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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Be With You Episode 10-14 Summary

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In a flash back we confirm what the show has been hinting all along, that Ying Jie is the adopted son of the Zhen family. After finding out the shocking truth by accident as a child, Ying Jie has always known that he has to be perfect because unlike his brother who is tied to the Zhen family by blood, he has no such luxury and can lose everything in a blink of an eye.

Mama Ninja has a theory that maybe Ying Jie knows that Daddy and Mama Zhen will only be kind to him as long as he is the perfect son. I personally am not so sure about that, since the Zhen parents seem truly be good people... albeit a bit stuck up with their focus on their sons marrying girls that has good family background. 

Determined to "cheer" up Ying Jie, Ying Qian decides to invite Man An and Man Li to day outing. After a few rounds of bowling, the little group decides to go play paintball. Of course our two leads, Man An and Ying Jie ended up on the same team and Ying Jie saves Man An from being shot by Ying Qian by protecting her with his own body. 
Xuan Xuan is ecstatic when she gets a personal invite from Ying Jie for a day out at the pier. Believing she is finally getting into Ying Jie's heart just a little bit, Xuan Xuan excitedly calls Man An out to share her good news. 
Unfortunately for Xuan Xuan, all her joy turns to tears when Ying Jie calmly asks her to be the one to cancel the engagement so he would take most of the embarrassment and not her. Bewildered and devastated by Ying Jie's sudden request to call off the engagement, Xuan Xuan asks Ying Jie for a explanation why he would do such a thing when she is sure he would eventually let her into his heart. Looking at a tearful Xuan Xuan before him, Ying Jie tells her "I am not breaking the engagement because you are not good enough. You are a great woman, but I already have someone I love deeply in my heart." Whoa, I didn't realize Ying Jie is so far gone when it comes to Man An. I thought maybe it was a childhood crush but I guess it is much bigger than that.  
Back at home, Man An assumes Xuan Xuan is happily out on a date with Ying Jie and prepares herself to really end her "one-sided" crush on Ying Jie. Unbeknownst to Man An, the object of her crush is actually standing right outside of her house and vowing to himself that he will live his life just being content to see Man An happy. 
I can't wait when Ying Jie's resolve to just be content on the sideline disappears when some other man discovers Man An.  
The next morning, Man An is immediately worried when she finds out that Xuan Xuan is absent from work. Not wanting Man An's friendly concern to make things worse, Ying Jie pulls her aside and tells her that he has broken off the engagement because he has someone else he likes. 

Completely surprised and mystified by who else other than Xuan Xuan could be in Ying Jie's heart, Man An and Man Li tries to ask Daddy Xia in a round about way who the mystery girl might be. However, to the girls' disappointment, Daddy Xia tells them that Ying Jie has only ever focused on work and the only girl around him is Xuan Xuan. 
On Man Li's front, things are progressing smoothly once Li Qi has gone through the gauntlet of meeting Man Li's family and gains the approval of her parents.

Soon, Man Li's glow of being in love is apparent for all to see, especially after receiving Li Qi's carefully prepared present (a tape of him singing to her) even while he is away on a business trip. 
Unfortunately, what looks like a smooth sailing romance hits a giant obstacle when Man Li goes out drinking with her friends and wakes up to find herself completely naked with a stranger. (Man Li is too upset at this point to recognize the stranger but it is Shang De the young kid that keeps causing bad luck for her whenever she meets him.)  

I didn't see that coming. What a way to totally throw a new romance under the bus. 
Ying Qian's love line is finally starting after he meets the very girl he accidentally ditched during the marriage meet his mother arranged for him.  Recognizing Ying Qian right away, Sun Yu Ching, a rich chaebol girl is not shy in telling Ying Qian her opinion of him. 

Severely offended to be told by Yu Ching that he is just a rich boy who is not liked by anyone and can only befriend those who is attracted to his family's money, Ying Qian decides that the best revenge is to make Yu Ching fall in love with him. Oh, boy, that never ends well. 
Even more concerned by Xuan Xuan's continual absence from work, Man An tries to get Ying Jie's temporary secretary to tell her where Xuan Xuan lives. Furious to see Man An is still trying to find Xuan Xuan despite his warning to her, Ying Jie yells at her but immediately regrets when Man An runs out of the company in tears.

