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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ex Girlfriend Club Episode 3-6 Summary & 2nd Impression

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After finding out in front of all of Myeong Soo's exes that she apparently was never a girlfriend in Myeong Soo's eyes, Soo Jin doesn't take the revelation kindly and dumps a bag of garbage right over his head. 

Things gets worse for Soo Jin the next day when Myeong Soo's exes start to make little jabs at Soo Jin's wound by reminding her that she was never Myeong Soo's girlfriend so how could she be a good script writer for the movie. Pushed to the brink, Soo Jin tearfully tells Myeong Soo that she can't be friends with him and they should not meet each other anymore. 

Wanting to fix things for Soo Jin, Myeong Soo shows up at Hwa Young's (Lion) work and pretty much threatens to expose himself to her fiancee until Hwa Young agrees to let Myeong Soo be the new script writer.  
Unfortunately for Myeong Soo, by becoming the script writer means he is now inundated with demands from his exes that they are "beautified" in the movie. Specifically, Hwa Young (Lion) is very concerned that her crazy antics while she was dating Myeong Soo are not revealed. I love how crazy they made her! Picture 1: Myeong Soo was scared out of his mind when he goes home to find a drenched Hwa Young sitting in the dark asking "Why didn't you pick up your phone?" Picture 2: Hwa Young running around in the middle of the street and stopping traffic while throwing fit. 3. Hwa Young tracks Myeong Soo to the cemetery and scares all the elderly when she waves her arm wildly asking "Why didn't you pick up the phone?" 
Unwilling to change the script at the whims of his girlfriends, Myeong Soo convinces Soo Jin to give separate versions of the script to the girls. Unfortunately, Myeong Soo's jig is quickly exposed when Hwa Young's fiancee (also her boss) comes home from a business trip and tells her how much he enjoyed the ridiculous acts of the Lion in the story. 

Furious to find out that her most embarrassing parts is laid out for all to see, Hwa Young launch herself at Myeong Soo and all the girls end up getting in a hair pulling fight. Still not appeased, Hwa Young fires both Soo Jin and Myeong Soo from the movie production. 
Hoping to change Hwa Young's mind, Myeong Soo and Soo Jin visit her company but ended up meeting Hwa Young's fiancee instead. Unaware that Hwa Young has just fire the two, Hwa Young's fiancee happily invites Hwa Young, Myeong Soo, Soo Jin for dinner so they could be introduced to Director Jo Gun, a famous director that has been asked to do the movie. 

A close friend with Hwa Young's fiancee, it took just one look of Hwa Young and Myeong Soo's stiff expression for Jo Gun to figure out there is something fishy between the two. 
Showing up at Soo Jin's office, Jo Gun nonchalantly looks at the movie award Soo Jin received years ago and says "I love your... work." Judging by how Jo Gun alternate between being rude and saying suggestive things to Soo Jin, I think he knows her somehow and might even harbor some resentment?  
Flustered that Jo Gun seems to be catching on surprisingly quick of the connection between the girls and Myeong Soo, Hwa Young stuns everyone by announcing that Myeong Soo and Soo Jin is dating each other. Trapped by Hwa Young's lie, Myeong Soo and Soo Jin put on their blissful couple face. 
Completely at odds with each other, Myeong Soo and Jo Gun butt heads with each other at every turn. Hoping a "work vocation" with everyone involved could change the two guys' relationship, Soo Jin talks Myeong Soo into a short get away. Not willing to be left behind, Ji Ah (Cat) and Ra Ra (Fox) invite themselves to the overnight outing. 
All but certain that Soo Jin is really only friends with Myeong Soo, Jo Gun taunts Myeong Soo by asking where the couple's first kiss was. Just when all the girls scramble to change the subject, Myeong Soo surprises everyone by actually naming a place. Myeong Soo goes on to describe one winter night when he is feeling depressed from losing his mother and just had an overwhelming need to see Soo Jin's face. Riding two hours on the bus, Myeong Soo finally sees Soo Jin but ends up not showing himself when he sees Soo Jin busily entertaining her filming crew. 
Instead of telling the whole truth that he left that winter night, Myeong Soo changes the ending "I walked right into the restaurant and put my hands around her face like this..." As Myeong Soo leans in to kiss Soo Jin, Ra Ra all the sudden "accidentally" breaks her wine glass and interrupts the would be kiss. 
The three exes are all apparently extremely curious if Myeong Soo's first kiss story was really true or not and shows up uninvited to Myeong Soo and Soo Jin's room. (They were put in the same room since they were suppose to be dating.) 

