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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Be With You Episode 24-29 Summary

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Be With You Episode 24-29 Summary
Dismayed to see Shang De in front of her, Man Li refuses his request to talk privately. Determined to talk to Man Li, Shang De decides to confess right there that nothing ever happened between the two of them but it was all a prank set up by his drunken friends. (Ha! I won the bet between Mama Ninja and I. She thought Man Li was pregnant but I was guessing maybe nothing actually happened.)

Angry to know that all her heart ach was just the result of a prank, Man Li starts to yell at Shang De, but before Man Li could get too worked up Li Qi shows up out of nowhere and punches poor Shang De.

At first furious, Shang De’s anger quickly dies when he realizes Li Qi is Man Li’s boyfriend and accepts the punches as his dues.
Looking at Li Qi who is trying to calm himself down, Man Li quietly asks “It actually really bothered you didn't it?” (She is talking about her “one night stand”)

Getting his emotions under control again, Li Qi answers “I am just a man… an ordinary man. So it did bother me a lot. But if I told you that, it would've just added to your guilt and I don’t want that.”

Moved by Li Qi’s words, Man Li promptly promises that she will never drink again unless he is around.

Poor Li Qi, just when everything looks like is right back on track and a happy ending is on the horizon again, Shang De is back in Man Li's life again.  By chance, Shange De ends up helping Daddy Xia to get a job at his company. All parties completely in the dark what fate has set up for them, Shang De happily agrees to go have dinner at Daddy Xia’s home sometime in the future while Man Li readily agrees to have the nice stranger who helped her dad over for dinner.
Man An’s older brother Man Wu finally proposes to his girlfriend Xin Ru but is completely stunned when she refuses him. 

Eavesdropping in Man Li’s conversation with Xin Ru, Man Wu realizes that his girlfriend doesn't feel safe with him when it comes to their economic stability and vows to change his ways.
Looking at the train ticket Man An gave him for their “elopement”, Ying Jie can’t seem to make up his mind especially after Daddy Zhen tells him to show up for an important meeting that very same morning.

On the appointed morning, instead of going to the train station to meet Man An, Ying Jie chose to go to the meeting as Daddy Zhen wanted him to.

Glad to catch Ying Jie on his own, Mama Zhen tells him about how happy she would be if Ying Jie and Man An are together. When Ying Jie express his worry about Daddy Zhen, Mama Zhen assures him “It will be a long battle with your father, but I will help you. Things are possible if you just change your tactic sometimes. I am now learning cooking from Mama Xia, so she is back in our house everyday and your dad hasn't opposed it. So see, you just need to patient and change the way you approach your dad.”
The next day, Ying Jie pleasantly surprises Man An by showing up at her grandmother’s house. The romance that sprouted during Man An and Ying Jie's childhood seems to finally come to a full circle…until grandma shows up. 

Not trusting the man who left her precious granddaughter waiting at the train station in vain, Man An’s grandmother gives Ying Jie endless amount of grunt work as her “test.”

Worried about Ying Jie who spends most of his days signing papers instead of working in an orchard, Man An takes every opportunity she can to help him… which resulted in an accidental kiss. Yap, being helpful always comes with good rewards.
Shocked to hear from Ying Jie that he has “eloped” with Man An, Mama Zhen hurries down to the orchard in order to convince Ying Jie to come home before Daddy Zhen gets back from his business trip.

Mama Zhen tries to tell Ying Jie that while she is fully supportive of him and Man An being together but the way to change his father’s mind is through small steps not elopmentment. Shaking his head, Ying Jie calmly replies that Daddy Zhen has already makes it very clear that if he chose Man An then he is giving up his status as Daddy Zhen’s son. Mama Zhen and Ying Qian both try to assure Ying Jie that Daddy Zhen was just sprouting angry words because he will always be the son of the Zhen family but Ying Jie shocks both of them by saying “No I won’t. Yin Qian will always be the son of the Zhen family but I am just an adopted child with no Zhen blood in me.”

Her heart pierced to the core to hear from Ying Jie’s own mouth that he found out about his adoption since the age of 13, Mama Zhen sits in stunned silence as she realizes Ying Jie has been living in fear of being abandoned. Pulling herself together, Mama Zhen tells Ying Jie that she has always considered him to be a precious blessing so he is just as important to her as Yin Qian is. 
Daddy Zhen comes home to find Ying Jie gone and his wife racked with guilt for the pain her son has suffered for nearly twenty years while she has lived in blissful ignorance.

In the mean time, Ying Qian who is also in shock turns to Mama Xia for comfort but ends up being the one comforting Mama Xia when she finds out that Man An’s visit to her grandmother’s is actually an elopement.
Knowing Daddy Zhen has surly found out about their elopement, Man An confesses to Ying Jie that her true intention was to make Ying Jie stop being the perfect child in order to help him see how much his family still loves him even if he go against their will.

Shaking his head, Ying Jie holds no illusions that Daddy Zhen will react the same way Mama Zhen and Ying Qian did towards him. Worried, Man An offers to hurry back so she can explain the whole thing to Daddy Zhen. Pulling Man An into an embrace, Ying Jie tells her that he is sure of his decision and wants to start living his own life now. 

In a rather surprising move (at least to me), Daddy Zhen allows Ying Jie to temporarily move in to the house. Worried that Man An would receive a tongue lashing from her husband, Mama Xia asks her daughter what Daddy Xia said. However, Man An just tells her mother that after making sure she has told him everything she knows Daddy Xia only said one thing “Kids just doesn't understand their parent’s heart.”
Rushing into the office to prepare for a meeting, Ying Jie is shocked when he sees Daddy Zhen sitting at his seat already.


This first few epsiodes of this week were kinda slow since the story focused on the side characters mostly but by ep. 29 I was crying buckets along with Mama Zhen. I actually feel more pity towards Mama Zhen right now because it must have hurt to have her illusion of a happy home crumbling right in front of her. One obviously can’t exactly blames the 13 year old Ying Jie for his fears of being abandoned but then I also feels like his parents’ might have cause to feel a bit betrayed by Ying Jie's fears when they have loved him liked their own. Of course depending on what Daddy Zhen does in the next episode I might have to eat my words. However, judging by what Daddy Xia’s words of “Children doesn't understand their parent’s heart” I am thinking Daddy Xia really does love Ying Jie as his own.

So now the big question is: “Will Ying Jie stick with his resolve to choose Man An over his family or is he going to buckle under pressure?” My personal wild guess is that maybe something will happen to Daddy Zhen or to the company and it will force Ying Jie to choose his family over Man An… at least temporarily. 

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  1. Yeah, I'm sure they will still face a lot of obstacles since there's still a long way to the end :-( Meanwhile, I'm more interested in Man Li and Li Qi's storyline :)