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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Be With You Episode 20-24 Summary

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Surprised and apprehensive to find Li Qi voluntarily coming to see her, Man Li formally apologizes to him for what she did and fully expected a request to break up to come from Li Qi at any moment. Wanting to compensate Li Qi in anyway possible, Man Li even offers to resign from her work if Li Qi can't stand the sight of her.

With great sincerity, Li Qi confesses that while he was very shocked when he found out Man Li has slept with another man when she was drunk but in the end he still loves her and knows that she loves him too.

Smiling at a completely stunned Man Li, Li Qi pulls her into his arms as she cries out how much she loves him.
The big crisis seemingly behind them, Man Li and Li Qi is ready to show off their happiness to all of their co-workers.

So Mama Ninja is wondering if Man Li is pregnant but I am actually going the completely other way and wondering if anything actually happened between Shang De and Man Li at all. Yes, they were completely naked in bed but Shang De's attitude was just too innocent and Man Li never did stayed long enough to figure out what exactly happened. Anyhow, two wild guesses there! 
Man Li's crisis "solved" for now, Man An's love crisis on the other hand is just snowballing into an avalanche.

After confessing his own crush on Man An before she even started liking him, Ying Jie goes on to tell Man An that their romance will never come to fruition since caught between his family and her, he is choosing family instead.

Unable to just let Ying Jie walk away after the bomb he just dropped, Man An tearfully asks "Do you still like me?"

Swallowing back his own tears, Ying Jie replies "I do, I have always liked you in the past and I like you now."

Running towards Ying Jie, Man An hugs him from behind and tells him "I don't care who you will be engage to but I will always like you." Unable to control his own tears falling now, Ying Ji reaches out and puts his hand over Man An's.
Ready to obediently go through the engagement with Xuan Xuan, Ying Jie shows her the engagement invitation when Xuan Xuan unexpectedly visits the house. Looking at the invitation that she once anticipated so greatly for, Xuan Xuan holds nothing back and tells Ying Jie "You only ever thinks of yourself. When I wanted to marry you, you cancelled our engagement on your own. When I didn't want to be engaged anymore, then you one sided decided to continue our engagement. Zhen Ying Jie, don't you think you have stepped over the line?"

Ying Jie tries to explain himself, but Xuan Xuan cuts him off "You don't need to explain anymore. If under such circumstance I still let you walk all over me then I will really be proving myself to be a weakling."  Okay, I take back every bad thoughts I had of Xuan Xuan. This girl is really cool! 

Turning on her heel and walking out of Ying Jie's room, Xuan Xuan confronts Mama and Daddy Zhen. Ying Jie tries to stop Xuan Xuan from pulling Man An into the whole mess, but Xuan Xuan just says "Since Ying Jie can't seems to tell you guys the name of the woman he loves then I'll do it for him."

Apprehensive and angry at the same time, Ying Jie yells at Xuan Xuan "Stop, you don't need to answer any question for me. I can speak about the woman I love deeply on my own."

Looking at his expectant family's face, Ying Jie finally confesses "Father, I am willing to be engaged to Xuan Xuan, but the one I hold in my heart, the one I love is Xia Man An."

Walking out of the Zhen household after she has formally cancelled her engagement with Ying Jie, Xuan Xuan thinks to herself "Ying Jie, I have forced out all of your courage. What on earth are you worried and scared of?"
Sheepish and feeling guilty now that she realizes she is the culprit to Xuan Xuan's trouble with Ying Jie's relationship, Man An calls Xuan Xuan out and apologizes to her. Shrugging Man An's apology aside, Xuan Xuan tells Man An that she doesn't blame her and that they are still friends no matter what. Certain of their friendship now, the two girls confer together what could possibly scare Ying Jie so bad. Not coming up with any answers, Xuan Xuan encourages Man An to not give up on her future with Ying Jie but actively pursue Ying Jie to help him overcome his problem.

Bolstered by Xuan Xuan's words, when Man An finds Ying Jie in front of her house, she bravely tells him that they should be together since they obviously like each other.
Nervous that his parents already knows Man An is the one he loves, Ying Jie shakes Man An's brave suggestion aside and tells her to just insist to everyone around her that she doesn't like him and that he is the one harboring an one sided crush on her.

Confused by Ying Jie's request, Man An loudly proclaims "But I do like you!" just as her parents come out and hears Man An's confession.

