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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Be With You Episode 30-34 Summary

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Sitting at Ying Jie's desk Daddy Zhen coolly tells Ying Jie "There is no one that is a necessary existence.... unless that person is family. This company doesn't need you, you can leave now."

Despite Daddy Zhen's brave words though, judging by the sadness on his face, he is not as unaffected by Ying Jie's departure as he let's on.

Thinking he is really on his own now, Ying Jie starts his search for a new job. However, whatever future Ying Jie had planned was quickly cut short when Daddy Zhen passes out and is rushed to the hospital.

Fortunately, the doctor was able to assure everyone that Daddy Zhen is not in danger of dying and is recovering nicely.
Perhaps soften by his near death experience, Daddy Zhen finally pours out his true feeling to Ying Jie.
Daddy Zhen "We didn't tell you the truth about your birth because you WERE our son. It was a none issue to us. If I didn't think you were my own then why would I entrust the company I have built through sweat and blood to you? If I didn't think of you as my own then why would I do everything I can to help you when I realize you have a vision for the company? Is thirty-two years of love and memory together mean so little that everything could be wiped away just because we are not your birth parents? Who?! Who is really the one acting like we are not a family I ask you?!"

Clutching Daddy Zhen's hand, Ying Jie finally breaks down and sob out his apology.
Having heard the whole father and son conversation, Mama Zhen, Man An and Daddy Xia look at one another in happiness.

His fear and doubts permanently wiped away, Ying Jie stands in his office once again but this time he has returned fully convinced that he has the right to be there.
Peering closely at Ying Jie's eyes, Man An declares him to be free of the shackles of secrets that used to darken his eyes. Smiling brightly, Ying Jie sincerely thank Man An for helping him to see that his parents truly love him.

With the crisis over, Mama Zhen was able to successfully convince Mama Xia to come back to work at the Zhen household. Daddy Zhen also extends the same invitation to Daddy Xia, but Daddy Xia turns it down because he feels obligated to work at his new job. Hmm... I can't tell if Daddy Zhen is still oppose to Ying Jie and Man An or not. 
Tired of her inability to shake off Ying Qian no matter what embarrassing situation she place him in, Yu Ching decides to trick Yin Qian into thinking they are going skinny dipping in a swimming pool. Taking Yu Ching's suggestion as the sign the she has accepted him, Ying Qian eagerly takes off all his cloth and jumps into the pool... only to be surprised when a bunch of parents show up with their kids to come swimming.

A furious Ying Qian confronts Yu Ching and lays out everything he has done to show his sincerity towards her but in return Yu Ching has only ever toyed with him.
Surprised by Ying Qian's outburst, Yu Ching finally feels a sense of guilt for everything she has done and formally apologizes to him. Waving Yu Ching's apology aside, Ying Qian eagerly tells her now that they are friends they could start dating for real. Stunned by the fact that Ying Qian would still want to date her, Yu Ching agrees that they could start as friends first.
Worried about a puppy that is trapped underneath a truck, Ying Qian climbs right underneath the car in total disregard for his clothes. Watching Ying Qian who only has thoughts of the puppy's safety, Yu Ching decides to adopt the puppy and becomes "co-parent" with Ying Qian.
Man Li and Shang De finally see each other again when Daddy Xia invites Shang De over for dinner. Dismayed to know that her precious daughter suffered so much because of Shang De's friends, Mama Xia chides Shang De.

Fortunately for Shang De, Daddy Xia realizes that Shang De was really also a victim of the prank and assures Shang De that he still thinks of him fondly.
After being chastised by her father for her part in the prank, Man Li also softens her attitude towards Shang De but assures a slightly jealous Li Qi that she will keep her distance from Shang De. Hmm... Li Qi is coming off a bit controlling here. 
Excited to go home with Li Qi to visit his parents, Man Li is disappointed when Li Qi all the sudden has to cancel his vacation for work. Turns out, Li Qi's work is to welcome home his company president's daughter Xiang Ning who is actually an old friend to Li Qi. Things gets complicated when Shang De meets with Xiang Ning for dinner (Xuan Xuan is there too) and realizes Li Qi is the boyfriend Xiang Ning wanted to introduce to them.

Feeling the need to figure things out because of his friendship with Daddy Xia, Shang De confronts Li Qi and Xiang Ning separately. Admitting that she knew all along that Li Qi has a girlfriend, Xiang Ning freely confesses to Shang De of her intention to steal Li Qi from Man Li.

Back to our two leads. True to his exact and careful personality, Ying Jie tries to prove his love for Man An by writing a contract promising that he will only look at Man An from now on and not give up on their love no matter what difficulty lays ahead of them. Dang, doesn't that always means the promise will be broken at some point? 
Ying Jie takes Man An to a lake to find the lucky five leaf clover so they could fulfill the legend that the clover would mean their love will prosper forever. Man An does manage to find the lucky clover... but ends up falling into the lake soon after and the two love birds had to go to a nearby hotel to dry up. 
Our couple is quickly summoned home when Ying Jie let it slip while talking to Mama Xia on the phone that they are in a hotel and that her daughter is in the shower. 

Facing the unusually severe Mama Xia, Ying Jie obediently promises that he will not do anything that is remotely intimate with Man An unless he could get all the parents' permission.  
Taking everything Man An says to heart, Ying Jie spends hours at an arcade to get a lion stuff animal for her. 

Touched by Ying Jie's thoughtful gift, Man An walks with Ying Jie while holding his hands. Reminding Man An of their promise to Mama Xia, Ying Jie laughs when Man An decides that they could just hold the lion's paws. 
Really, not even holding hands?? I am starting to feel like our lead's romance is turning into an elementary school romance...
Determined to prove to Daddy Zhen that she can become someone that can be a helpmate to Ying Jie, Man An decides to get a job in the ship building industry. 

Sitting in his office expecting to meet with a factory representative, Ying Jie looks up in surprise when the factory representative's assistant introduces herself "Hi, I am the assistant, Xia Man An." 

I wonder why no one is asking Daddy Zhen if he still opposes Ying Jie and Man An being together. I just can't see Daddy Zhen being so stubborn in his opposition especially if Mama Zhen would join in to convince Daddy Zhen. Oh, well, I am not one to complain about having more time for all the sweet scenes... albeit I really feel like I am watching an innocent high school romance. 
 By the way, did anyone else cry buckets over Daddy Zhen's hospital bed speech? I really wished the director had Ying Jie shown more emotion because it seemed a bit unreal that he could be that calm under the circumstance. 

On Man Li's front, I hope the show knows what they are doing because as a viewer I am starting to sway towards Shang De as Man Li's love line. Not that Li Qi is bad at all, but as a character he really is not as interesting as Shang De... which is terrible since it is obvious that the show is pretty firm that Man Li will end up with Li Qi. 

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  1. Well, I feel that for someone like Man Li, she probably doesn't like thrills and would prefer stability, so it's no wonder why she would choose Li Qi even though Shang De might be more interesting.