Things gets hilariously dangerous when a surprised Soo Jin screams at the sight of the three girls hiding in the bed and brings Jo Gun and Hwa Young's fiancee running to the room. Sharp as a tack, Jo Gun notices the girls' hiding and quickly covers for them by pushing Hwa Young's fiancee out of the room. 
Knowing the cat is out of the bag, Hwa Young tries to get Jo Gun to keep her secret but Jo Gun just gives her an ultimatum to confess the whole thing to her fiancee and promises to personally kill Myeong Soo's movie project soon. 

Desperate to get Jo Gun to back off, Hwa Young jumps with excitement when Ra Ra promises to make Jo Gun full in love with her so he would do whatever she commands. Unfortunately, the huntress Ra Ra ends up being the prey and loses her heart to Jo Gun in the process.  
Tossing her pride aside, Soo Jin all but begs Jo Gun to allow them to keep making the movie but Jo Gun just makes snide remarks about Soo Jin's tears. 

Ticked off by Jo Gun's words, Soo Jin doesn't hold back and calls Jo Gun to the carpet "You make movies as a hobby don't you? I, on the other hand make movies because my life depends on it. If you were a director... no, if you were a human being at all, then you wouldn't laugh at other's people's sincerity and call it corny." 
Looking at Soo Jin who is alternating between feeling guilty for failing Myeong Soo and horrified for the words she said to Jo Gun, Myeong Soo comforts her by pretending that he is happy now that he can just focus on his webtoon. 

Resigned to the fact that she has lost the last chance of saving her job, Soo Jin is in the middle of packing up the office when Jo Gun shows up unexpectedly. Coolly, Jo Gun asks Soo Jin "Should I give you another chance? Try begging, who knows? I just might keep my mouth shut." 
Not moved by Jo Gun's words, Soo Jin replies "Director, you don't look like you are serious. If you don't have anymore to say, I am kinda busy here." 
Taking the hint, Jo Gun shakes Soo Jin's hand but refuses to let go and pulls her close "I wanted to make you my person... what a pity." 

Yanking her hands from Jo Gun's grasp, Soo Jin fires back "There you go again Director, do you realize how evil it is to say things that would mislead a girl?"
Jo Gun "Using my genius imagination, I am thinking writer Bang Myeong Soo is the one that gave you that kinda of trauma?" Dang, has this guy been stalking Soo Jin?? He can't be the Asian Sherlock can he? 
Having witness the whole "I wanted to make you my person" exchange, Hwa Young decides to confirm Jo Gun's feeling for Soo Jin by tricking Soo Jin into waiting at a factory site in the middle of nowhere. Calling Jo Gun, Hwa Young pretends to be worried that she some how got things mixed up and tells him that Soo Jin is all by herself waiting at the factory.

Just when the three girls are about to give up on Jo Gun showing up at all, Jo Gun drives up and storms right to Soo Jin and yells at the poor clueless girl "I told you how much I hate driving didn't I?! What kind of producer order the director around like some stray dog?" Grabbing Soo Jin's hands, Jo Gun asks "Who are you to move me?!" 

To make the night even more confusing, Myeong Soo shows up in a cab to join the party. Totally ignoring Jo Gun, Myeong Soo says "Soo Jin, you have been waiting for a long time right? Let's go home" and proceeds to drag her towards the taxi. 

2nd Impression
I am really liking this show. The quirky vibe and the comical tone are just hitting all the right notes for me. The writer has been really great at not letting the many characters jumble up the story line and keep the focus on our couple. 
Speaking of our couple, I am really curious what exactly is holding Myeong Soo back from taking that next step with Soo Jin. It is obvious that Myeong Soo liked Soo Jin while they were "friends" way back then and if he didn't know before he should certainly know now that Soo Jin has feelings for him. So what is holding him back?! Well... other than the three ex-girlfriends who still get jealous over him. 

By the way, after six episodes I am starting to understand why all four women are still fighting over Myeong Soo. Byun Yo Han (the actor playing Myeong Soo) might not be what one would consider eye candy (at least in this show) but boy, the more episodes I watch the more I am falling under Myeong Soo's charm as well. 
Of course I am starting to be really torn with the appearance of Jo Gun. It is just so awesome that while the four girls has been fighting over the "normal Joe" Myeong Soo, Jo Gun - the natural drama lead character is going to throw a wrench into this whole mess with his presence and starts to steal our hero's girls? 
By the way, I am really glad that Do Sang Woo's (Jo Gun) character here is letting him shine so much more than his Legendary Witch role. He really wasn't that eye catching in Legendary Witch but he is certainly getting my attention now. 


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