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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I'm Home (J-Drama) Episode Summary Ep 5

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I'm Home Ten Mysterious Keys: 
1. To his house with Megumi (new wife) 
2. To his ex-wife's house 
3. To a storage shed 
4. To his best friend's house 
5. To the wine locker in his father-in-law's house 
6. To the apartment he lived 
7. To his mother's apartment 
8. To his wife's vacation home. 
9. To his father's house. 

I was writing the summary to episode 5 and something weird happened that wipes out my whole post (summary to the first four episodes). Yap, the whole thing! WEEP!!! I will go back and re-write episode five summary but I am not sure I have it in me to do the other four episodes over again. (I am going to go cry in my bed now...)

I'm Home Episode 5 Summary
Hoping to unlock more of his lost memories, Hisashi pays a long overdue visit to his mother whom he mostly ignored before his accident. During his visit, Hisashi is surprised that their family's liquor store has been changed to a convenient store and is being managed by his younger brother. Noticing the convenient store's lack of customers, Hisashi digs around and finds out that thanks to an ex-employee who is wildly claiming that Hisashi's brother had falsely accused him of stealing when he was just innocently shopping for merchandise, many customers and even suppliers has been boycotting the store. Hisashi's brother did try to prove the ex-employee's stealing with the store's surveillance tape but for some strange reason the surveillance malfunctioned and the man was able to laugh at Hisashi's brother's hopelessness. 
Slightly frustrated, Hisashi complains to his brother about their decision to suddenly stop operating the liquor store. Bursting out in anger, Hisashi brother grabs his collar and yells "This was because of YOU!" 

Turns out, the pre-accident Hisashi was actually the one who convinced his mother and brother to switch business but didn't brother to concerned himself with them after they followed his words. 
Shocked by how cold his previous self could be to his own family as well, Hisashi pulls out his trade mark determination and not only convinced the suppliers to keep doing business with the store but also found evidence (by getting the surveillance tape from the street) to prove that his brother did not falsely accuse the man of stealing. 

Thankful for everything Hisashi did, Hisashi brother softens his attitude towards him but also reveals the shocking news that their mother is very sick. 
Patching things up with his mother, Hisashi invites her to Yoshio's (son) Peter Pan stage play. Despite having Hisashi tirelessly practiced his line with him before, Yoshio still froze during the play but was fortunately able to snap out of it when Hisashi reminds him of the "courage seed" that he "planted" in him. 

Episode 7


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