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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 5-6 Recap & 2nd Impression

Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 5-6
Falling right along their co-worker's imagination, Cheok Hee and Jeong Woo's sting operation does end up landing them in the same hotel room... unfortunately other than a kinda "charged" moment while Jeong Woo is putting a patch on Cheok Hee's back our two leads are still fighting like cats and dogs. Although I love the fact that despite all of Jeong Woo's show of  dislike for Cheok Hee he still went and got her meds for her back all on his own. 

Being sensitive to Cheok Hee's feelings, Jeong Woo lets her take the lead in a meeting with some of their clients. Things however didn't go as Jeong Woo hoped and the client slaps Cheok Hee for daring to speak as a lowly assistant. 

Cheok Hee yells at Jeong Woo accusing him of setting up the whole thing to shame her and brings up Jeong Woo's betrayal again. Shaking his head in frustration, Jeong Woo can't believe Cheok Hee still insists that he is the culprit but doesn't bother to defend himself. 
It doesn't take long for Cheok Hee to figure out that she has blamed the wrong person all these years when she runs into a girl who used to work for her and realizes the girl betrayed her to get a job at Chairman Bong's law firm. (Chairman Bong is Min Gyu's father, Min Gyu is Cheok Hee's boss)

Taking Jeong Woo out for a meal, Cheok Hee sheepishly apologizes to Jeong Woo for wrongly accusing him of something he didn't do. Accepting Cheok Hee's apology gruffly, it looks like Cheok Hee and Jeong Woo's relationship has improved a bit. 
However, in the eye of one of Cheok Hee's co-worker, Jeong Woo and Cheok Hee's relationship has not only improved but has sky rocketed to an office romance especially when the co-worker catches the two laughing in an intimate manner. Actually Cheok Hee's hair was caught in the copy machine and an impatient Jeong Woo was trying to help her free herself. 
Fanned by her co-worker's suggestion that Jeong Woo is harboring a crush on her, Cheok Hee decides to be the bigger woman and be the first one to "allow" Jeong Woo to date her. However, when Cheok Hee excitedly shows up at Jeong Woo's house she is stunned to find Lawyer Jo Soo Ah there already. Shocked to see that apparently Jeong Woo is already living with Soo Ah, Cheok Hee quickly makes some lame excuse and runs off. 
Soo Ah is Jeong Woo's childhood friend who has a crush on him. Soo Ah also works for Chairman Bong as well so she shows up a lot around Min Gyu as well. 
Horrified by the embarrassing situation she found herself in, Cheok Hee is ready to bury herself in a hole. Convinced that Jeong Woo probably saw right through her act and guessed that she was about to confess to him, Cheok Hee whines to Min Gyu about her crisis. 
Min Gyu jumps on the perfect opportunity that has been presented to him by telling Cheok Hee that they will solve her crisis by posing as a couple. Showing up at the office with an enormous rose arrangement, Min Gyu proudly presents Cheok Hee as "My woman!" 

Using her woman's sixth sense, Soo Ah senses something is off and decides to show up at Cheok Hee's work to confront Cheok Hee about her intention towards Jeong Woo.  Fortunately, Cheok Hee was able to quickly use Min Gyu's new fake status as her boyfriend to fool Soo Ah. 
Convinced that both of them are already taken, things between Cheok Hee and Jeong Woo seems to be back to normal... until Jeong Woo accepts a case from a woman who wants to get a divorce because her husband has never kissed her. 

Feeling strongly that his client shouldn't ask for a divorce just based on lack of kissing, Jeong Woo gets into a heated argument with Cheok Hee who insists that kissing equals love. 

Taunting Jeong Woo that since kissing equals love, then there is no way Jeong Woo can kiss someone he doesn't love. 

In the midst of Cheok Hee's "See, you can't do it! You can't do it!"

All the sudden Jeong Woo sweeps in and kisses Cheok Hee. 
Having seen the kiss, a rather disgruntled Min Gyu tells Cheok Hee that even as a fake boyfriend he doesn't want to be seen as a man who can't handle his woman. 

The next day things are decidedly awkward between Cheok Hee and Jeong Woo, especially when everything around them seems to conspire against them to remind them about their "kiss".  
Out on a company dinner with all of his co-workers, Jeong Woo couldn't help but focuses on Cheok Hee's lips with every word she speaks.  
Going bunkers over his fascination with Cheok Hee's lips, Jeong Woo yells "Come to your senses! Why are you like this?!" 

