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Friday, April 3, 2015

The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 1-2 Mini Recap & First Impression

Drama: The Girl Who Sees Smells

Synopsis:Connected by a criminal that killed those closest to them, our hero who has became a policeman to catch his sister's killer meets the heroine who has no memory of the fateful night when both of her parents were killed. After waking up from a coma, the heroine developed an ability to see smells and her fate soon is tangled up with our hero who needs her help to catch the killer.

On a fateful night, high school student Choi Eun Seol eagerly gets off the bus to go home but what greets her is the horrible sight of a man covered in black dragging her mom's body across the floor. Paralyzed, Eun Seol can only shake in fear as the man slowly comes towards her and puts his hand on her throat. Suddenly the clock chimes loudly and snaps Eun Seol out of her trance. In a burst of energy, Eun Seol pushes the killer away and takes off running out of the house down the street only to be hit be a car. With the last of her strength, Eun Seol stares at the black figure that watches her from across the street.
That same night, our hero Moo Gak receives a phone call from his precious sister, whose name is also Eun Seol telling her brother that she suffered a minor head wound from a bus accident and is on her way to the hospital. Reassured by his impatient sister that her wounds are not serious at all, Moo Gak rushes to the hospital with dinner for Eun Seol.

In his rush to find Eun Seol, Moo Gak bumps into a doctor who has blood stains on his white coat. Taking a second look at the doctor but thinking nothing of it, Moo Gak goes on to find his sister.
 Not getting a response from Eun Seol when he calls her name, Moo Gak turns Eun Seol around hoping to wake her from sleep. However, Moo Gak is stunned to discover a blood covered Eun Seol with her neck slashed. Panicked, Moo Gak screams for the doctor while he cradles his sister in his arm.
The police finds the bodies of Eun Seol's parents on a beach and realizes that Eun Seol is the sole witness to her parents' murder but due to her car accident she has fallen into a coma.

193 days later, Eun Seol surprises everyone by waking up from her coma. Upon opening her eyes, Eun Seol becomes frightened when she starts seeing little floating particles of colors coming at her. Eun Seol's left eye has for some unknown reason turned blue and that is what is allowing her to see smells from everything around her. 
Eun Seol's new found super power is not the only thing that is different about her after the coma. Eun Seol has lost all of her memory of the past and has no memory of her parents' death. Giving Eun Seol a new name Oh Cho Rim, the detective who worked on the case takes her in as his daughter and presents himself as her father. 

Thanks to a special lens to mask her blue eye color and the loving care of her new found dad (although I don't think Eun Seol who will be referring to as Cho Rim from now on realizes that the detective is not her real dad), Cho Rim's life after her coma seems to be back on track.

Working as a newbie at a comedian troupe, Cho Rim gets a shot when her boss decides to hold an open audition for his employees and she can get her chance to go on stage if she can present a good enough skit. Unfortunately for Cho Rim, her chance to realize her dream is all but dashed when her partner ditches her a few day before the audition to work with someone more experienced. 
Not working in the aquarium anymore (the job he had before his sister died), Moo Gak is now a traffic cop who seems kinda... well odd. Out on a sting operation, Moo Gak confronts the criminal on his on. Looking like the model of a capable cop, Moo Gak is ready to take the criminal down but suddenly he falls to the floor unconscious. Watching the criminal running away with two detective chasing after him, the convince store clerk is speechless when she realizes Moo Gak is just asleep. 

Moo Gak's "sleeping on the job" obviously didn't earn him any brownie points with his co-worker and especially not with Chief Lee who laughs at Moo Gak's request to become a member of the "Serious Crime Squad" (the team Chief Lee leads). 
Ignoring Chief Lee's warning that he stop trying to catch criminals that is under his team's jurisdiction, Moo Gak chases after a man who robbed a beauty salon. Out on errand runs for the diva from her troupe, Cho Rim hits Moo Gak with her car. Squealing in alarm upon seeing Moo Gak's bleeding forehead and a dislocated arm, Cho Rim quiets down right away when Moo Gak swings her around with his good arm to save her from a speeding car. Still determined to catch his robber, Moo Gak unceremoniously dumps Cho Rim on the ground and gets into her car to continue the chase. Alarmed to see Moo Gak ready to drive away in her car (it actually belongs to the company diva), Cho Rim jumps into the passenger seat and screams during the whole wild car chase until Moo Gak shows her his police badge. 
Ready to help Moo Gak,  Cho Rim gets Moo Gak to follow her somewhat obediently after she surprises him by naming the criminal as a beauty salon robber. Using her special ability to see scent, Cho Rim follows the robber all the way to a public bath house. Thinking there is no way they can find the robber whose face he has never even seen (the guy was wearing a bike helmet the whole time), Moo Gak is ready to give up, but Cho Rim drags him to the men's changing room. 
Feeling a bit ridiculous but nevertheless deciding he has nothing to lose, Moo Gak causally asks the man who is opening the locker Cho Rim named as the robber's "Did you happen to rob a beauty salon today?" 

Chaos ensue while the robber tries to run away but Moo Gak was able to catch him with Cho Rim's help... although Cho Rim's disguise as a man was exposed during the struggle which resulted in lots of screaming. 
Once the robber was taken away by Moo Gak's rather disgruntled co-workers, Cho Rim drags him to a nearby small hospital. The doctor informs Cho Rim that with how hurt Moo Gak's arm was, he should have been unable to do anything but screaming in pain. Puzzled, Cho Rim tells the doctor that Moo Gak acted very calm the whole time. Putting the pieces together, the doctor tells Cho Rim that Moo Gak has the rare condition where he can't experience pain at all. 

