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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It Started With a Kiss- Reunion!

11:30 PM Posted by ninja 3 comments

I don't do a lot of entertainment posts but this news caught my eye. As one who watched almost every version of Itazura na Kiss, and was a pretty faithful watcher of the Taiwanese remake renamed It Started With A Kiss back in the days my interest was immediately caught when the internet was buzzing with a possible It Start With A Kiss 3... until I realized it was all just rumors that started because the It Start With A Kiss cast had a reunion.

Not exactly disappointed since I don't think we really need It Started With A Kiss 3 BUT I was really impressed with the fact the cast obviously really liked each other to still meet together after so many years. (It Started With A Kiss aired in 2005) According to Joe Chen's manger the cast actually meets fairly regularly once they can work out everyone's schedule. 

Every Taiwanese show always tries to portray their cast happily filming like they are all best buddies, but I think if a cast is still meeting together 10 years later I guess they really did become friends.
For the 10 year reunion, Joe Chen prepared a special wine for the occasion. Ariel Lin is pointing at the year on the wine which is the same year that Joe Chen and herself was born (1982). 
I think it's awesome that other than the actor that played the hero's little brother, all the other cast that played the two leads' family is here in the picture. 


  1. It' really heart-warming to see Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin reunion. They really did become a friend like you mentioned. Since they filmed for not just one drama, but two so it's even more possible to become good friends. Joe Cheng needs another good drama with good script, Ariel did great in In Time With You and Lan Ling Wang.

  2. started with a kiss 3..I'm still hoping...

  3. started with a kiss 3..I'm still hoping...