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Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #29

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Masked Prosecutor (K-Drama/ New)
So excited!!! I am a fan of both Kim Sun Ah and Joo Sang Wook so this is like a dream come true for me. I am ashamed to admit I though Kim Sun Ah was quite a bit order (purely because I have seen a lot more of her work for a much longer period of time than his) than Joo Sang Wook but turns out she is only three years older than him. 

The Producer (K-Drama/ New)
Probably one of the most globally anticipated drama thanks to Kim Soo Hyun's fan base that has exploded since My Love From the Star. I am personally a bit disappointed at the first two episodes but I am hoping the show will find its footing soon so I am at least going to hold out for another week.

First Impression: HERE

Someone Like You (T-Drama/ Final episode this week!)

I'll admit that the last episode totally surprised me but I am crossing all my fingers that that all will end well... at least for most of our characters anyway. 
Make a Woman Cry (K-Drama/ Airing ep. 11-12 this week)

I am still following this one pretty faithfully. The romance portion is actually moving surprisingly fast but of course a giant obstacle is in our couples way since the heroine's cheating husband is actually planning on marrying the hero's sister. Yes, very messy but hey, that's the best part right?
Warm and Cozy (K-Drama/ Aired to Ep 4)
Hong sisters' newest drama so gotta check it out. It is kinda different than the usual Hong sisters' fare but I am hoping it will grow on me.

First Impression: HERE
Yume Wo Ataeru (J-Drama/New)
This one is a drama special that is only four episodes long. The story follows a famous celebrity who struggles with fame and her ultimate fall from grace when she falls in love with a drummer who lives his life without boundaries. Sounds really depressing ... and it kinda is but both the acting and the story is great. 

First Impression: Here

Orange Marmalade (K-Drama/ New)
Set in an alternative world where vampires live among the human but is forced to hide their identity as second class citizens. Trying hard to hide her vampire identity, our heroine does all she can to appear human but things gets complicated when our hero who is a vampire hater falls in love with her. 

Great one to watch if you like the supernatural with a heavy dose of wonders that come with first loves. 

Ninja's Watch List This Week
1. Masked Prosecutor 
2. Make a Woman Cry
3. Warm and Cozy
4. Someone Like You
5. Be With You (T-Daily)

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodie Recommendation 
Lovers (K-Drama 2006)

The drama that made me fall in love with Kim Jung Eun (who is in Make A Woman Cry right now) and Lee Seo Jin. 

Synopsis: A female plastic surgeon who vows to never be involved in any life and death situation turns her life upside down when she saves the lives of a gangster. 

Don't go into this one expecting a comedy but it does have plenty of comedic moments though. Lee Seo Jin is at his finest here so don't miss this one if you think heroes who are mean fighting machine are the coolest.


  1. I actually like Producers. Since I'm a Variety fan, I get the pun and the gag, and it really cracks me up! Kim Soo-hyun does a fine job, but it's for Cha Tae-hyun's sake that I'm watching this drama. I fell in love with him since his Flowers For My Life days, and have been faithfully following all his works (never mind the fact that he could never surprise me in his other works so far except NOW). I find Gong Hyo-jin's character a wonderful case study. IU doesnt really make sense as of now, but I hope that there's a reason for her character's presence except that of being Kim Soo-hyun's love line.
    And let me announce that I've officially fallen out of love with Vampire dramas ever since the debacle of "Blood". But I'll give this drama a shot for the sake of Yeo Jin-gu *drools*. Apart from the eye candy, I've always felt that Jin-gu's got a lot of potential to act and I hope that he'll get to showcase that in "Orange Marmalade".
    As for Warm and Cozy, it's quite a HUGE throwback from the usual Hong Sisters' fare of quirky comedies. I mean, there is comedy, but it isn't as blatant and punny as before. The actors are doing a fine job, but the male protagonist tires me out with his man-child behavior. And the second lead's already started showing the Second Lead Syndrome since the very first episode. But, as of now, I'm watching the drama without any attachment (and that in itself is an achievement because I'll usually be squeeing like a mad fangirl whenever something interesting happens). The drama hasn't made any big impression on me. But at least, it isnt on my Shit List, unlike "Big" which actually tops my Shit List. In fact, whenever I'm angry, all I've got to do is sit down to watch this drama, because I know that there won't be any horrible twists in it. It's actually dependable and the story's been well written. So, I hope that I'll develop some feeling of love to the drama.
    Or maybe not!

    1. I have actually read a lot of good reviews of Producers so I keep wondering If I just had too high of an expectation of it, but now that I am going into the second week with lower expectation maybe I will be giving it a fair chance now.