To no one's surprise, Daddy Xia yells "Xia Man An! What are you saying?!" and drags his daughter right back into the house.
Furious with Man An, Daddy Xia orders her to stay away from Ying Jie and to resign from her work the next morning. Man An's brother, tries to to tell Daddy Xia that his concerns are antiquated but Daddy Xia insists that Man An liking Ying Jie is equivalent of them betraying Daddy Zhen who has given their family so much.

Back in their room, a calmer Daddy Xia tells his wife that someone like Daddy Zhen will never accept Man An as a daughter-in-law and if he needs to be a bad guy to save his daughter from a happy life then so be it. Wow, that surprised me. I fully expected Daddy Xia to be a stick in the mud about this, but at the end of the day he is just a dad who loves his daughter and wants her to avoid the heart ache he can clearly see that's ahead of her. 
Apparently both Ying Jie and Daddy Xia's fears are not unfounded since the very next day a smiling Daddy Zhen calmly fires Daddy Xia by "suggesting" early retirement to an employee/friend who has worked for him for over twenty years.

Ying Jie tries to get his father to reconsider his decision to fire Daddy Xia but Daddy Zhen furiously yells back "For you, for you I just ended a twenty year friendship! Can you give up Xia Man An or don't you want to be my son anymore."
I really don't think Daddy Zhen is trying to hint that Ying Jie is someone that could be tossed aside just because he is adopted but from Ying Jie's point of view his father of course has just confirmed his worst fear. 

Upset to find out that her father has lost his job because of her, Man An wants to go talk to Daddy Zhen to change his mind, but Daddy Xia stops her.
Daddy Xia goes on to tell Man An that he completely understands Daddy Zhen's actions since as a dad he knows that his old boss is just trying the best he knows how to give the son he loves everything he thinks Ying Jie deserves. Gaining an understanding of her father's and even Daddy Zhen's love towards their kids, Man An sobs as she watches Daddy Xia walking away.
Ignorant of the chaos that her husband has just caused, Mama Zhen is happily celebrating with Mama Xia once the two women figure out that they are just happy to see their kids find someone they love. Unlike her husband, Mama Zhen sees no issue with Man An's background, in fact she was more worried that Man An wouldn't like Ying Jie.

However, the happy atmosphere is soon cut short when Daddy Xia shows up to politely but firmly drag his wife home.
Mama Zhen's anger that her husband has fired her best friend developed into a full blown marriage crisis when Daddy Zhen tells his wife that he is opposed to Man An because she can't be of "help" to Ying Jie's professional life. (So meaning because of Man An's background she won't be bring wealth and power into the marriage.) Taking great offense, Mama Zhen incredulously asks "Are you saying when you married me it wasn't for love but because I am useful to you?!"
Boy, any man at at this point should be backpedaling as fast as he can. 

Daddy Zhen gives some feeble excuses, but his wife is too angry to listen to reason and locks him out of their bedroom.

Standing in his office, all Ying Jie can think about is his fear of losing his family ever since he found out the shocking truth that he is not his parents' biological son.
Calling an family meeting, Daddy Xia is trying to figure out a way to pay back Zhen family the five hundred thousand N.T that Daddy Zhen has lend to them as a down payment for their house. Since almost everyone in the family is opposed to selling their house, the Xia family decides to refinance their house after everyone tries to pitch in what they can scrap up.
While Man An is still trying to figure out a way to help her family, she receives an urgent call from Ying Qian telling her that Ying Jie has gone missing. Searching high and low, Man An and her brother finally finds a drunk Ying Jie passed out on his boat.
Not daring to take him home nor take him to her house, Man An leaves Ying Jie in the care of her brother at a hotel. The next morning, Man An shows up with breakfast and the two decides to spend the day together.

Ying Jie takes Man An to his family's boating factory and recounts how carefully he watched his father every move when he was little in hopes that when he grows up he could become the kind of leader his father wanted. Ying Jie asks Man An if she hates him for not having the courage to fight for their love, but Man An tells him that the moment she found out how long he has loved her there is nothing he could do that would make her hate him. Urging Ying Jie to tell her what is truly bothering him, Man An holds up her hand and promises "No matter how big or how scary your secret is, I promise I won't leave you but will stay by your side. I swear I won't abandon you."
Walking with Man An by the dock, Ying Jie slowly tells her about his childhood memory of finding his birth certificate and his subsequent confirmation through DNA testing that he really is not his parents' biological child.

