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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Be With You Episode 15-19 Summary

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Be With You (好想談戀愛) Episode 15-19 Summary
Man Li gets the shock of her life when she wakes up from her night of drinking with her friends to find herself completely naked with the same young man that brings her bad luck every time she meets him. The young man, Shang De (also Xuan Xuan's cousin FYI) is equally stunned to find a complete stranger by him as well. Shang De tries to tell Man Li that they should just all maturely forget the whole incident but Man Li doesn't pay him any attention and runs out of the door. Looking at the closed hotel door, Shang De mutters "Wow, she is treating this whole thing really coolly."

The severity of what she has done dawning on her, Man Li breaks down in sobs. It doesn't take long for Man An to figure out something is wrong when she finds her sister sobbing in bed. Piecing together the broken words Man Li tells her through her tears, Man An finally figures out the crisis her sister is facing.
Seeing Xuan Xuan's insistence to just keep planning their engagement like nothing has changed between them, Ying Jie decides to take matters into his own hands and cancels the reception hall and the invitation printing on his own.

Dismayed to find out from the reception hall staff that Ying Jie has cancelled their reservation, Xuan Xuan storms into Ying Jie's office and confronts him.  What follows is another tiring conversation where Ying Jie trying to convince Xuan Xuan that cancelling the engagement is for her own good, while Xuan Xuan refuses to listen.
Apparently determined to just end all the possible entanglements around him, Ying Jie tells Man An of the meeting he had with Daddy Xia and her father's question about the two of them.

Ying Jie "It looks like maybe I was too lax in my interaction with you and the extra attention caused Daddy Xia to misunderstand. So I will watch myself from now on and you should stop coming around my office unnecessarily."

Man An agrees to Ying Jie's request and tells him "Even without this I was planning on leaving after a short time anyway since that was what I always planned from the beginning."

Nodding with understanding, Ying Jie doesn't say anything to change Man An's mind.
Ying Jie goes home to find a furious Daddy Zhen waiting for him and demanding that he patches things up with Xuan Xuan. To everyone's surprise, Ying Jie doesn't bend to Daddy Zhen's demand but just calmly explains to his parents that he really doesn't love Xuan Xuan and even marriage will not miraculously change that.
While Mama Zhen did tries to tell Ying Jie how good of wife Xuan Xuan would be but in the end she did relent when Ying Jie insists that he feels nothing for Xuan Xuan. Judging by Mama Zhen's reaction I think she truly thinks of Ying Jie as her son. 
Even though their perfect son is all the sudden giving them grief, the Xia parents are pleasantly surprised when their troublesome youngest son is finally doing something they approve of by actively pursuing Yu Ching, the girl that he ditched during their marriage meet.

Of course Ying Qian hasn't really become the perfect son for no reason. Telling Man An his frustration that Yu Ching dares to belittle him whenever they meet, Ying Qian gleefully assures Man An that the best revenge is to make Yu Ching falls for him.

Unfortunately for Ying Qian, it took almost no time for Yu Ching to figure out Ying Qian is up to no good and decides to battle it out with him.

Back to the depressing part! Li Qi finally comes back from his business trip and is immediately puzzled when Man Li starts to avoid him at all cost.

Watching Li Qi who is unhappy because of her sudden change in attitude, Man Li is overwhelmed with guilt and self blame. Running out of her company, Man Li sobs out her anguish and begs "help me, help me."
Fortunately, Man An calls at the perfect time and rushes to Man Li's side. Listening to Man Li's self blame and fear of losing Li Qi, Man An assures her sister that she will be right by side to help her face whatever comes her way.
Thanks to Man An's encouragement to just tell Li Qi the truth and trust in his love towards her, Man Li finally blurts out the truth. Not in his wildest dream did Li Qi imagine what has been bugging Man Li is an one night stand with a complete stranger. Numbly, Li Qi mutters "I need to think about this" and leaves in a daze. Breaking down in tears again after watching Li Qi leave, Man Li doesn't have any illusions that she will see Li Qi walk through that door again.
After promising Daddy Zhen to "take care of things in a better manner with Xuan Xuan" Ying Jie presents Xuan Xuan with an offer to move her to any department and any position within the company of her choosing.

Stunned to see how far Ying Jie would go to cut off their ties, Xuan Xuan yells after Ying Jie's retreating back "I won't leave!"  Awe, Xuan Xuan is getting pathetic. 
Xuan Xuan's burning question of who Ying Jie is hiding in his heart finally has an answer when she sees Ying Jie fussing over Man An when she accidentally spills a bunch of files in her hands. Looking at Ying Jie's bright smile as he watches Man An rushing off to a business appointment, Xuan Xuan mutters "So Man An is the one."  
Xuan Xuan storms into Ying Jie's office and informs him that she already found out who he likes. Even more furious when she sees that the man who is perpetually calm under any crisis losing his cool when he hears Man An's name from her lips, Xuan Xuan ignores Ying Jie's request to "talk everything out" and walks off.
The next morning Xuan Xuan calls Man An out for a meeting and casually asks Man An several questions about the identity of the Ying Jie's mystery girl. Man An's apparent ignorance and curiosity over who the mystery girl confirms for Xuan Xuan that Man An really has no idea about Ying Jie's feeling.

After a night of trying to get in contact with Xuan Xuan, Ying Jie shows up suddenly and drags Xuan Xuan away while the two girls are in the middle of talking.
Frustrated, Ying Jie asks "Why do you insist on dragging innocent people into this mess?"
Equally angry, Xuan Xuan replies "How is Man An innocent? She is the one you love, so she is at the core of this whole thing."