Shrugging the doctor's suggestion aside that she talks Moo Gak into receiving help since they are complete strangers, Cho Rim and Moo Gak start to leave the hospital. Moo Gak walks out first and bumps into a doctor but neither men turns around. However, when Cho Rim passes the doctor, the man turns around to look at her retreating back and we see that he is the same man who Moo Gak bumped into the day his sister was killed. 
After agreeing that Cho Rim will take care of the hospital bill while Moo Gak will pay for the car's damage, the two proceeds to part ways. However, Moo Gak freezes when he hears a woman yelps "Eun Seol! Is that you?!" when she sees Cho Rim.  Unable to help himself, Moo Gak turns back and asks for Cho Rim's name. Telling Moo Gak that the stranger only called out the name Eun Seol because she mistaken her for an old schoolmate, Cho Rim writes down her new name for Moo Gak. 
Suspicious that Cho Rim really doesn't have a partner for her upcoming audition, Cho Rim's boss asks her to perform a skit the very next night (this is not the actual audition, just a way for the boss to make sure Cho Rim is not lying). With no one to turn to, Cho Rim decides to pin her hope on Moo Gak... who turns her request down flat. At first huffy after Moo Gak's refusal, Cho Rim rushes back with another proposal that they help each out when she finds out that Moo Gak has been given a very difficult case to solve if he is to get his wish of entering into Chief Lee's team. Looking at Cho Rim doubtfully, Moo Gak decides to test Cho Rim to see if she really has a special ability to see scent and thus possessing the ability to help him crack his case. Cho Rim got offended that Moo Gak thought she could smell scent like a dog so she told him the truth about her ability to see smells. 
Coming up with various way to prove Cho Rim really can see scents, Moo Gak eventually has to admit that Cho Rim's claim is real. 
Back in the station, the team is given an urgent assignment to find a missing model who has been missing for several days. Yeom Mi (she is the second female lead), a profiler who thinks the model might be the latest victim of the "barcode serial killer" believe the model might not have long to live since the barcode killer always kill on the sixth day after the victim has gone missing and leaves the body at a very public place by the seventh day. Barcode killer because the victim's wrist always has a pattern that looks like barcode.  

Thanks to the department being short on hand, Moo Gak is allowed to join in the search for the model. Retracing the model's last known location, Moo Gak is mildly surprised when he finds himself going back to the same hospital he just received treatment from a few days prior. The model's doctor, Dr. Chun is none other than the man who Moo Gak has bumped into twice but Moo Gak doesn't meet the doctor this time because he is out on vacation. The camera switches and we find out that Dr. Chun is using his vacation time to sit in a coffee shop to look out at the window... at the smiling figure of Cho Rim who is passing out the cafe's fliers. 

Determined to find the model so he could enter into the Serious Crime Squad where he hope to personally find the criminal who killed his sister, Moo Gak takes Cho Rim along as he investigates the model's disappearance. As luck would have it, the model has the habit of mixing her perfumes to create a scent that is unique to hers alone. Using the unique scent of the perfume, Cho Rim was able to identity a man who she is sure are connected to the model. Jumping at Cho Rim's words, Moo Gak tackles the man who unfortunately turns out to be a famous tv chef who also happens to be the model's boyfriend. 
Keeping his promise to be Cho Rim's partner in exchange for her help, Moo Gak performs a skit for Cho Rim's boss. Despite Moo Gak's perpetual stoic expressions during his daily life, Moo Gak actually switch rather quickly into his comedic role and convinces Cho Rim's boss enough that he lets her off the hook.
On the 9th day with the model still missing, Yeom Mi (the profiler) is convinced that the model is not a barcode serial case after all since her body has not turned up. Luckily, a small break comes when the model's wallet was discovered.  Using the scent seen on the wallet, Cho Rim guesses that the wallets might have come from down the river and a dog has carried it all the way back to the small town where it was found.   
In his matter of fact manner, Moo Gak tells Chief Lee and the rest of the team his guess about the river and the dog. So angered by Moo Gak's "wild guesses" that he started to laugh at first, Chief Lee is held back by his men so he can't launch himself at Moo Gak. Despite how Moo Gak's co-workers act towards him, I actually think there are affection hiding underneath or else I doubt they would keep giving him chances to work with them. 
Left with only the two of them to find clues by the river while the rest of the police is combing the mountain side, Choi Rim all the sudden stops dead when Moo Gak tells her to come see the street marks that points to a parked car being hit by a moving car. With a slightly shaking voice, Choi Rim tells Moo Gak that she can see the perfume scents of the model coming up from the ditch that is behind Moo Gak. 

First Impression 

Ahh!!! Icky villains. I really dislike them! Some small pacing problem aside (some unnecessary repeated scenes etc.), I thought The Girl Who Sees Smells showed good promise. 
I am impressed so far by Yoo Chun's portrayal of a broken Moo Gak who is damaged and broken after losing his sister who is all but his own child to him. I especially like the fact that Yoo Chun has been able to act out a rather stoic Moo Gak with an underlying comedic aspect that is often the unintentional result of how damaged Moo Gak he is. I love love the parts where Moo Gak all the sudden has to snap into different personalities wither for police work or to act out his part in Cho Rim's skit that the change is so drastic that it always surprises me and make me laugh at the same time. 
As for the villain... I am kinda confused but that is probably where I am suppose to be by episode 2. Everything seems to point to Dr. Chun as the killer but unless he has some super ability as well (which I don't rule out), it doesn't explain why he is taking an interest in Cho Rim. The real killer should've thought Cho Rim is long dead after Moo Gak's sister died so why would he even connect Cho Rim to her old self? 

Anyhow, I am carefully optimistic about this one and will definitely check it out again next week. . 


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