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Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #28

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Who Are You School 2015 (K-Drama/ Aired to Ep. 6)
Synopsis: An orphan girl who tries to commit suicide after being bullied at school, our heroine wakes up in the hospital without any memory of who she is and as she starts to regain her memory, she finds out that she has actually been living her twin sister's life.  

This one looks interesting and the plot moves rather quickly. However, I am not really in the mood for one more school bullying show now that I just finished watching Angry Mom AND is currently following Make a Woman Cry. To be fair, out of the three shows Who Are You School 2015 is probably the one that deals with the issue of school bullying in a more focused manner while the other two sometimes only uses school bullying as a jumping point for other plots. Anyhow, well made show that is worth checking out for those who are not burned out like me. 

Someone Like You (T-Drama, Airing Ep 19 this week)

Sob! Only two more weeks and we will say goodbye to our cute couple! I am pretty impressed with how relatively painless the writer was able to carry us through the noble idiot break up part of the plot so let's hope lots of sweet moments for the next two weeks! 
Make A Woman Cry (K-Drama, Aired to Ep 8)

I am really enjoying this one and especially loving the interaction between the two leads. Make A Woman Cry is filling all my romance void I really missed in Angry Mom. 
Ex-Girlfriend Club (K-Drama/ New)
Brand new show from tvN and as expected Ex-Girlfriend Club has plenty of wackiness and comedy. 

First Impression: HERE
Be With You (T-Daily, Aired to Ep 24)

I am really loving this T-Daily... albeit the hero is a bit frustrating at this point in time but I am liking the plot development and great acting from the two leads. 

Ninja's Watch List This Week
1. Falling For Innocence
2. Make a Woman Cry
3. Be With You
4. I'm Home (J-Drama)
5. Someone Like You 

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodies Recommendation 

Boss & Me (C-Drama 2014)
I watched Boss & Me again this week and boy, does Zhang Han's boss character feels even more ... well... sly on a second watch. But I love it! Anyhow, a great romantic show that really has no true villains and most importantly a truly satisfying ending to a Cinderella story. 

Synopsis: A village girl in a big city, our heroine Shan Shan has no clue why she has all the sudden found herself in the position of eating lunch with her big boss. Resigned to her fate as a lowly worker who is only there to help her boss pick out all the food he doesn't like from his lunch box, Shan Shan has no clue that her wolf of a boss is slowly making sure that her position by his side will become a permanent one. 

Boss & Me is probably one of my favorite C-Drama so highly recommends it if you are lucky enough to not have seen it and can watch it all in one shot! 


  1. Hello, Ninja! I'm back after a long break!
    Even I love School 2015! In fact, I love it so much that I felt that it would be a crime if i wont recap it, and i actually started my own blog about two or three weeks ago! i recapped the first two episodes and the other four are on the way!
    I took inspiration from you, and i'm trying to make my posts as good as possible! I hope that you will like it! Fighting! :D
    You are welcome to check it out! :)

    1. Just popped over and tour around on your new blog! I am liking your look!

      On the topic of School 2015, I actually find the adopted twin really intriguing. There is obvious some big secret there so I am hoping she is alive somewhere and will show up soon.