Giving in, Ying Jie tells Xuan Xuan that he will do whatever she wants and will even go through with the engagement as planned.

However, now that Ying Jie is finally giving Xuan Xuan what she desires, Xuan Xuan realizes how far Ying Jie is willing to go for Man An and tells him that she needs time to think about it.
Seriously girl! There is no thinking here. Why would any sane girl marry someone who is only marrying her because of another woman?! That's like a sure recipe for a life time of unhappiness... but I guess that is pretty much the problems with 2nd leads is that they simply can't let go. 
Ying Jie comes home to see a furious Daddy Xia again who demands to know why he hasn't gone to Xuan Xuan's family to apologize. Ying Jie surprises Daddy Xia by handing him a bag containing the samples of the engagement invitation and informs him that the engagement is on again. 

Completely puzzled by Ying Jie's sudden change of heart, Daddy Xia doesn't seem to be as happy with Ying Jie's decision to go through with Xuan Xuan's engagement as one would expect. 

I really think Ying Jie's parents really does see him as their son so maybe they won't be as stuck up as one would think when it comes to Man An? Maybe? 
While helping Mama Xia to put clean clothes into Ying Jie's room, Man An accidentally finds the limited edition t-shirt that she wanted so desperately years ago. Matching the shirt size to her own and a few flash backs of some other things Ying Jie has said to her in the past, Man An starts to suspect the unthinkable thing. 
Unable to wave away the suspicion that she might be the mystery girl Ying Jie likes, Man An all but runs from Ying Jie when she comes down stairs to see him standing right in the living room. 

Immediately putting Man An's strange actions and the opened box containing the t-shirt in his closet together, Ying Jie guesses that Man An has found out his secret. 
Calling Man An out, Ying Jie hands her the t-shirt he has treasured all these years. In a matter of fact voice, Ying Jie confesses that he has liked Man An for a long long time ever since a young Man An gave him an apple to comfort him. 

Completely stunned by Ying Jie's words as he goes on to tell her how much his own emotion is swayed by hers and that he called off the engagement for her, Man An only has one question "Why did you reject me then when I confessed to you?" 

Ying Jie "We can never be together. Between you and my family, my family wins out." 

Wow, what a way to tell a girl who has harbored a crush on you for years that you liked her all along then dash all of her hope to pieces by not giving her a reason why you guys can't be together. I am not sure any girl in that situation can be expected to just nod with understanding and say "Oh, is that so. Okay, go ahead and marry that other girl when you obviously loves me." 

I was actually pretty surprised that Ying Jie decided to come clean with Man An, but then I guess he figures since Xuan Xuan already knows the truth it won't take long before Man An finds out anyway. 

Speaking of Xuan Xuan, I am really hoping she realizes how silly it is to marry Ying Jie when he has loved the same girl for over ten years even while she is absent from his life for most of it. I know the 2nd female lead is not suppose to operate rationally, but I do think based on Xuan Xuan's personality it does make sense that she is taking some time to reconsider the engagement now that Ying Jie has changed from a lonely man who just needed time to accept her into his heart to a man who has faithfully loved the same girl for a long long time. 
By the way, I wasn't paying too much attention to Ying Qian's romance story but I am starting to really like the funny interactions between him and Yu Ching since Yu Ching seems to always know the exact words to say to pop Ying Qian's ego. 

The above two pictures are one of my favorite scene in episode 19 when Ying Qian insists on going shopping with Yu Ching and is surprised when Yu Ching suddenly decides to just amicably agrees to the outing after requesting that Ying Qian gives her time to change her outfit. At first pleased how great things are going, Ying Qian's smile quickly fades when Yu Ching walks out of her house with an incredibly high heels on. Dismayed that Yu Ching is almost a whole head taller than him now, Ying Qian insists on walking on tip toes so at least the height difference is not so obvious.  


  1. i was thinking how is the relationship between yj and ma complex when they are not even in a relationship yet. I feel as though yj will begin to take action when another man appears before ma but ma looks like she is already becoming stronger and braver for the preview of next weeks episode. Anyhow i would like to see how everything unfolds. Thanks for the recap

  2. I stop watching this after the way MA and YJ couple went. I fell so bad for XX because of the way they made her to be a bad person because she the cause that trying to take YJ way from MA but really MA is the one that is taking YJ way from XX first. She should have never taken the job offer and be with YJ all the time and now she can't even control her feeling for YJ who is all ready have XX. Now XX is the bad person and MA is little miss innocent.

    I agree with XX on what she said to YJ:

    "How is Man An innocent? She is the one you love, so she is at the core of this whole thing."

    YJ should never play XX game on going through with the wedding. Later it will come back to bit him because he going to hurt MA but XX will be the one to lose all because he agree to marry her and not stop and said no. YJ will be the cause of both girls heart and XX will be more hurt than MA because we all know in the end MA is going to get with YJ.

  3. I don't think its MA fault because she loves YJ and he loves her. She never knew how yj felt and of course rather than being sad and all she became friends with xx. I don't think they are trying to make xx evil but she is not backing off, if you had someone that you did not like and you told them and you did everything you could to make them understand but they keep persisting like xx, rather than her being evil its getting annoying. yj does not belong to xx, he never liked her to begin with. And i think the actress that is playing ma is portraying her character well, cus i see people are getting angry about her character which means that she is playing it well. Overall i personally enjoy this show, i guess its not for everyone.