Ying Jie "Without the blood tie, I can't be like my brother who live so freely because Ying Qian is the real son of Zhen family. I am a 32 year old man, but even now I am still like the 13 year old child that yearns to be like everyone else and have parents who love me. Is that really too much to ask?"

Aching for Ying Jie's pain, Man An tearfully hugs him again but this time it is an embrace of comfort and support.
Ying Jie goes home to be greeted by his much relieved brother that he is finally back home so he doesn't have to hide Ying Jie's whereabouts from their father.
Ignorant that he is rubbing salt on his brother's wound, Ying Qian asks Ying Jie "Don't you think dad is scary cold. How can he just fire Daddy Xia who has been with him for over twenty years just like that? Is like all those years didn't matter..."

Back in the safety of his room, Ying Jie mutters to himself "It's all going to be alright. I just need to keep being obedient than everything will be okay."
Confiding Ying Jie's big secret to her sister, Man An makes the daring decision that she is going to do something big that will force Daddy Zhen to show if he truly thinks of Ying Jie as his son or is his fatherly love hinges on the total obedience Ying Jie gives him. Worried about her little sister, Man Li asks "You might get hurt for doing this... and what if Daddy Zhen fails your test?" 

Giving a brave smile, Man An replies "I know I might get hurt and I am prepared for that. And if Daddy Zhen fails the test, then I will leave Ying Jie and give him back the family he always wanted." 

The next morning, Man An marches right into Ying Jie's office and hands him her resignation. Calmly, Ying Jie tells her "This is for the best." Smiling, Man An tells him "I know, but it is also to show you how much I love you. And now I am going to do something to fight for our love... run away with me." 

Speechless, Ying Jie tries to stop Man An's talk of running away together but with a very determined face, Man An just tells him to leave everything to her. 
Clueless that his fatherly love is about to be tested, Daddy Zhen calls Man An for a meeting and offers her a check for a large amount of money in the name of helping her to establish her own company. Not mincing words, Man An politely asks Daddy Zhen if the money is to get her to stay away from Ying Jie. A bit taken back but nonetheless pleased with Man An's frank but polite attitude, Daddy Zhen admits that while Man An is a great girl but she is not a good match for what he desires for his own son. 

Nodding with understanding, Man An promises Daddy Zhen that she will consider his request and leaves without taking the check with her. 

That night, Ying Jie comes back home and offers to cook something for his dad (because Mama Zhen is still angry with her husband), but stops in mid action when Daddy Zhen says "I met with Man An today..." 


I am starting to get frustrated with Ying Jie's character because like Xuan Xuan said he really does kinda do whatever he wants regardless what everyone else desires. However, I will admit that judging by Xuan Xuan and Man An's actions, that really is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Mama Ninja is totally on Ying Jie's side though since she thinks Ying Jie's craving for parental love is very understandable. 

Anyhow, I am very surprised Xuan Xuan turned from a very possible villain character into the coolest woman in the show. I am feeling so friendly towards Xuan Xuan right now that I would be completely on board if the writer goes off on a tangent and writes Xuan Xuan's romance life into the show as well. 

As far as Daddy Zhen passing Man An's test, I am leaning on the side that Daddy Zhen truly thinks of Ying Jie as his son but the man is just so used to expecting great things from the son who is 100% obedient to him so I guess one can't really blame him for thinking he can railroad over Ying Jie's love life. But then I think Daddy Zhen should be focusing more on his own love life since I am predicting his once placid wife is not going to stay that way now that she is starting to wonder if he married her with dollars signs in his eyes. 


  1. Great recap. What is the big test she plays on doing? And in a preview i see her leaving? I have a feeling that he will pass the text and she will end up leaving and thats how the other guy comes in.

    1. The test is her asking Ying Jie to "run away" with her and she wants to see how Daddy Zhen will react when Ying Jie does something that big. If Daddy Zhen fails test = if you leave with that girl then I am not your father anymore then Man An is going to leave Ying Jie so he can go back to being the obedient son.

      In a way, that's not really a fair test b/c even biological parents could threaten to disown their kids when they are angry or as a ploy to get their kids to okay, but Man An figures this is the best one to solve Ying Jie's fear once and for all.

  2. This is so good and I feel so proud that Taiwanese dramas have gone such a long way from villainous 2nd leads to totally rootable ones!