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Friday, May 15, 2015

Ex-Girlfriend Club Episode 1-2 Recap & First Impression

What started out as an assassination attempt set in the historic times is all the sudden interrupted with the appearance of a camera crew. Turns out, in order to persuade one of the actress to sign a contract with her company our heroine Kim Soo Jin has sneaked in as an extra and smiles in triumph when her mission is a success.

Only listening with half a ear to her assistant, Eun Hye's endless chattering about their boss's contract with the recently popular webtoon romance writer, Soo Jin's attention is all the sudden caught when she realizes the writer's name is Bang Myeong Soo - her ex-boyfriend.

Unable to help the little excitement that keeps bubbling up as she goes to meet Myeong Soo, Soo Jin is a bit taken back when Myseong Soo greets her like a long lost friend. Assuming Soo Jin is meeting some guy at the coffee shop (he doesn't realize she is the producer he is suppose to meet), Myeong Soo wonders out loud who is the brave man who dares to date Soo Jin. Glad that at least Myeong Soo seems to still have her phone number, Soo Jin's happiness turns to dust when Myeong Soo scrolls through a whole bunch of other number under the name of Soo Jin that is not her.
Soon the little disappointment she received from Myeong Soo is overshadowed by the fact her boss has taken out a huge amount of debt in the company's name. Facing bankruptcy and being chased by loan sharks (albeit, kinda polite ones) Soo Jin couldn't help but sob out her frustration.
Myeong Soo hears of the trouble Soo Jin's company is facing and decides to give back the contract fee he received. Furious that Myeong Soo is not only breaking their contract but also jumping over to the company of her arch enemy, Soo Jin mince no words in letting Myeong Soo how disappointed she is of him.

Soo Jin's disappointed face still vivid in his mind, Myeong Soo makes the surprising decision to NOT sign with Soo Jin's arch enemy.
Totally repentant now that she knows Myeong Soo has changed his mind and stay with her company, Soo Jin is eager to do everything she can to keep Myeong Soo happy. However, in their celebratory mood and under the influence of a whole lot of alcohol Soo Jin ends up convincing Myeong Soo to text all of his girlfriend to tell them about the fact he is about to turn his past with them into a movie.
Next morning, still suffering from a fierce hangover Soo Jin is flabbergasted when when she finds a succession of Myeong Soo's ex-girlfriends showing up.

The first to come is Na Ji A = aka The Cat. The noona of the group who just recently returned from overseas after her divorce. Myeong Soo seems to genuinely thinks of Ja A as family. 
Follows by Ra Ra = aka The Fox. An aspiring actress who likes to kiss Myeong Soo and talk later.  
And the last but not the least Jang Hwa Young = aka The Lion. An executive of a large corporation and seems to harbor a lot of resentment towards Myeong Soo.  Ha, I love how Lee Yoon Ji really does look like a lion with her expression and her hair style! 
Completely dismayed that her drunken words has brought out all of Myeong Soo's exes, Soo Jin has no choice but to abandon Myeong Soo when the loan sharks shows up again.

Disgusted that Myeong Soo is not only making their past into a movie but has decided to go with such a shabby company, all of Myeong Soo's ex-girlfriends form a united front in opposing the movie being made.
Not gaining much ground in convincing Myeong Soo's exes to agree to the movie production, Soo Jin is hurt when she catches Myeong Soo talking in a cozy manner with her arch enemy and assumes it explains Myeong Soo's recent mysterious disappearances.

Feeling ridiculous that Soo Jin would think he has jump ship behind her back, Myeong Soo finally comes clean and tells Soo Jin that he was only referring another writer to her arch enemy. Taking Soo Jin to Ji A's (the cat) club, Myeong Soo confesses that his mysterious disappearance is to help Ji A whose club is short on hand. 
At first grumpy with Myeong Soo for hiding things from her, Soo Jin is soon too overwhelmed with joy to be angry any more when she gets a phone call informing her that a large firm has just decided to invest in the their movie.

However, Soo Jin's good "luck" didn't come without a price since Hwa Young (the loin) is actually the person who was behind the whole investment deal and insists that she be part of the movie production. In a meeting with Myeong Soo, Hwa Young warns him to keep her identity a secret in the movie since there is someone she really wants to marry and the last thing she wants is for her past with Myeong Soo to be exposed.
Knowing she has to figure out a way to bound with Myeong Soo's exes so she can convince them to stop opposing the movie, Soo Jin finally tells the girls the truth that she is also one of Myeong Soo's ex-girlfriend and even confesses that she has never slept with Myeong Soo.

A rather hesitant and maybe a bit scared Myeong Soo shows up to find all of his ex-girlfriends drinking happily with Soo Jin.
Winking at Myeong Soo, all of his exes tell him that they already found out there is one more person after the cat, the fox and the lion.

Puzzled, Myeong Soo replies "There is no one after you three. I only had three girlfriends"  Silence falls as all of the girls whip around to look at Soo Jin as it dawns on them, including Soo Jin herself what Myeong Soo's words meant.
Wordlessly, Soo Jin walks out of the room and in a fit of anger tosses Myeong Soo's shoes into a dirt puddle. Still not finished, Soo Jin storms back in, pushes Myeong Soo violently aside and yells at the girls "Don't get in the way of my movie! Or I will kill you all!"


Ouch! I literally took five minutes just cringing for Soo Jin after realizing Myeong Soo never even considered her as a girlfriend... guess that explained why they never slept together.
My interest is definitely piqued after watching Ex-Girlfriend Club's first two episodes. Despite being set up episodes where lots of characters are introduced in succession, the show moves smoothly and at a fast clip. 

So far, I am really intrigued by Myeong Soo's character. As Soo Jin points out, it is a mystery why Myeong Soo is such a women magnet when he really is not THAT good looking nor does he have an impressive background. At this point, out of all of Myeong Soo's exes, it feels like maybe he still has some lingering feeling for Hwa Young - the lion while sadly our heroine Soo Jin is squarely in the buddy category. Judging by the interactions between Myeong Soo and his exes, he doesn't seem like your usual jerky guy who needs a wake up call but someone who really cares about these women even after their relationship ended. 

Anyhow, too early to say if this one is a winner yet but I am definitely planning to watch the next two episodes. 


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