Ya Ti, Auntie Juan replies "So you are blaming your feelings towards Zhan Cheng on this so called cell memory? Even if Yu Xi is happy, but what about you?" 


So in most shows this pretty much mean our heroine will be filled with guilt and self blame after hearing Ya Ti's words. Unable to allow herself to build her happiness on someone else's pain, our heroine will then use her jerky boyfriend to break up with the hero. BUT, since our writer has been so great at doing the unpredictable I am crossing my fingers that we will be pleasant surprised next week. 

At this point though I am really not too worry about Zhan Cheng liking Ya Ti since it seems pretty obvious that the person he likes now is Yu Xi. Now if Luo Han could somehow come back to life then we might have a mess on our hands... but at this point Zhan Cheng seems to only want to help Ya Ti out of his kindness and his concern for wanting Luo Han's sacrifice to not go to waste. Is it bad that I am actually kinda curious what would happen if Zhan Cheng had to choose between the two sisters? That would be too mean right? 

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  1. First up, the kiss was really hot!!!!!!!! Kudos to both Kingone and Rong Rong!

    And to Ya Ti, I was irritated with her dialogue with Auntie Juan. It came off as if just because she knows she has Luo Han's heart, hence she's embracing everything connected to Luo Han. That's not kindness in my book, it's downright creepy.