In the mean time, Cheok Hee is not faring much better as she sits at home alone and mutters "He is already taken, he is already taken." 
Despite the awkwardness between the two, Jeong Woo still ends up relenting when Cheok Hee talks him into showing up at her "friend's" tv show. Surprised to find out after the filming that Jeong Woo absolutely hates public appearances, Cheok Hee can't help but be moved when Jeong Woo shyly admits that he agreed because he was afraid Cheok Hee would get in trouble with her friend if he didn't show up. 
Motivated by his client who finally conquered his terror of kissing, Jeong Woo decides to attempt conquering his own terror of riding in trains. 

Regrettably, Jeong Woo's attempt didn't go well at all and Cheok Hee ends up rushing to the train station to help him. Grasping Cheok Hee's hand tightly, Jeong Woo tries to use Cheok Hee's trick she just taught him by naming all the things he love. Thanks to Cheok Hee's support, Jeong Woo is finally able to walk out of the train station on shaky legs as he mutters "Egg roll, peppermint candy...". 
More suggestive gestures (albeit accidental) between our two leads as they ride the taxi back to Jeong Woo's house. 

Soo Ah shows up just in time to see Jeong Woo holding Cheok Hee's arm to thank her for all the help she gave him. 
This show is so good at injecting so much meaning into these little gestures. 
Going their separate way, Cheok Hee goes back home to spend her evening with Min Gyu (they are next door neighbors) while Jeong Woo spends his with Soo Ah. 
It is interesting to note that Cheok Hee refused quite strongly when Min Gyu suggests taking a train ride together. I think all the clues points to Cheok Hee as the one who saved Jeong Woo during the train accident.  
Determined to show off his status as Cheok Hee's boyfriend, Min Gyu tricks all his employees into going to Cheok Hee's apartment so they can notice the various personal things he purposefully placed in her house. 

Not one to take Min Gyu's challenge lying down, Jeong Woo casually tells Cheok Hee to bring out the "special drink" Cheok Hee's father left for him the last time he visited. Ha, I love Min Gyu's expression of "what?!" 
Cheok Hee catches Jeong Woo stumping on Min Gyu's pillow he placed in her room and in the tug of war the two end up on the bed ... in an extremely suggestive position. 

Holding his hand over his chest after Cheok Hee scrambled off, Jeong Woo tries to calm his racing heart. 
As the night comes to a close, Cheok Hee is caught between going off with Jeong Woo to visit a client at the hospital or keep her promise to Min Gyu by going boating with him. In the end, Cheok Hee decides to keep her distance from Jeong Woo and go with Min Gyu instead.

A rather dejected Jeong Woo walks on the street and all the sudden perks up when he spots a chucky doll a street vendor is selling. The chucky doll is Cheok Hee's doll of choice and one she keeps on top of her office desk. 
The sight of the chucky doll finally gives Jeong Woo courage and the fear of losing Cheok Hee allows Jeong Woo to conquer his fear as he race into the train station. 

Arriving just in time to see Cheok Hee and Min Gyu on the train, Jeong Woo stops right at the door and yells "Don't go!". 
Flustered by the urgency in Jeong Woo's manner, Cheok Hee asks "Why? Why?"
Looking right at Cheok Hee, Jeong Woo mutters "Egg roll, peppermint candy..."
As the door close between them, Jeong Woo says "Go Cheok Hee."
Ha! The boy finally admits that he likes her!!! 

Surprise, surprise. This show is really shaping up to be a great watch. Not only is the chemistry between the two leads just sizzling but I am also quite intrigued by the two second leads. This is probably one of the few shows that I actually really like the seconds leads and in a way either of them could become the lead if this was a different story. I especially find Min Gyu such an interesting character. It is obvious by now that Min Gyu has liked Cheok Hee for a long time, but what puzzles me is why he has kept himself in the "friend" status for so long without pursuing her until now. In fact, even now he is still not telling Cheok Hee his feeling clearly so she just assumes he is fooling around no matter what. 

Another thing I am curious about is Jeong Woo's past with Cheok Hee. As much as his time with Cheok Hee as her assistant seems to be a horrible experience for Jeong Woo but one can't help but notice that there is always something extra in Jeong Woo's attitude towards Cheok Hee even way back then. It makes me wonder if maybe Jeong Woo already had  developed some feelings for Cheok Hee years ago but maybe it was just buried too deeply under the fear?  


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