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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Favorite Moments From Falling For Innocence Ep 6-10

Favorite Moments From Falling For Innocence Episode 6-10

Moment #1 Episode 6
When Min Ho's doctor suggest that maybe he is in love with his secretary, Soon Jung, Min Ho started laughing like his doctor just told the greatest joke, Min Ho at first tries to pass off the whole thing as an impossible speculation but then his smile wanes.

Moment #2 Episode 6
The more Min Ho thinks of his doctor's words the more ridiculous he feels. Storming into his office, Min Ho points at Soon Jung and mutters "You! Someone like you... Me?!"
Ignoring Min Ho's senseless words, Soon Jung tells Min Ho "Are you feeling better now? I was worried about you..."

Staring at Soon Jung's face for several seconds, Min Ho calmly turns on his heel and walks back to his office. The moment Min Ho steps into his office, he knees give out and he falls to the floor. HA! I can totally see the words in his mind "CRAP, I really am in love with her!" 

Favorite Moment #3 Episode 6
After saving Soon Jung from almost getting hit by a car, Min Ho starts to yell at her but looking at Soon Jung's face Min Ho all the sudden stops and mutters "Why?! Why even in this situation I am..." His doctor's words ringing in his ear again, Min Ho says "Let's confirm it then... where my heart is." and plants a kiss on a Soon Jung.

Pushing Min Ho away with all her might, Soon Jung slaps Min Ho and fiercely wipes her mouth. No less shocked than Soon Jung, Min Ho holds his hand to his mouth as well and mutters "How can I... to you? Why am I like this?"

I love Min Ho's reaction!

Favorite Moment #4 Episode 7

Thanks to a little alcohol, Min Ho finally confesses his feeling to Soon Jung. Moved by Min Ho's words, Soon Jung doesn't move when Min Ho's lip slowly descends onto hers.

Favorite Moment #5 Episode 8
With his revenge plan almost complete (after his uncle dies and he is about to officially bankrupt the company his father started), Min Ho is finally convinced by Soon Jung to step in and help the company even if this means he will be going up against his own boss. 

Overjoyed to see Min Ho rescued the company from the brink of being sold off, Soon Jung goes to Min Ho's office to personally thank him.

Before Soon Jung can even open her mouth, Min Ho holds up a finger and tells her "Don't say anything. This is all because of you. My life always gets off tangent whenever you are close." I love how Soon Jung smiles because no matter what she tells herself I think she knows deep down how much she affects Min Ho. 

Soon Jung tells Min Ho "I will stay by your side and help you until you become a great leader like your father." Moved by Soon Jung's words, Min Ho steps in and wraps his arm around Soon Jung before he even realizes what he is doing. Snapping his eye open in shock once he realized what he has done, Min Ho makes the feeble excuse "Umm... My heart is hurting again."

Favorite Moment #6 Episode 9
By this point, Min Ho has already found out that he has Dong Wook's (Soon Jung's dead fiancee) heart and realizes maybe all his feelings towards Soon Jung are really Dong Wook's. 

Disappointed that he is apparently NOT in love with Soon Jung after all, Min Ho tries to keep everything business like between him and Soon Jung. Unfortunately, Min Ho's... or rather Dong Wook's heart refuse to obey and Min Ho ends up being weak in the knee again when Soon Jung invites him out for an outing (for business purposes). 

How hilarious is that Min Ho assistant is having a field day just watching his boss struggling. 

Favorite Moment #7 Episode 9
Getting increasingly frustrated that no matter what he tries to do, he always go all melty whenever Soon Jung is around, Min Ho finally loses it and yells at Soon Jung "Stop broadcasting your charm!! YOU LUMP OF CHARM!" 

Ha! Should a girl be offhanded or pleased in this situation? 

Favorite Moment #8 Episode 10
Since Min Ho can't make himself ignore Soon Jung, he finally decides to accept his own feelings ...no matter if they are his own or if they are from Dong Wook. 

Completely ignorant of how to chase a girl, Min Ho humbly gets advice from his assistant who tries to teach him how to slyly put the moves on a girl... only to be seen at the most awkward moment by an office secretary ... twice. 

Favorite Moment #9 Episode 10
I love this scene, so much so I almost want to start shipping the hero with Detective Na (Soon Jung's friend who is relentlessly pursuing Dong Wook's killer). Since Detective Na has threatened Min Ho before by telling him that her nickname is "Wendy" because she can beat the bad guys until they bleed "Peter Pan",(I don't really get it... but okay.) when Min Ho calls her on the phone he uses a deep voice and says "Hey Wendy, it's Captain Hook!" 

I love these two together. The chemistry between them is so great that I wish that they will be paired up in some other show. 

Favorite Moment #10 Episode 10
After finding out Joon Hee's father has confessed to killing Dong Wook and then committing suicide, Soon Jung has been holding everything inside. Waiting for Soon Jung at her house, Min Ho pulls her into his arm and refuses to let go until she lets her emotions out. After a few struggles to push Min Ho away, Soon Jung finally breaks down and sobs in his embrace. 

Awe, I am still kinda confused if Soon Jung is drawn to Min Ho because he has Dong Wook's heart or she would've liked him anyway? But not matter what the reason is, I think Soon Jung is already in love. 


  1. Hey!!
    I started following your blog a few days back (Someone like you brought me here).
    Lol I love the scenes you picked! And each and everyone of them has Min Ho as the center. Min Ho is such an adorable man child!! I feel like going inside my laptop screen and pinching his cheeks ��

    1. Ha! Dang, I was hoping it wasn't that obvious where my attention is when I watch this show.

    2. LOL don't worry Min Ho has my complete attention too kekkekeke.. I just can't stand JH