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Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #30

12:38 PM Posted by ninja 2 comments
 The Cage of Love (New C-Drama, Daily, 35 Episodes Long)
This is a Romeo and Juliet sort of story but according to the promotional material I think the ending will actually be a happy one so I am thinking about squeezing this one onto my watch list. 

Tea Love (C-Drama/ Daily/ 85 Episodes Long)
This one sounds like a more typical C-drama fare with plenty of melo and power struggles but for some reason I am itching to give this one a try. 

Synopsis: A girl from a humble family, our heroine goes against her mother's wish and secretly becomes an apprentice to a tea master. Our heroine's path to become a tea master herself and to true love is obviously going to be littered with obstacles but through hard work she will eventually triumph above all. See?! Sounds like a typical C-drama... but I am strangely in the mood for a typical C-drama. 

Someone Like You (T-Drama/ Just finished)

Sob! I am going to miss this couple! 
Episode 20 (final episode) RecapHERE

Save The Family (K-Daily, New)
First Impression: HERE

A Daughter Just Like You (K-Daily/New)
I am going to write the first impression on this one next week. Ha, I didn't notice the bibs on the three girls when I first looked at this poster. 

Ex Girlfriends Club (K-Drama, Airing episode 7-8 this week)

I am loving this one. The quirky tone is great and all the characters (even the side ones) are very interesting to watch. 

Ninja's Watch List This Week
1. Masked Prosecutor 
2. Make a Woman Cry
3. I'm Home (J-Drama... must... catch... up) 
4. Ex-Girlfriends Club 
5. Be With You (T-Daily)

Oldies (well... not exactly) but Goodie Recommendation 

Drama: Devil Beside You (T-Drama)
Year: 2006

I was going through a Someone Like You withdraw and was trying to remind myself what other shows Kingone has done and Devil Beside You came up. I had completely forgotten Kingone was even in that show but if memory serves me right, Kingone's 2nd male lead character was pretty negligible. Still, I figure I'll do a spot light on Devil Beside You since it is one of the T-drama classics. 

Synopsis: Harboring a secret crush on the basketball team captain (Kingone), our heroine wants nothing to do with the "devil" (the hero, Mike Hee) who unfortunately has moved right into her house when his father marries the heroine's mother. Finding herself submitting to the "devil's" every whim, our heroine doesn't even realize that her secret crush is fading fast and the "devil" has stolen her heart. 

This drama is based on a Japanese comic so do go in expecting that. 


  1. They're cutting down the Ex-Girlfriends' Club to only 12 episodes. That is so CRUEL!!!! It's been like for the first time in many days I'm able to watch a drama feling a strange sense of satisfaction and they decide to cut down on my happiness!!!
    Dramagods, I HATE YOU.
    Anyways, I'm expectantly waiting for "Dil Dhadakne Do" to release. It's an Indian movie starring an ensemble cast. I already love the songs in the OST. "Gallan Goodiyan" in the OST is a huge favorite of mine. So, my next weekend is gonna be chock-a-block with anticipation. This weekend, though, I watched "Welcome To Karachi" which I dont recommend any first timer to watch.
    However, Ninja, I suggest you to watch "Piku" starring Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan. It's a lovely story about the bond between a father who suffers from constipation and a daughter who takes care of him juggling her professional and love life in the background. I know that he premise sounds boring, but it's actually a very good watch.
    Indian dramas suck, and that's the reason I stay away from the T.V. as much as possible when it comes to them. But Indian movies are world-class and are only second to Hollywood. I remember that the Indian movie "3 Idiots" was a huge hit in China where it was dubbed and released in the theatres. So, I guess there's a lot of market of Indian movies there also!! :)

    1. I am REALLY sad about Ex-Girlfriends' Club being cut! I was just recommending that very drama to my mom the other day and this happens?! Thanks for the movie recommendation. I don't watch a lot of movies but I will certainly keep that particular one in mind when I get in the mood for one.