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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I Love You From Today (K-Daily, Ep 1-12) First Impression

Drama: I Love You From Today (오늘부터 사랑해)
Airs: Daily

Our heroine, Yoon Seung Hye. A hard working girl who all but supports her whole family with her paycheck as a nurse, Seung Hye nonetheless still acts carefully around her grandmother who doesn't seems to have a lot of affection for her due to the fact that she is adopted. 

Our hero, Kang Do Jin. Son of a wealthy mother, Do Jin has secretly sneaked back to Korea from overseas to pursue his dream to work as a pastry chef. Knowing full well that his mother, Chairman Yang has pinned all her hopes and dreams for him to become a surgeon, Do Jin takes great pains to avoid his mother at all cost. 

Voted the most friendly nurse month after month, Seung Hye is great at her job. Chosen to be the VIP nurse for Chairman Jang, Seung Hye easily helps the chairman overcome his fear of having his vitals taken. 

However, due to the Chairman Jang not calling Sung Hye for help and accidentally tempered with his medication drip, Chairman Jang suffered a close call when his daughter Se Ryeong comes to visit him. Unwilling to even consider her father might be at fault, Se Ryeong slaps Sung Hye and gets her fired from the hospital. (Se Ryeong is related to the hospital director.)  

Completely at odds with each other from the very moment they met, Seung Hye and Do Jin goes from strongly disliking each other to a slow acceptance when their path keeps crossing. However, being a long time friend to Se Ryeong, Do Jin naturally trusts her words when she accuses Seung Hye of wrong doing and sides with Se Ryeong. Yet, Do Jin can't seems to shake his growing doubts that maybe he was too rash to believe Se Ryeong's words. 
A side not: Se Ryong also harbors a long time crush on Do Jin so it just makes her dislike Seung Hye even more when she realizes Do Jin seems to be unusually concerned about Seung Hye. 
Do Jin's uncertainty towards what he thinks of Seung Hye's guilt finally comes to a head when Seung Hye is ready to kneel to Se Ryeong just so her name could be cleared. Yanking Seung Hye up before her knees can touch the sidewalk, Do Jin yells at her for even thinking about kneeling. Frustrated with Do Jin's interference, Seung Hye asks him "Who are you to meddle in my affair?!" 

While Seung Hye might know that her family is depended on the money she brings home, what she doesn't know is that Chairman Yang (the hero's mother) has set up a series of traps so she could seek her revenge against Seung Hye's grandmother, Madam Kim. A famous maker of Korean traditional teas, Madam Kim knows that Chairman Yang, once just a daughter of a lowly family maid must harbor resentment for being thrown out years ago for daring to seduce her son. (According to Chairman Yang it was the son who did the seducing.) But what Madam Kim doesn't realize is that Chairman Yang blames her for her own mother's tragic death and has it made it her life's goal to ruin Madam Kim's family so she could bury her mother's ashes in Madam Kim's ancestral home. 
As much as Seung Hye would really like to avoid Do Jin at all cost, fate has other ideas. Having realized by this time that Seung Hye was falsely accused by Se Ryeong, Do Jin couldn't help but be concerned when he sees Seung Hye passed out at a fried chicken store. 

Carrying a completely drunk Seung Hye home on his back, Do Jin's night gets progressively worse when under Seung Hye's family's questioning glares Seung Hye throws up right on him.  
Guessing that the kind Chairman Jang (Se Ryeong's father) will clear her name if she can just meet with him, Seung Hye has tried to find a way to meet with the chairman but is stopped every time by Se Ryeong. Unwilling to see Seung Hye struggling anymore, Do Jin intervenes and helps Seung Hye to personally meet with Chairman Jang. As expected, Chairman Jang is dismayed to find out that his daughter has not only falsely accused Seung Hye but also got her fired. Chairman Jang offered to get Seung Hye's job back for her, but Seung Hye declines because she has decided to pursue her true passion - being a barista. 
This is of course going to be a huge deal once Seung Hye's grandmother finds out about her dream since as a traditional tea maker Madam Kim has a deep hatred for anything coffee. 
Luckily for Seung Hye, she meets her idol, a famous barista who just happens to work for Chairman Yang's company. Seung Hye's idol decides to take Seung Hye under his wing and help her to fulfill her dream. 

First Impression

Hmm... not exactly the most engaging show but somehow strangely easy to keep watching. The plot is certainly nothing new to write home about but it does feel like a good old daily one can just sit back and enjoy. Hardworking heroine, check! Birth secret... probably. Love and hate relationship between the two leads, check! Hateful female second lead, double check! Oh, we even have a revenge plan! 

The two leads does have pretty good chemistry together and while by episode 12 I think Do Jin has a whole lot more feelings for Seung Hye than she him, but judging from the fact Seung Hye doesn't frown whenever she sees him anymore, love is probably not too far away... once he beats out the dreamy barista.


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