Chasing after Man An, Ying Jie apologizes to her for losing his temper and gently explains that he has no way of predicting what a mess the canceling of the engagement is going to become so he doesn't want Man An to get pulled in. Confused by Ying Jie's words, Man An assures him that she is only trying to offer comfort to Xuan Xuan as a friend so he doesn't have to worry about her getting pulled into the messy situation.  Poor girl, she has no clue that she is at the very heart of the issue. 

Of course Daddy Xia chooses that very moment to show up and sees again his crying daughter being comforted by Ying Jie. 

The next day Xuan Xuan shows up at work acting nothing has happened and even informs Ying Jie that she has taken their wedding invitation to the printing factory. Ying Jie confronts Xuan Xuan with his decision to cancel the engagement but Xuan Xuan just tells him "if you want me to give up then bring the girl you love to meet me." 

Despite Xuan Xuan act of bravery though, she confesses to her cousin Shang De (yes, the same one that ended up in bed with Man Li) how much it cost her to keep up her cool image in front of Ying Jie. Shang De expresses his suspicion maybe Man An is the one that Ying Jie loves and Xuan Xuan admits that while she had thought of the possibility she is not willing to assume every person she meets is her competition. Ha, unless even your competition has no idea she is your competition. I actually kinda like Xuan Xuan after this episode and would love if she could pity Ying Jie's pain so she can put aside her own feelings and help him find happiness with Man An... but that's probably not likely to happen. I just hope if Xuan Xuan is going to turn evil that she won't be too evil. 
Apparently sharp as a tack, Daddy Xia starts to become suspicious when he puts two and two together. Confronting Ying Jie in the most respectful way possible, Daddy Xia asks Ying Jie "What is Man An to you?" 

After a brief stunned silence, Ying Jie puts on his smooth mask and apologizes to Daddy Xia "Because Man An is your and Mama Xia's daughter so I have always considered her as a little sister. I treat Man An the same way I would treat Ying Qian so maybe I ignored the boundaries that should have been kept as a man and woman. If me treating her as a sister meant I step over some line in your eye that I am really sorry. I promise in the future I will be more careful." Dang, that was so smooth! There is a reason he is such a successful business man. 

Quickly apologizing to Ying Jie for thinking too much, Daddy Xia seems to believe his words... for now. 

Knowing things are starting to get out of control, Ying Jie uses a company project to order Man An to accompany the team overseas. Believing getting Man An out of the situation is the best way to protect her, Ying Jie ignores Man An's reluctance to leave. 
Sitting in his room and looking at the note Xuan Xuan has written him (when she bought him some shirts), Ying Jie thinks to himself "If things keep going on like this, then it wouldn't be long before Daddy Xia figures out my feelings towards Man An. I need to make a decision soon." 

Ying Jie teaching Man An how to make dumplings

What a great daily Be With You is! Mama Ninja and I are having a great time swooning over our hero Ying Jie. Now I wouldn't necessary want to date someone like Ying Jie since he really is kinda stuffy BUT I just love watching him losing control whenever it comes to Man An. I am guessing for Ying Jie who had to live under a pretense since he was little, Man An is like a ray of sunshine with her outgoing personality that provides a sense of relief in his self designated prison. 

I do find it immensely entertaining as well that Man An has no clue of Ying Jie's feelings so she is dying of curiosity who the mystery girl could be. 
I am also surprised how quickly Daddy Xia is catching on to Ying Jie's feelings and am really curious how Man An's family and Ying Jie's family will react once the truth is out. 


  1. Another great recap, i wanted to ask will there be another guy in Man an life? And who is he?. Thanks

    1. According to the show's official character sketch, there is suppose to be another man that will show up later... but I don't think is anyone we have seen yet. Mama Ninja is betting her money that it will a new co-worker or something like that.

  2. Whee, thanks for the great recap! :)