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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Four (C-Drama) Episode 5-12 Summary & 2nd Impression

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The Four Episode 5-12 Summary & 2nd Impression
Prince An finds out that Coldblood (our hero and leader of the four famous deputies) is the wolf prince he has been searching high and low for. Wanting the wolf prince's blood since it is a vital ingredient to make him invincible, Prince An tricks the Nine Tail Fox into believing that Coldblood's blood is a key ingredient to make the medicine to save her dying husband.

Ji Yao Hua, the head of the female deputies and who everyone know is in love with Coldblood finds out that Coldblood carries the responsibility of seeking vengeance for his clan's killings and tries to get Coldblood to open his heart to her. After listening to Yao Hua's pleas to let her share his burden, Coldblood does tell her about his tragic past but refuses to involve her in his life long goal of revenge.
Tricking Li Mo (the heroine) into thinking she is the same maid that Li Mo befriend in the deputy department, the Nine Tailed Fox decides to capitalize on Li Mo's sympathy by asking her to get Coldblood's blood to save her husband. Believing the Nine Tailed Fox's story, Li Mo has no idea that her real friend is being locked up in an abandoned house.  

Picked on by all the other maids due to her frequent run-ins with the four famous deputies, Li Mo is about to get chased out after she accidentally burned down the kitchen. Luckily for Li Mo, Sheriff Zhuge (the mentor/boss to the four deputies) notices the jade pendant Li Mo's mother gave her and recognizes her as his niece. (Not biological niece. Li Mo's mother had the same teacher as Sheriff Zhuge). Suspecting Li Mo might also have the same talent her mother had with reading other people's thoughts, Sheriff Zhuge locks her in a room with two fierce wolves.
Li Mo successfully proves that she can communicate with the wolves when she gets them to not attack her and Sheriff Zhuge tells her about her mother who has been missing since Li Mo was young. Vowing to find her mother no matter what, Li Mo decides to start learning the art of reading people's heart. (Meaning she can read their true intent and thoughts)

Despite her effort to help the Nine Tailed Fox with getting Coldblood's blood, Li Mo gets caught every time... which doesn't improve her relationship with Coldblood at all.

However, in spite of his cold attitude towards Li Mo, Coldblood still ends up willingly giving the Nine Tailed Fox his blood when she threatens to kill Li Mo if she doesn't get his blood.

With Coldblood's blood in hand, Prince An freely admits his lies of making the Nine Tailed Fox believe her husband can be saved. Furious, the Nine Tailed Fox in turn tricks Prince An into believing the bottled blood in his hand is fake. Tossing the bottled blood aside, Prince An fights with the Nine Tailed Fox until she is mortally injured. Li Mo and Coldblood arrives in time for the Nine Tailed Fox to apologize to Li Mo for using their friendship. Holding each other, the Nine Tailed Fox and her husband dies together.
Knowing full well that Li Mo is the only person that could help Coldblood to be freed from his wolf poison that is increasingly threatening to turn him into a wolf completely, Sheriff Zhuge assigns Li Mo as Coldblood's personal maid. Neither Li Mo and Coldblood is happy with Sheriff Zhuge's decision but can only accept the arrangement grudgingly when their protests fall on deaf ears.

Li Mo becoming Coldblood's personal maid creates a huge commotion within the deputy department especially with the female deputies who sees Coldblood as their leader's (Yao Hua) man already. Huffing at the female deputies' assertion that she would seduce Coldblood, Li Mo only has eyes for Deputy Heartless who is always extra kind to her.
Convinced in their mind that Li Mo is trying to steal Coldblood from their leader, two female deputies decides to force Li Mo into holding a wooden target practice while the princess is leaning how to shoot from Coldblood. The princess also has a crush on Coldblood so the two female deputies were trying to cause trouble for both of the girls. 

Nervously holding the target in front of her, Li Mo couldn't help it but drops the wooden shield in pain when the two female deputies shoot small rocks at her feet.

Frozen by the sight of the princess's arrow coming right at her throat, Li Mo narrowly escape death when Coldblood catches the arrow just in the nick of time.

Furious by how closely Li Mo avoided death, Coldblood says through gritted teeth "don't leave my place without my permission ever again." After shooting laser beams at the two female deputies, Coldblood throws the arrow on the floor and yells at the Princess for being spoiled.
Prince An sends his man into Coldblood's place to spread around specialty powders that would trigger Coldblood's transformation into a wolfman. (He usually only transform in the beginning and middle of each month, but the powder can trigger the transformation right away.)

Jumping out to push Heartless away from harm when a crazed Coldblood swipes at the deputy, Li Mo is hopeless when Coldblood wraps his hand around her throat.

Sheriff Zhuge yells at Li Mo to calm herself and use her skill of heart reading. Forcing herself to be calm, Li Mo looks into a frenzied Coldblood's eyes and sees the horrific night when a young Coldblood watched his whole clan, including his own mother killed in front of him.

Swelling with sympathy for Coldblood, Li Mo tells him to let his hatred go or else he will be consumed by his need for revenge. Li Mo's heart reading and words work it's magic on a transformed Coldblood and he releases Li Mo from his grip.
After seeing Coldblood's memory, Li Mo gains an understanding why Coldblood seems so unwilling to let anyone get close to him. However, sympathy for Coldblood aside, Heartless is still the one Li Mo likes. Yet, Li Mo's innocent girlish crush gets complicated when she reads Heartless's heart while he is drunk and realizes Heartless is still living his life in grief over his first love who killed herself when she was forced to marry someone else.
Already uncomfortable how Li Mo's presence seems to be everywhere Yao Huo is even more dismayed when Sheriff Zhuge asks her to take on Li Mo as one of her team.

Second Impression

Not crack drama material by any means, but REALLY easy to just keep watching for some reason. This drama is actually kinda hard for me to write about because every time I have to type the deputies' names such as Heartless and Coldblood I feel so cheesy. The name doesn't sound too bad in Chinese but they sound really bad once you translate it into English. Oh, well, that's Chinese wuxia for you.

So far I am liking the relationship development between the two leads. Not too fast but I can definitely see progress. I am not as impressed with the romance story line with the other deputies though... they just all seems kinda well... cheesy. It's like EVERY guy in this show has to have an EPIC TRAGIC love story. Heck, even the villains all have to have them as well. This particular writer seems to be rather found of creating villains that are bad but their story makes you feel bad for them while some of the "good" guys are purely incompetent and do things that makes them almost worse than the villains. 
Case in point, the two female deputies seemed to have no qualms that they almost killed Li Mo and other than several pointed glares from our hero and Yao Hua, the two deputies suffered no consequences for plotting murder?! 

Still, despite some obvious pit falls which you really just have to ignore when one watches Chinese Wuxia dramas, this one is keeping my interest so far and I breeze through the weekly four episodes often without realizing it.  

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  1. You are right, every character has tragic love story, and the writer just throws in random female characters for other 3 male leads to make up for their story lines. This drama is an easy watch although the pace is super slow. About the FOUR character names, it's more cheesy in english but i think it's not that bad in mandarin.