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Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #26

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Falling for Innocence (Airing Ep 9-10 this week)

This one is so addicting! Mama Ninja is also liking this one a lot, so much so that she is starting to ask me for more recommendations to watch Jung Kyung Ho's other dramas. 

Doctors Affair (J-Drama, Aired to Ep 4)

My interest on this one is waning after watching episode 2. The chemistry between the two leads is not bad but the over all plot line really is kinda flat. 
Make a Woman Cry (Airing Ep 5-6 this week)

I can't help but think the title is horrible every time I type the show's name. Thankfully, the show is a great watch so don't get scare off by the name. 

 Episode 3-4 Second Impression: HERE
Divorce Lawyer in Love (Airing Episode 5-6 this week)

The title is pretty self-explanatory so there is not a whole lot of surprise in the plot development so far BUT this show is super fun ... after you get past the first episode. For those who like the love-hate relationships this one has some of the funniest interaction between our two leads. 

Episode 1-4 First ImpressionHERE
Be With You (T-Daily, Aired to Ep. 14)
Third week into this Taiwanese daily and I am still liking it a lot... I think that's a record! There are fluff that one does have to ignore but that's just something one has to expect when watching a daily. 

Episode 5-9 Summary: HERE
I'm Home (J-Drama, Aired to Ep 3)

I am only caught up to Ep. 2 BUT this show is surprisingly funny. It's certainly not a comedy by any means, but the funny parts really help to balance out the mysteries and some time heart breaking parts of the show. 

Tenno No Ryoriban (J-Drama, New)

The story follows the life of a man who lives his life by jumping from one thing to another finally finds his true passion in cooking and becomes the chef to the emperor by the age of 26. 

I'll be doing a first impression on this one soon, but judging from episode one this is a really well made show. 

Ninja's Watch List This Week
1. Make a Woman Cry
2. Falling for Innocence 
3. Divorce Lawyer in Love
4. Be with You (T-Daily)
5. Who Are You School 2015 (K-Drama/ New)


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