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Monday, April 27, 2015

Someone Like You Episode 16 Recap

After the shock of overhearing Ya Ti confessing to Auntie Juan that she has Luo Han's heart and that she likes Zhan Cheng, Yu Xi gets another surprise when she turns around to find Bo Yan standing right behind her. 

Connecting the dots from Ya Ti's words, Bo Yan figures out the truth and starts to plot how he can use this information to his advantage. 

After a night of looking at Luo Han's picture and thinking over Ya Ti's words, Yu Xi shows up the next night at the hospital again. Giving no sign of what she heard the day before, Yu Xi bonds with Ya Ti over nail painting and watching a horror movie together. 
I am starting to soften my attitude towards Ya Ti. While I don't like the fact she is an obstacle in our two leads' romance, I am moved that Ya Ti really sees Yu Xi as a little sister. 
Ready for sweet couple time before the sad set in? Yu Xi takes Zhan Cheng out for a surprise romantic dinner and a special night out at the hotel. I would enjoy this part a whole lot more if it doesn't feel so much like the standard heroine/hero goodbye before they leave. 
Bidding Yu Xi goodnight, Zhan Cheng is about to go into another room when Yu Xi pulls him right into bed. Smiling at Yu Xi's gesture, Zhan Cheng obediently pulls her into his arm. 

The next morning Yu Xi wakes up before Zhan Cheng and gently touches his face as she thinks about Ya Ti's words and how nervous Zhan Cheng was when Ya Ti fainted.   
Fei Fei surprises Yu An by showing up at the orphanage when he thought for sure she wouldn't want to see him anymore. Shyly, Fei Fei and Yu An agree that they are still friends despite everything that went on before. 
However, the "friend" agreement doesn't stop Fei Fei from puckering her lips right up when the kids starts to chant "kiss , kiss!" when they are practicing their show Snow White. Sadly, Yu An backed off at the very last minute and Fei Fei doesn't get her kiss.   
Still the model concerned father-to-be, Bo Yan is quickly winning Vanessa over with his undemanding care of her. Careful to keep up his noble but pitiful pretense, Bo Yan stations himself on the street side where he knew Vanessa would drive by so she could "accidentally" sees him selling merchandise on the side of the street. 

Apparently still stuck on Yu Xi, Bo Yan follows Ya Ti when she leaves the hospital with her father without telling anyone else. While Yu Xi and Zhan Cheng are frantically trying to figure out where Ya Ti is, Bo Yan calls to provide the much needed information. 

I have to say Bo Yan's character doesn't feel very real to me since it doesn't make sense at all why he is still chasing after Yu Xi when she was obviously never in his mind while they were dating. Now, if the writer went to route of Bo Yan wanting Yu Xi just to get back at Zhan Cheng then I can understand that.  
With the address she got from Bo Yan in hand, Zhan Chen and Yu Xi shows up at Ya Ti's house only to find that Ya Ti has fainted again. Rushing Ya Ti to the hospital again, Yu Xi begs her not to leave the hospital hastily again. 

At Ya Ti's insistence, Zhan Chen and Yu Xi decides to leave Ya Ti in her father's care and get back to work. However, at the hospital lobby Yu Xi realizes she left her cell phone and doubles back. Standing outside of Ya Ti's hospital room, Yu Xi overhears the doctor asking Ya Ti if her heart is doing so badly due to some event that is making her emotional. Faced with a silent Ya Ti, the doctor warns her to make sure keep her mind free of worry. 

Ya Ti is surprised to see Yu Xi again and is moved when Yu Xi throws her arm around her and tells her "I promise, soon, you will have nothing to be sad over." 

Sigh... I guess we are really going the "break up for other people's good" route. Oh, well, I had hoped the writer would surprise us by not going the predicable route but now I am just hoping they won't drag the melo part for too long. 

Judging by how much effort the show has put in to establish that Ya Ti and Yu Xi are really like sisters now, I don't think the ending would be too bad. However, I do think Zhan Cheng really needs to figure out his own feeling towards Luo Han and indirectly to Ya Ti. He is acting extra nervous whenever it comes to Ya Ti so one really can't blame Yu Xi for over thinking it. 


  1. Thank you so much for your recaps! It lets me know whats going on until the sub titles come out. LOL!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you so much for this recap!

    FYI, I just joined this SLY bandwagon last week and God knows how many episodes I watched in a sitting. Can't get over with the chemistry between the two. I don't think I can handle the feeling if Yu Xi goes on the noble idiot path. I want more Zhan Cheng - Yu Xi scenes please! Sobs.

  3. Thanks for the recap! Can't wait for it to end so I can marathon it :)