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Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #27

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Leo (T-Drama/ Aired to episode 3)

Synopsis: A newly divorced couple who can't seem to stand each other but who can't seem to move on from their relationship as well. Wait... this sounds really familiar, oh yeah that sounds just like Renai Jidai (J-drama). The two shows are really not that similar at all, but it does both deal with divorce couples who can't live together but who can't seem to live without the other person as well. 

I have only watched the first episode and I really need at least another episode to make a good judgement on it... but I am having a real hard time mustering up interest to watch the next episode. 

 Falling For Innocence (K-Drama, Airing Ep 11-12 this week)

This one is definitely very high on my watch list. I am really liking Jung Kyoung Ho's portrayal of the hero and just loving how frustrated he gets whenever he can't control his feeling when the heroine is around. 

 I'm Home (J-Drama, Up to ep. 4)

I am pretty surprised how watchable this show is. No romance but plenty of human warmth and mysteries around. The show is really well done and I have actually decided to start doing summaries on it... I just need to get to it now. 
 I Love You From Today (K-Daily, Aired to Ep. 25)

First Impression: HERE

Off topic a bit... I don't know what they did to Park Jin Woo's (the hero) in this poster but I liked his look in the show A WHOLE lot better than what he looks like here. 

 Divorce Lawyer in Love (K-Drama, Aired to Ep. 6)

Ha, I had to choose this picture for this week. This is probably the first time I have seen an image of Chucky and think "Awe... that's sweet." The Chucky doll made the hero think of the heroine and gave him courage to chase after her. 

After the insipid first episode, this show has really picked up and I am loving the chemistry between the two leads. 
 Youth Power (T-Drama, New)

Synopsis: As one who was never interested in politics, life unexpected throws Chen Yi Jun a curve ball and she finds herself becoming a candidate in a political race. As Yi Jun and her friends find themselves in a world that tries to wipe away their youthful ideals, will they be able to keep their dream alive?

I'll will post a first impression on this one soon. 
 Angry Mom (K-Drama, Just finished)

Last Episode Mini Recap/ Overall Review: HERE

Whew, one school bullying drama off my plate now. I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed from watching THREE school bullying drama in one week. (The other two are Make a Woman Cry and Who Are You School 2015)

Be With You (T-Drama, Aired to Ep. 19)

Wow, the one plot line I wasn't paying attention to all the sudden got turned upside down this week. For a daily Be With You is really moving very quickly. One of my crack drama right now!

Ninja's Watch List This Week
1. Falling For Innocence 
2. Be With You 
3. Make a Woman Cry (K-Drama)
4. Divorce Lawyer in Love 
5. I'm Home 


  1. I am behind on Falling for Innocence and Angry Mon by three episodes. Will catch up perhaps later today. Will start on I'm Home and Be With You. Girl Who Sees Smells is cute. If you've not started, it's a good watch. :)

    1. I think I have only seen the first four episodes of Girl Who Sees Smells. I did think it was cute but kinda got side tracked by all the other shows that came out all at once, but I might go back and check it out now that you mentioned it. The mystery killer seems REALLY scary... I am a bit scared...

    2. Oh. Do pick it up again. It's good. So far I like the way it's going. There were two episodes where I literally jumped from my seat. Just don't read any spoilers cause it'll be worth it. I hope the show ends well cause it's doing well as a semi-dark rom com. I'll have lots more to say when u are caught up. Haha.